Colani Lada Gorbi, 1987. An all-terrain concept based on the Lada Niva but with the engine placed amidships. Luigi Colani’s (pictured top, with the vehicle) aerodynamic off-roader placed the driver and passenger is a recumbent position in order to reduce overall height, whilst providing maximum ground clearance. Please don’t ask me to explain the bodies on the beach

New Paper Craft: Mega Man - Mono Roader Free Papercraft Download

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Paper Craft Name: Mega Man - Mono Roader Free Papercraft Download

This papercraft is a Mono Roader, one of Roaders, and an enemy from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man IV, the papercraft is created by Julio Cesar.

Mono Roaders are able to shield their eyes and attack by spinning wildly. They are invincible when shielding. In Mega Man 4, Mono Roaders appear in the stages of Ring Man and Drill Man, and also Dr. Cossack stages 1 and 2 and Dr. Wily stage 2. In Mega Man IV, Mono Roaders appear in the stages of Ring Man and Crystal Man. [Source: wikia]

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Humandrone - Northern Roader

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what don't you like about rubicons?

Well honestly, I like building big. Not dedicated off-roader huge but I’m talking like 35-37" tires. So for me, gettin a rubicon is just a trim package because the axles would come out anyways. The new rubicons have better front ends, but the older rubicons basically had dana 30’s with a bigger ring and pinion

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The BMS Jeep Wrangler Betty White Is The Wrangler We Needed

You have to love the Wrangler. It is a throwback to the military off roader from the Second World War and today it is so fabulously unique on the market that it created its own niche of people who buy it, love it, cherish it and drive it. There is also a special part of the automotive industry who is so enchanted by it that they are trying to improve it as well. Not that other cars aren’t getting love from aftermarket tuners, but the Wrangler is somewhat special and its newest version called Betty White is definitely the most astonishing one you have ever seen. It is white, it is large and it is spectacular. Everything what an American car should be.

Taking the idea of the Wrangler to the extreme BMS finally created a whole new ambiance around  the car trying to prepare it for the ultimate off road tasks. As it looks somewhat different in comparison with even the most outrageous Jeep versions, the Betty White could be some kind of a movie star. Some said that it could enter the Mad Max movie like this and we cannot say that it wouldn’t. Brian’s Motorsport is the company who built the truck and they’ve revealed it at the Forgiato Fest 2015 a few weeks ago. A truly courageous attempt in creating the ultimate Wrangler lead the BMS to search for the best parts for it all over the country. Although we do not know all the specs about it, we will only say that two rear wheels with tires cost 12 grand. As the front wheels look the same, it is possible that BMS gave 24 grand only for the wheels and tires.

Measuring 40 inches the Toyo off-road tires are perfectly suited for the off road tasks the Betty White will endeavour. For that matter, Brian’s Motorsports rigged the beast with all sorts of enhancements including the addition of new suspension elements lifting the body by a number of inches and incorporating heavy duty suspension from Rough Country. Not only will this improve ground clearance and ease the bumps on the off road, but the large travel on the suspension will definitely be put to good use on the monster truck off road terrains, these kind of cars are often tackling.

As it is obvious, the car has been stripped of everything unnecessary. The base construction stayed, but the roof, large parts of the doors and many other parts of the exterior were removed. Actually, we are positive that the doors can be added if really needed, but the adventurous character of it is definitely crumpled if it had all of that “normal” stuff. This way it looks and feels like a rebel who just wants to see its freedom the best way possible.

Even though we aren’t quite sure which version BMS used as a starting point, the leather seats inside and LED lights all over tells us the Betty White is top notch version of the Wrangler. Of course, a 3,6 liter engine is inside and with a bit of improvements, it can be as good as it needs to be to haul the off roader like the Betty White certainly is.

Although all of this looks rather impressive, this Wrangler will basically be much more on the car shows than in the action over the sand dunes or in the woods. We aren’t really sure if it’ll ever hit the off road like it supposed to.
Wildcat Automotive crowdfunding investment for W22 'track-day' off-roader

Filed under: Misc. Automakers, UK, SUV, Luxury, Military, Off-Road, PerformanceWildcat turns to crowdfunding to support development of two new vehicles, a performance SUV and a military Light Strike Vehicle both built on a composite platform.

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Fire and ice on AMG mountain

“We got as far as The Cutting and then the G-Wagen ran out of talent … so, for the time being, we won’t be using the top part of the circuit.”

Peter Hackett, top driving instructor for AMG Australia, barely believes he has to tell us this. And we can barely believe the reason why.

Germany’s best off-roader, an equivalent of the Defender and Cruiser 80-Series, has been thwarted climbing a mountain that, in any country other than Australia, would be called exactly what it is, a decent-looking but hardly outrageously large hill. And for what reason? That’s the maddest part of all … it’s something Australians don’t see a lot of. Something Kiwis don’t equate with Australia, either.

Snow. The greatest road circuit in the world, Mount Panorama at Bathurst, has disappeared beneath a fluffy blanket; the heaviest cover in 70 years, as it transpires. By 9am the sun is out but, Hackett relates, there’s still 18cm across Skyline, more than enough to stop the gloriously unhinged, epically hedonistic occasion that is the Festival of AMG in its tracks. For the next few hours, at least.

What to do? Simply hope conditions will improve. Not ascending this 862- metre summit would be a criminal waste of the talent at our disposal today, starting with co-sharers of a flavour-of-the-moment twin turbo 375kW 4.0-litre V8. The latest C63 S sedan and the GT S coupe are cars we’d expressly come to drive. There’s 30 of the first, 11 of the second, sitting powerless in the pits. In support are three examples each of the SL63 and CLS63, six E63s, two S63 coupes, plus a squadron of A45 and CLA 45 all-wheel-drive turbo fours because small can be big here, too.

That’s a very hot $13.5 million fleet being cold-shouldered by the big chill and there’s no Plan B, because we’re here on the final day of a week-long effort that has cost the brand … well, no-one’s saying, but it’s gotta be a seven-figure amount, for sure. Australia’s 6.5km Nurburgring is a top dollar place, not least because it’s only available for commercial hire for just 12 days a year.

AMG broke the ice here seven years ago but this second stint is bigger, better, bolder: More cars, more effort – AMG has arranged return daily charter flights out of Sydney and owns the town’s biggest hotel, the Rydges overlooking Conrod. The circuit has become AMG mountain, dressed in branded bunting and placards. Superstar brand ambassadors Bernd Schneider (Merc’s DTM ace) and bike racing god Mick Doohan are here commanding a battalion of AMG driving instructors. Among them V8 Supercar drivers, 2011 Bathurst winner Nick Percat and our own Chris Pither included.

Obviously such a huge effort isn’t simply for the amusement of a couple of Kiwi journalists. In the main it’s an owner event; each one paying $3500 (chicken feed obviously, because the exercise is sold out within a week). I reckon they’ve put $980,000 into the local bank of Benz – potentially enough to cover this event’s incidentals.

A morning spent undertaking skills activities around the start-finish area is good fun, but hardly going to rate as money well-spent by the big noters; there’s obvious relief when the lunch break also brings good news: The track administration has re-opened the full circuit, but with the caveat that we need to keep speed down to 80kmh over the top part, at least until a dry line forms. Funnily, the only oopsie of the day comes at the other end of the place, at a place we’ve been playing around all morning – and, yes, it was a fellow writer, not an owner, who got it all wrong at The Chase. Fortunately, his muck-up only results in the CLA 45 he’s driving getting muddy.

We’re supposed to rotate through a wide assortment of cars in stints of two laps, but our desire to prioritise the C63 S and GT S is recognised. Three stints in the first, two in the second, is better than actual owners get, yet it’s also barely enough, so overwhelming is their narcotic effect.

Gosh, the GT S – a car AMG has created to take on no less than Porsche’s 911 - feels fantastic here: Everything’s fast down Conrod and there’s nothing here that doesn’t make mundane drivers feel like superstars, but nothing sounds a ferociously ‘right’ nor reaches the 250kmh limit as quickly as the sports two-seater. It’s also the ace handler; deft, light to the touch, superbly balanced and brilliantly stable when you’re asking everything of the ceramic brakes.

The C63 is hardly relegated to the bench; it also provides powerful positive impression. A 0-100kmh time of just four seconds is impressive as heck for a sedan and an extra 50Nm extra torque over that from the GT S tune also offsets the weight imbalance over the coupe.

How will these cars feel on the road? In one way, we’ve already discovered an answer because, for the greater part of the year, Mt Panorama is just that: A public road. And yet, of course, it’s not like any other public road I’ve ever been on.

Forget the ice. The heat is on.