The rusty steel of the Rock Creek Bridge in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. From this perspective, you can better see just how narrow this one-lane bridge actually is. And if you look closely, the Tee Pee Drive-in is just ahead. From 2012.

My Route 66 Galleries, with all the good stuff to tempt you:

Friendships are made on top of sand dunes. 

I am happy to be on the road again and explore Peru and its beauty a little more. Guess what we did after? Yeah we ran down the sand dune.

The more you know

After many hours, days and weeks on the road here is what we have learnt

The skies are bigger in Indiana

Niki can’t remember any of her passwords

Josie will leave a trail of her belongings like breadcrumbs (toothbrush, body wash, shampoo, another toothbrush, Nikis beanie, phone charger, a new top, an old top)

Shannelle will cry once a week

There is nothing quite like southern hospitality

Massachusetts is the wrong state to buy a car

The weather reports are always wrong

Don’t try to order a long macchiato (it will cost $7, it will not be what you ordered and the barista WILL treat like an asshole)

Tequila is a legitimate way to cope with problems

You can rely on the kindness of strangers

Get you car serviced when the light comes on

Fitting three people lying down in the back of a blazer is not comfortable but it is possible

There is always snow at high altitudes. Yes, even in the desert

Speed limits are for pussies

You have the choice of hundreds of radio stations, however they are either religious or all play the same set of songs

The north east wants to squeeze every cent out of you they can, this includes taxes, fees and road tolls

Whoever created the highway system is a mad genius

Everybody named Jill is amazing

Couch surfing hosts like cats, but love dogs

If you drive around in a truck, you can wear hiking boots with every outfit

You guys, I am super in love with America this week. Driving from Southern California to Virginia Beach.

It’s been so interesting to drive almost straight east and get to see the landscape change and evolve.

I might only be driving from hotel to hotel with only stops for gas, but the bits that I can see from the car are fantastic.

I’ve driven through a few rainstorms, through the desert, through super flat farmland, through rolling hills and kudzu (I think). I’ve seriously loved this and would 100% do this road trip again – except without cats so I can stop and get out of the car whenever I want.