The Road To Hana And Beyond

The Road To Hana And Beyond

Hana is considered the last unspoiled Hawaiian frontier. A soulful respite from modern day stress. The journey to Hana is part of the reward, traveling through lush tropical jungle and with 600 curves and 54 bridges to cross, hundreds of waterfalls and secret spots, breathtaking vistas, remote peninsulas and scenic picnic spots, it’s best to take the journey at your own pace. There are several…

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59.5 miles

I entered a virtual race online again. I am doing the Road to Hana ( This is a very scenic road in Maui and is 59.5 miles long. The proceeds from this run benefit Kelsey’s Hope Foundation in the fight against cancer. I am hoping it kicks me into gear with doing more running.

Mireya and I are also doing the Unleash the She 5k. It is her first 5K. She is excited. She will do well because she is all legs and is fast. She also wants to do the Glow Run in the summer.

I have been doing the 10k for Pink. I am on week 5 day 1. My asthma has been horrible and it is frustrating me. I have to take it slow and it is driving me bonkers. I am hoping by the end of May that I will be able to run (drag my ass) a 10k. 

The Road Less Travelled to Hana

The Road Less Travelled to Hana

Black Sand Beach, Maui

Random Flora, Maui

Our first time to Hawaii we visited Maui. Four days of adventure lay ahead of us and we excitedly poured over books and maps trying to decide what we could see, what we wanted to see, in the time allotted. We also chatted with a lovely lady at the Resort about some of the things we had read about that we wanted to see.

We discovered that she was from the…

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