Remember back in 2008 when the fandom’s consensus was just that these two were married as hell? I kind of miss it tbh we had bad  hawt yaoiz tropes but the domestic stuff was otherwise pretty cute

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I feel bad after watching videos and pictures of Ten at the airport. It hurts so much seeing how his mom was hugging him and have this worried look all the time. No matter how famous you get, how much you want to achieve your dreams, there’s always your mom supporting you behind your back even if it kills her to see her baby so far away from her.

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Headcanons of Jean, Eren and Levi seeing by accident their crush naked?

Ohhhh boy


  • When he opens the door and sees his crush standing there in all their glory, Jean is torn between high-tailing it out as soon as possible or staying behind for a few lingering seconds to check out the body he has been secretly fantasizing about. 
  • Tact wins over his hormones and he turns on his heel, an apology muttered beneath his breath, and dashes out of the room quicker than his crush can even blink.
  • Instead of taking off and avoiding them, however, Jean is the type to stick around and wait until his crush is finished changing so he can spew out a slew of apologies. Given how sincere he seems to be, his crush lets him off the hook and they mutually agree not to bring it up ever again.
  • Of course, this doesn’t stop Jean from thinking about what he saw. It’s hard not to when they were so perfect and irresistible. 
  • Luckily, no one seems to find out about the awkward encounter and it’s a memory Jean stashes in the back of his mind for the rest of eternity. 


  • It probably happens because Eren just didn’t knock before he entered the bath area. Figuring that no one was around, he’d just swing the door open and be greeted with a sight.
  • It sort of takes a while for his brain to register what he’s seeing but, when he does, his entire face turns as red as a ripe tomato and he’s backing out as quickly as possible, stammering all sorts of apologies as he leaves.
  • His crush is probably yelling at him too since he was kind of just standing there in shock for a few moments and it alerts several people who were passing by. 
  • Unlike Jean, Eren’s method is avoidance to the highest degree simply because he’s mortified. Somehow, he manages to tell Armin what happened and he resolves himself to just apologizing the next time he seems them.
  • When he does get them alone, his crush forgives him with a small laugh and a smile, but reluctantly informs him that it’s spread throughout a small group of people that he’s a peeping tom. Much to Eren’s horror, Jean and Reiner don’t stop relentlessly teasing him about it until months later.


  • Out of the three, Levi is the most likely to not make such a big fuss over it. He would be curious as to why they didn’t lock the door to a public bathroom, but quietly dismisses himself after a moment or two.
  • He did get quite the look, though. He has eyes and isn’t blind. Levi is attracted to them and while this wasn’t done intentionally, it still serves in his favor.
  • The next time he sees his crush, he’d make sure to say a curt “sorry” and leave it at that. He won’t make a big deal out of it since it was purely an accident and his crush can recognize that. Beneath his nonchalance, Levi stores the memory for himself with a rather sly smirk when his crush isn’t looking.
  • Word doesn’t get out simply because neither of them talk about it, but Levi does find himself watching the sway of their hips as they walk away now, much to his slight annoyance. He was always attracted to them, but never as much as he was now that he had seen them up close and personal.
  • Should he ever enter a relationship with his crush, they’d teasingly bring it up every now and again. If they were alone, he may just ask for another show since they seem so willing.