road racing



the road to new york

Been a busy weekend, running and otherwise…

Yesterday: Ran the 10k in the morning, a solid 35:28 (5:42/mile pace) tired and sore from the past couple weeks’ training, 12 miles total including the warm and cool down.  Came in 3rd overall, 2nd male - 2nd place went to a female, Allie Kieffer, no ordinary female runner.  Allie, a former Wake Forest standout, is a top national class runner who recently moved to Buffalo.  She caught me with about a mile to go, I was able to stay with her and her beautiful running form til the final quarter mile when she kicked away to finish in 35:16.  Felt good to be able to stay with her in the final mile.  Oh, and the winner was Mark Andrews, in 33:50, a USATF masters champion in the 5k and 10k.  Was amazing to be in such elite company in a local race!

Then in the afternoon, went on a lovely hike with my son in the Niagara Gorge near the Falls (see photos).  A hike we’ve done often ever since he was small, was a wonderful thing to do before he heads back to NYC for college this Thursday.

Today: Tired from yesterday’s full day of fitness, went for a 16 miler.  A tough one after yesterday’s hard run.  Now I know I’m ‘in it,’ fully in what I call ‘the cave’ of constant fatigue and soreness of marathon training.  Won’t be out of it til tapering.


marathon day

Having eaten and cleaned up and now warm, feeling whole again. So glad that marathon run is over. Just wasn’t going to be my day. Happy to finish (2:59, 22nd 50-54 AG) and not drop out as I nearly did from near hypothermia…Still, feel blessed to have been a part of such an incredible event and be with great friends here in Boston. And thanks to everyone for all your well wishes!! That’s always a blessing.

sweet agony


8 miles yesterday around the park to recover from saturday’s race.  Nice and easy, and felt good.  

10 miles tonight with a group of runners I used to train with, it was good to ‘get the band back together.’  A little faster pace than usual for me, but was good to get this one in, maybe the last long-ish run before New York.  Great to run with the guys, and a good ‘comfort run’ to prepare for the marathon.  

Got this nice pic from the latter miles of Chicago, the sweet agony of a marathon…