road work sign

I’ve seen them come and go.
I’ve seen them make her feel on top of the world and then they pull the rug up from under her feet.
I hope you’re different. I hope you’re stronger. I hope you understand her and don’t turn another way at the first, ‘Road Work Ahead’ sign you see.
She’s complex and very hesitant, if you stay you’ll understand why.
She deserves the best.
Seeing her broken down by so many people just looking for a challenge has made me despise the human race.
Be better than her past.
Tell her she looks like a goddess in her yellow dress.
Prove to her not everyone is a coward.
Show her what it’s like to be with someone genuine.
Take her to see puppies and take a million pictures of her playing with them, even when she tears herself down with lies saying she looks like garbage.
And god dammit, remind her that another persons arms aren’t a jail cell.
—  a PSA from a very apprehensive best friend.
Texas Gothic: Texas Panhandle
  • Dust devils swirl down the road. You keep an eye on them, avoiding their path. They don’t look dangerous, but you know looks can be deceiving.
  • You’ve been driving for hours but the landscape hasn’t changed. Everything is flat and yellow-green and you begin to wonder if you’ve gone anywhere at all.
  • A tumbleweed rolls down the side of the road. You stop to let this four foot tall tangle of branches pass before you go on. You have the strangest feeling that something is watching you, but there is nothing around but the tumbleweed.
  • There’s a statue of Ronald on a horse in front of the McDonald’s. “That’s how you know you’re in Texas,” you say with a smile that’s more like a grimace. You feel like its eyes are following you.
  • The sky is bright blue and you think it should be cheerful, but it’s not. The sun beats down without mercy. You have not seen a cloud in days. The heat creates shapes on the pavement and you hope you’re beginning to hallucination. The alternative is far worse.
  • “Road work ahead” the sign says. You drive for an hour but see nothing. “Road work ahead” the sign says. You begin to wonder if there’s something you’re not seeing. “Road work ahead” the sign says. You see a single orange cone on the shoulder. “End road work” the sign says.
  • Clay cliffs stretch put over either side of the road. As you drive they seem like they’re closing in, but that’s ridiculous. Its just dirt. You drive faster.
Eyes Wide Open

Chapter 1

He hadn’t noticed the shy waitress the first time he followed Naruto to the cafe. Truth be told, he hadn’t even noticed her any of the other countless times he’d gone with his loud friend. The first time she caught his eyes was just in the last week, when they were there for lunch between classes. Naruto was busy boisterously recounting some story from his physics class, where the professor had somehow created a spherical vortex using metallic powder and a magnet field… or something. Sasuke was never terribly good at paying attention when Naruto was speaking. No, instead of listening, he had been gazing out the restaurant’s front windows, where the sun was just beginning its descent for the day. The light hit the sidewalks outside in a peaceful manner, reminding Sasuke of early childhood, days spent sleeping on his mother’s lap as she read some book about flowers. He remembered the sound of the gentle breeze, the way the whole earth seemed to thrum with peace and happiness, the way his mom’s soft hand used to brush through his bristly hair…

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