road well traveled


Hiked through Anza Borrego Desert Park to Goat Canyon Trestles, named the impossible railroad, it’s the largest wooden structure in the world. Roughly 7 miles round trip up, through, and down the Jacumba mountains leads you to this marvel in the Carrizo Gorge. The most strenuous hike I’ve ever been on.

Robert redemption arc 2.0? Please don’t go there

I came to a realisation today: For the last year, I have seen a man who has tried very hard to be the man his partner needed him to be.  He has apologised, he has tried to change, been a soundboard, a shoulder to lean on and cry on, he has tried to fit into Aaron’s family and taken Liv under his wings as well.

In return, he has been met with countless rejections, been accused of murder (one he did not commit) and cheating (even before there was a reason to). He has been told he is “the worst possible person “ for Aaron, a glitter covered turd, been told that he need to be kept an eye on (like a child) and been put second time and time again.

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anonymous asked:

What science(s) are you studying at uni?

I am specialising in Psychology (interested in religion and its role in facilitating mental health services), but as seen in The Road Well Travelled comic, I’m reconsidering my direction.

I’m pretty generalist with science, and have close but not expert knowledge of basically the general fields that make up astronomy, particularly astrobiology. Biology (up to complex genetics, but I prefer studying physically bigger objects), chemistry (I expunged organic chem from my mind, as studying how to draw and calculate orbitals, and memorising the mind map of the mechanisms/associated agents and results and compounds did me in), physics, cosmology (my passion science), geology (my weakest science), statistics.

The reason why I didn’t pursue an astrobiology route was because with the way my uni subjects are structured (plus I am an international student), I was too late to do the core subjects to pursue that major. RIP. Maybe in another life, if the multiverse theory is true.

I know enough to understand journal articles and to carry healthy skepticism informed by my studies, especially when food products try to sell me junk with garbage science (or science that sounds like science but isn’t accurate).

I really freaking love learning. I dabble in humanities too, like philosophy, literature, anthropology, the study of religion (passion humanities).

From the sounds of it it makes my uni look good offering this flexibility for a thirsty soul like me, but it’s not good for when you want to get a job!!! Cos the pathway from uni to workforce doesn’t make sense when you have no real specialisation lol.

Story: 6. Phoenicia

Purple in Tyre, Sidon, Berot:
Trade gold and silver and cedar
Wood, olives, wine - and does it
Matter? Does it happen ruthlessly
Or with joy? Advance by sales:
Mayhap. Does it count? Does it sell?
It feels as if something was created
On the shore and that meetings
And greetings and unearthings matter.
Mattering is the legacy of the old world.
I lie beneath the Lebanon cedar and
Eagerly wish that nothing cost anything.
Ah, exchange, interchange, translate.
I am deep in Syrian purple, wondering.
Time happened. And I will not sell a word.
And I will create a road to travel. Fare well.

Another Man.

Here we go.

Here it is.

24.9k words in the space of a week - that’s pretty impressive.

The longest story I have ever written in the 2 years of being an active writer on Tumblr. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback would be incredible on this one. I’ve been so excited to get this one up. I think it’s safe to say that I got a little bit carried away with this one but I’m so thrilled this request got sent in. Ever since his photoshoot came out, I’ve had the idea of this and it’s great that the prompt got sent in when it did - god bless the darling Anon who stuck it in my ask box. ;)

Thank you for being patient with me. It means a lot. Lots of love to you all - you’re all bloody amazing. xx

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Thoughts of the heart and roads well traveled.

Warning: Mild instance of a vulgar Dwarf mouth below. Its like two words! Its okay!

The sun was high in the air as far as one could see over the lush and rolling mounds of Grizzly Hills. The weather was clear and truly not that cold when one was bundled up properly, dressed in furs, though not so heavy as to weigh one down. A smile continuously creased heart-shaped pink lips as bright teal eyes scanned over the area with a child-like wonder.

It was, popular to contrary belief, no child that roamed these everlasting trails of adventure abound, but a gnome. A young one though of only seventy-seven years, and three quarters if she remembered correctly. But as far as the world was concerned, she was old enough to have been on her own for a long time, and she was thusly so.

Such a sight as Grizzly Hills shouldn’t honestly put so much wanderlust in such a small person, but Sprankles Whizspicket’s amazement with all her favorite geographical locations was never ceasing; endless. She was a very traveled individual as well, having walked over nearly every inch of the Eastern Kingdoms as well as Kalimdor. She didn’t stop there either. For many years she spent her days in Pandaria once the Mists had cleared and was one of the first to step foot on the land to see what all there was to discover.

She had went alone and of her own volition, no military to guide her steps into a battle once footfalls were made upon the foreign soil. She was but a simple traveler, a stow-away aboard one of the Alliance air ships. She simply could not resist the urge to fly, and she truly didn’t care where it landed her. Adventure was out there and she meant to seek it.

But as fate would have it, it was the Jade Forest in which she parachuted down to upon a dark night when the moon hung high enough to illuminate the ground. She made no qualms with climbing a tree and sleeping soundly upon a large branch, patiently waiting for morning to come to meet with those kind and interesting creatures she had seen below as she was falling.

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