road way blocked


The dream I only dreamt inside my head draws near 
Even if a blocked or tangled road blocks my way 
I will draw and fulfill my dreams, my very own map 
Even the first gaze of a stranger feels good 
Over there, the end you can see from far away, it is nearing 

I support Jonghyun with all my heart and I believe in him with all my soul. I will not tolerate the spreading of such ignorant crap that tarnishes his name.

So like @myuux2 said I’m unfollowing anyone who has the gall to believe what is being spread about him right now. Similarly I would like anyone who doesn’t believe that he deserves love and support to unfollow me now pls.

My blog is a place for love and support of all five shinee member, with a focus on Jonghyun. So please, and I’m asking nicely this time, take a step back to think about everything going on….and then think about the person under fire and whether or not this shit is even worth taking the time out to even think about.

I feel like this is a responsibility I have to take as a jjong-biased blog. No I do not think I’m being irrational or taking things too far. Its those who pushed me to do this that are being irrational and taking things too far. I am merely responding in a way that I feel is most appropriate.