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Can you make a list of fics where Derek or Stiles or both are kicked out of the pack and they decide to go together? Like say Scott kicks Derek out but Stiles seriously disagrees and leaves with him. Thank you, I hope it doesn't sound confusing

Here’s a few. - Anastasia

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this city’s gonna break your heart by faerielissa

(1/1 I 779 I Not Rated)

A mix for an alternate universe where Derek and Stiles decide to leave Beacon Hills, to get out before it can take anything else from either of them, so they can build a real life somewhere else. It’s not perfect, but they’re safe and they’re together and that’s what matters most.Created for the 12 Days of Sterek 2015 fest.

New Start by pyrodaggers

(2/? I 3,552 I Teen)

Stiles decides that it’s better he leave Beacon Hills for his own sanity - and his life. It just so happens that Derek is on his way to New York and Stiles is determined to go with him.

A new start is what he needs and he was going to get it.

I’ve Been Everywhere With You by Leslie_Knope

(10/10 I 65,551 I Explicit)

“Dude, you should totally come with me.”

“What? Like on the road trip?“

“No, come with me. To Austin. Get out of Beacon Hills.”

Derek paused. “What?” he asked again.
Road Trip - mandaree1 - DuckTales (Cartoon 2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Road Trip

Summary: Tfw your Uncle wants you out of the house, makes you take the niece and nephews with you.

I didn’t expect this to be nearly as long as it is, actually, but it was a heckuva lot of fun. Also, I have no idea how Angelibeth is spelled, rip me, if anyone could possibly tell me that would be wonderful.

Fun Fact- the roof-diving scene was inspired by Christopher Titus, and it’s one of the few comedy bits of his I can recall from when I found him funny. I also originally planned such a scene for a Camp Camp work, wherein Nikki dove off a hotel roof and into the outdoor pool while Max video-taped it, Neil pondered the physics involved, and David had a heart attack. But I couldn’t imagine a scenario that would lead to all of them at a hotel and holding said video camera in the first place, and it fit Dewey and Webby so well, so it slipped into this'un instead. =)

(Note: I know all of two musicals. I do not have the ability within me to rightfully judge Hamilton as the best of the musicals. I just feel like Dewey would be really into old ducks singing about fighting wars and making names for themselves.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, if you’re not into that sort of thing, happy Thursday!


We feel a bit like we are in sensory overload after a day spent in Las Vegas. We started with a leisurely brunch. It was a beautiful day so it was lovely to get out in the sunshine. After breakfast we loaded up on cold and flu meds, it is a lot easier when you are familiar with the brands and drug names. It was a bit of a lottery but hopefully some relief is on the way. We walked 20k steps today exploring this amazing place from every angle. Just a shame I can hardly speak, we have met some interesting people here. I am supposed to be packing for the off tomorrow. I think I need sleep more. I am sure everything will find its way into a case or bag and into the car tomorrow. Bit nervous about driving into LA tomorrow. People here have been telling us hair raising stories about LA traffic.

Back a bit early

Well, our internet went down for a bunch of hours, but it was ok cuz the family that my little sister goe3s to school with invited us to go away with them for the holiday.  How cool.  It was fun, got up to an area near kinda like reno with bad things happened.  The RV hot water heater went out, so had to scramble to find a shower cuz we had played all day and were kinda sweaty dirty.  Then this morning, the oven died, so no way to cook the turkey.  So we came home and just got here.  They are serving thanksgiving dinner here so me and my sister are going to head down to pig out and tomorrow, I will cook the turkey I got.