road trip to see a classical concert

Signs as: Summer Memories

Aries: hiking, haircuts, waterparks, sushi, photography, watching comedies with all your friends, old bookstores
Taurus: watching movies in dark rooms, making food for parties, sundresses, braids, music festivals
Gemini: hanging out with friends at the beach, staying up all night, ice cream trucks, making chalk murals in the driveway
Cancer: watching the stars with someone you love, cooking, lace, taking pictures of the beach on a cloudy day, rainbows, holding hands
Leo: vacationing, trying a new restaurant, volleyball, getting sunburnt/tanning, summer camps, mini golf
Virgo: FINALLY relaxing, volunteering, picking up friends at airport, writing a short story, fishtail braids, jacuzzis
Libra: amusement parks, spa days, bikinis, visiting family, tanning, concerts, sunflowers, taking a walk with someone you love, sports
Scorpio: new lipstick, listening to music with someone you love, random summer storms, effortless beauty, multicolored nails, road trips, scary stories around the campfire
Sagittarius: parties, dancing, summer flames, traveling to a different country, crop tops, meeting new people
Capricorn: fun summer jobs, starting new shows on netflix, cooking new dishes
Aquarius: painting the sunset, driving a vintage hot rod, underground concerts, going to the pool, watering plants
Pisces: smoothies, classical concerts, seeing old friends, sketching outside, flowers, driving to the city

Things that come to my mind when I think about the signs
  • Aries: enthusiasm, positive, open-minded, hard-working, summer, braveness, blue eyes, concerts
  • Taurus: shyness, (comfortable) silence, loosely hugging, talking for hours, curly hair, photography
  • Gemini: laughing, friendship, the smell of bonfire, running through a field during sunset, smart, loud, long hair
  • Cancer: funny, down-to-earth, cute, compliments you everyone you see them, looking at old photos, curly dark hair
  • Leo: social, open-minded, cola, crazy dancing to an over-heard song, musicals, long-lasting and almost breathtaking hugs
  • Virgo: the smell of tea, forest, caring, classical music, shyness, art, green eyes, smirking, honest, rare but gently touches
  • Libra: speaking about something you like, winter, happiness, friends, funny, feeling loved, caring for someone, writing, coffee, freckles
  • Scorpio: road trips, cuddling, when you start crying because you laughed so much, movies, coffee, concerts, adventures, wild hair, late nights
  • Sagittarius: silence, honest, spring, moving on, energy, strong, talking about serious topics, flowers
  • Capricorn: loud but funny, rock/ punk music, movies, sometimes shy, going to the cinema and buying an enormous amount of popcorn, soda, candles
  • Aquarius: caring, the feeling of being loved, happiness, cold water, summer, hot weather, having a great time with friends, memories
  • Pisces: poems, reading, running on the street in the middle of the night, spring, music, big eyes, honest, shy but when they open themselves to you they are crazy