road trip for a movie

haikyuu!! ot3+ week: spring edition is coming!

we are here to give you a head start!  join us in celebrating your favourite haikyuu!! poly ships with fan art, fan fiction, edits, headcanons, and more!  

  • ot3+ week will take place from may 1 - may 7!
  • anyone is allowed to participate!  you don’t need to ask, just join in.
  • all media is accepted!  fan art, fan fiction, graphics/gifs, videos, cosplay – anything!  mature content is allowed but please remember to tag all nsfw entries!!
  • •• that being said, we will not tolerate stolen works under any circumstances.

you can find more general information here!!

here are the prompts for the season!

  • may 1st - lust | spring has sprung | red
  • may 2nd - gluttony | flower in bloom | orange
  • may 3rd - greed | at camp | yellow
  • may 4th - sloth | movie marathon | green
  • may 5th - wrath | road trip | blue
  • may 6th - envy | any crossover/au | indigo
  • may 7th - pride | karaoke party | violet

you may take the prompts however you like, it is completely up to you!  there are no rules on how you want to interpret them.


This video delivers what the title promises - explore a land of black rock as you switch colors, from blue to red to green and everything inbetween.

Short drone movie from our amazing road-trip through Icelandic highlands - the remote but breathtaking parts of this spectacular island. It was my 9th trip to Iceland and I finally managed to bring a drone there and capture this beauty from the air.

I need more adventure in my life. I need more parties. I need more “get ready I’m on my way” texts. I need more nature hikes. I need more sneaking out. I need more sunrises and sunsets. I need more road trips. I need more diy projects. I need more movie nights. I need more 3 am wake up calls. I need more concerts. I need more books. I need more picnics. I need more bonfires. I need more bowling. I need more rock climbing. I need more drive in movies. I need more arcade games. I need more carnivals. I need more down for whatever people. I need more discovery.