road trip continues

I kinda really REALLY love @doodledrawsthings human Bill Cipher, and I have some inspiration to do a road trip. Should I continue it?

“Can’t I just stay here?”

“No way! Now shut your yap and let me think.”

Dipper, Mabel, and their Grunkle Stan had a planned trip to some other tourist attractions, just like their road trip last year. They had planned it for over a month–Stan couldn’t let the kids down and not go. Unfortunately, Ford was nowhere to be found. With some recollection, Stan remembered that Ford had to give some lecture and some placer about some science crap.

Whatever makes him happy, I guess…

With everybody on their various trips, Bill wanted to take the chance and “Maybe actually get some PEACE around here!”

“That’s still a no, bean pole,” Stan muttered. “There’s no way in holy tarnation that you’re going to be allowed to stay here alone.”

Bill groaned. “What, don’t ya trust me after all this time?” he gestured to himself.


Before Bill could spit some insult at him, Dipper and Mabel darted down the stairs with small suitcases. “Grunkle Stan! You ready yet?” Dipper asked with a small smile. The smile faded when Dipper’s eyes met Bill’s. “Oh, great, where’s Bill going to stay?”

Mabel thought to herself for a moment, then perked up. “How about he comes with us?” she exclaimed happily.

“No!” Grunkle Stan and Dipper said at the same time. “I’d rather drink a gallon of your Mabel Juice than pull this wimp on our special trip.” Mabel’s eyes started shining. “And no, that doesn’t mean I will drink it.”

“But Grunkle Stan!” Mabel cried. “What else can we do?”

“I’m thinkin’,” he grumbled. “What if we just toss him into the Falls on our way?”

Mabel glared at him while Dipper smugly smiled. “That doesn’t sound too bad,” Dipper remarked.

“You know I’m RIGHT HERE, right!?”

“Yes, now shut ya trap!”

“I know this isn’t the best situation,” Mabel said, fingering the edge of her sweatshirt. “But Bill’s gonna be human for the foreseeable future, right? Maybe he’d even learn some essential socializing skills!”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” he mumbled. Stan ignored him as he smirked.

“Fine. Cipher, grab a small bag with another change of clothes–we’re going on a road trip,” he growled threateningly. “And if you ruin this trip in anyway, you can say goodbye to your human lifespan.”

Any petty insult that Bill was thinking of was forgotten as the threat was comprehended. He smirked and crossed his arms, dredging up the stairs. “I wouldn’t have bothered you if I could just stay home…”

Dipper gave a wary glance at his Grunkle. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked.

“This isn’t a good idea, this is a horrible idea,” Stan mumbled. “But it’s the only idea we have.”

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Okay, prompt idea: Mitch & Auston summer roadtrip?

I am definitely still working on this but the words aren’t coming right now so here’s the beginning of the summer road trip fic (I didn’t want you to think I forgot/am ignoring it ><).

Summer 2017

 When Mitch first brought the subject up, Auston brushed it aside as another one of those things that Mitch says he wants to do but it’s just talk.  Like when he talked about climbing Machu Picchu even though the thought of uphill running makes him whine.  Or when he said he wanted to get his license and do deep sea diving even though the slightest pressure change has him complaining about his “sensitive ears’. Or when he said he wanted to go bungee jumping and skydiving, even though he’s got a fear of heights.

 The point is, Mitch says a lot of crap, and if Auston took everything he said seriously, he’d spend a lot of time worrying about Mitch and what potential life endangering situation he’d throw himself into.  How was Auston supposed to know that spending part of their summer together was anything different?

 “The cabin is pretty close to Ottawa,” Mitch says, sounding more and more excited as he talks about it.  “It’s pretty sweet.  I’ve been there a couple times with him and some buddies, and he said his family is totally cool with letting us use it for a few days.”

 “So you were serious?” Auston asks and he flinches when he sees Mitch’s eyes widen in surprise.

 “Yeah, I thought we talked about this already,” Mitch says, like it baffles him that Auston isn’t as excited about this as he is.

 Auston shrugs and says, as nicely as he can, “You say a lot of stuff.”

 “Doesn’t mean I make shit up,” Mitch says, frowning. He looks disappointed at the thought of whatever grand plans he had for them falling through, and that’s the last thing Auston wants.  He may not have thought about it as long as Mitch has apparently, but the idea of spending their summer together wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.  In fact, now that Auston’s properly thinking about it, he feels himself getting excited at the idea of spending some time with Mitch before they part ways for the off season.

 “Okay, let’s do it,” Auston says, and Mitch’s face lights up like a switch has been flipped.  He’s smiling so big, like he can hardly contain his happiness, and it makes something warm inside of Auston’s chest.

 “It’s going to be great,” Mitch says, sticking out his hand for a high five.  “Road trip!” Auston can’t help chuckling at that.

 “Road trip,” Auston repeats and he high fives Mitch, like it’s a promise.

WIP list

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever. 

Ye gods.

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List isn’t complete. I know there’s stuff I’ve forgotten.

Things Actually Begun

Crooked - Hiddlesworth Prison Au. The end is in sight!

Need to Know - FrostIron nonsense. Just started (because when I say I can’t write something my brain inevitably goes: you sure about that…?) 2nd part is up now

Road Trip - continuation of The Skin You’re In, 2016 StuckyThorkiSecretSanta

Untitled (?) Urban Paranormal - Original work, co-writing with @alestrel. It is going to be AWESOME

Dystopia (title may change) - another original co-work with @alestrel that we finished years ago (how many books worth was it?) but are slowly rewriting/editing.

Definitely Planned

Original fantasy (YA, possibly? haven’t decided) Involves a beautiful goat

Adaptation of Othello, inspired by something @amberfox17 mentioned once in her catboy fic :)


Skin You’re In side-story - featuring Steve’s Aunt!

Skin You’re In side-story - Thundershield BDSM

Hiddlesworth AU - Driver!Tom/Detective!Chris

Hiddlesworth AU - 1910 luxury spa (with a sequel set after 1918. so much research)

(the Hiddlesworths could tip over in to original works. Haven’t decided.)

Original (but derivative) Bodyguard fic.

On Hold

Original Cyberpunk - begun in the 2015 NaNoWriMo. Great start, great characters, good premise… needs extensive planning & research

En Passant - HP AU Snupin.

Original first person sci-fi - finished years ago. Needs editing.

Probably Never Going Back To Let’s Be Honest

So. so. many. (How far back are we going?) Some facfic, some originals that never got past the original burst of enthusiasm.

tagging with no pressure: @alestrel @mjolnir-s-master … jfc there’s so many of you and I need a nap. tag yourselves in if you’re interested!

Dan Phantom 2 - DP

PhannieMay 16 - May 2 (Road Trip)

A continuing story that winds through the entire month.

(I do realize ‘Road Trip’ is really tomorrow, but it works better for me today and so I’m switching the two daily prompts around.)


The next day, the bag he’d been given was packed with a few changes of clothes and sat between his feet. He slouched in a chair, gazed blankly at the guards in front of the huge metal doors leading to the outside world, and waited for the government agents to show up.

A shadow fell over him and he turned his head, looking up into the eyes of several of the others. “Last in, first out, huh?” the shortest one said.

Dan didn’t answer. When he’d first arrived here and learned that there were dozens of others like him, he’d been excited to meet them and find out how they’d been created - as his parents certainly hadn’t built that many portals. Maybe learn a few tricks from them. Finally not be alone in this world.

Then he found out how much they hated him. Him, who had dragged them out of the shadows by showing the world halfas were possible. Him, who got the privilege of living out in the world for nearly two years longer than any of the others. Him, who was far more powerful and influential than the rest of them combined.

One of them - an older man named Mark - dropped into a seat next to him. “What do they have you doing?”

Dan lifted a shoulder and let it fall in a half-hearted shrug.

“Yeah.” Mark leaned closer and nudged him with an elbow. “It’s what we thought would happen,” the man said in an undertone, “they capture us, treat us like animals, and then send us out on missions. We’re the perfect spies - nobody will ever see us coming.”

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Hang on a second, are you two in cahoots?
You know what, I’m calling the police.

Reading, Riding, and a Wit yet Slick

Code of the West and Other Directions by Ten Paces

Advanced Bushido by Honor Scroll

Understanding the 21st Century (So Far) by Current Shock

The Big Book of Lulz (Unabridged Version) by Jimmie Rustler

Driving for Metalheads by Steer Pressure

Green Eyes and Whispered Lies: Part 8

Summary: After leaving a cheating ex back in your hometown, you set out to California to become an intern for a magazine company. Instead of finding yourself pursuing a career in photography, you were now swamped with paperwork. How fun. Your life was about as dull as can be.That is, until you meet Dean Winchester: The man with bright green eyes, a guitar in his hands, and plenty of stories to tell.

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Notes: And the Road-tripping continues!

Word Count: 1.2k+

Song: I Am They - From the Day

Warnings: None.

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My name is Y/N.

After getting off of the highway and onto another back road you unbuckled your seatbelt and stuck your feet out the window, closing your eyes that were now covered with sunglasses.

“Oh thank god, you were really starting to stink up the joint.”

You laughed and smacked Dean’s arm, shaking your head. “You are unbelievable.”

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Benedict Cumberbatch and pregnant wife Sophie Hunter go whale watching

While his trip to Los Angeles may not have brought him the Oscar he’d been hoping for, Benedict Cumberbatch appears to be enjoying quite the memorable post-ceremony honeymoon.

And they are still running those stupid whale-watching photos…….if this is enjoyment please god let me be miserable

Caption on this one:

Newlyweds: Benedict Cumberbatch and his pregnant wife, Sophie Hunter, were seen enjoying a whale-watching boat trip as their Caliofrnia road trip honeymoon continued