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“If I have to turn around and go all the way back, I’m going to be a little peeved.” Bucky?

A/N: No warning just fun. Thanks for sending this in. It is a good break from science writing.

Sentence Prompts

“If I have to turn around and go all the way back, I’m going to be a little peeved.” You grimaced at the sound of Bucky’s words. He eyed you for a moment before looking back to the road and you could tell he was suppressing a smile.
“Bucky, I swear I checked like 3 times before we left-“
“If you don’t have it just tell me.” His voice was a little softer now, but you still felt bad about what you were about to say. So you mumbled something unintelligible. “What was that?” More mumbling. Bucky pulled the car over to turn to face you. “One more time. Use your big girl voice.”
“IFORGOTTHEHAMILTONTICKETSANDI’MSOSORRYANDTHISISKINDOFYOURFAULTFORTRUSTINGMETOREMEMBERSOMETHINGANDILOVEYOUANDDON’THATEME.” He sputtered with laughter no longer able to hold back his smile. You pouted over at him giving him the most pitiful puppy dog eyes you could muster. It took a few minutes for him to calm his breathing enough to speak.
“Honestly doll, I know you are a brilliant scientist and all, but how have you survived this long. I had to remind you to eat breakfast this morning too.”
“I was up late in the lab last night.” You deepened the pout.
“Alright stop with the face. Check the glove box.” He smiled goofily as he watched you excitedly rip open the small compartment to reveal back up tickets.
“Why would you make me feel bad if you had extra the whole time?”
“What can I say? You’re cute when your embarrassed.” He casually pulled back onto the road and continued the trip as you gaped at him not sure whether to be angry or just grateful he always had your back. As you pulled up to the theatre you decided on grateful, but you still couldn’t resist a small amount of vengeance.
“You know why I wanted to see this with you so bad?”
“Hm?” Like the gentlemen he was he opened your door and helped you from the car.
“I needed someone who was there to let me know how historically accurate it is.” He bit his lip holding back the verbal retaliation and after a breath calmly answered.
“I’m not that old, doll.”
“Maybe I should carbon date you to be sure.”
“Remind me again how you manage to help save the world, but you left the house the other day without shoes.”
“Oh shut it the house lights are going down.”

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oh no. maybe lana from five minutes from now is there? how bad was that explosion?

wut? but grandpa promised he’d stop trying to tear a hole in the space-time continuum. plz dont make me go back there. family reunions are always awkward enuf as it iz & the explosion wiz fine im fine everything z finnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeshoshgsogs


I kinda really REALLY love @doodledrawsthings human Bill Cipher, and I have some inspiration to do a road trip. Should I continue it?

“Can’t I just stay here?”

“No way! Now shut your yap and let me think.”

Dipper, Mabel, and their Grunkle Stan had a planned trip to some other tourist attractions, just like their road trip last year. They had planned it for over a month–Stan couldn’t let the kids down and not go. Unfortunately, Ford was nowhere to be found. With some recollection, Stan remembered that Ford had to give some lecture and some placer about some science crap.

Whatever makes him happy, I guess…

With everybody on their various trips, Bill wanted to take the chance and “Maybe actually get some PEACE around here!”

“That’s still a no, bean pole,” Stan muttered. “There’s no way in holy tarnation that you’re going to be allowed to stay here alone.”

Bill groaned. “What, don’t ya trust me after all this time?” he gestured to himself.


Before Bill could spit some insult at him, Dipper and Mabel darted down the stairs with small suitcases. “Grunkle Stan! You ready yet?” Dipper asked with a small smile. The smile faded when Dipper’s eyes met Bill’s. “Oh, great, where’s Bill going to stay?”

Mabel thought to herself for a moment, then perked up. “How about he comes with us?” she exclaimed happily.

“No!” Grunkle Stan and Dipper said at the same time. “I’d rather drink a gallon of your Mabel Juice than pull this wimp on our special trip.” Mabel’s eyes started shining. “And no, that doesn’t mean I will drink it.”

“But Grunkle Stan!” Mabel cried. “What else can we do?”

“I’m thinkin’,” he grumbled. “What if we just toss him into the Falls on our way?”

Mabel glared at him while Dipper smugly smiled. “That doesn’t sound too bad,” Dipper remarked.

“You know I’m RIGHT HERE, right!?”

“Yes, now shut ya trap!”

“I know this isn’t the best situation,” Mabel said, fingering the edge of her sweatshirt. “But Bill’s gonna be human for the foreseeable future, right? Maybe he’d even learn some essential socializing skills!”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” he mumbled. Stan ignored him as he smirked.

“Fine. Cipher, grab a small bag with another change of clothes–we’re going on a road trip,” he growled threateningly. “And if you ruin this trip in anyway, you can say goodbye to your human lifespan.”

Any petty insult that Bill was thinking of was forgotten as the threat was comprehended. He smirked and crossed his arms, dredging up the stairs. “I wouldn’t have bothered you if I could just stay home…”

Dipper gave a wary glance at his Grunkle. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked.

“This isn’t a good idea, this is a horrible idea,” Stan mumbled. “But it’s the only idea we have.”

I’m dying I’m rereading a RedAlert-centric humanformers AU WIP that I wrote last year and I just love it but it’s. really something

  • most characters are just. called their usual names, or nicknames of those, like “Red.” no human names needed.
  • the exception to the above is Optimus, whom Red calls “Tex,”
  • Wheeljack is apparently responsible for virtually all modern secret advanced tech
  • Red explodes his own house
  • the Dinobots are collectively referred to as “the clan”
  • Wheelie only speaks in rhyme (also he’s like. eleven)
  • super bus
  • hugs


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I made this photo on a Mamiya c220 with Kodak Portra 400.

Here’s a link about it:

It was vandalized after a few days.

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they went with “great american road trip” because “rhett and link really commit to indigestion” was horrible branding.

One Less Lonely Girl

Request: Y/N is best friends with Roman, but is totally in love with him. She never tells him because she thinks he’s out of her league. One night she goes out with him and Dean. A guy tries to flirt with her, Roman doesn’t like it and Dean notices…leading up to cute but rough smut.


“This is pathetic guys, I love you both, but next year we need Valentines,” Y/N said seriously, sipping on her cocktail and surveying the bar.

It was decorated in a theme of red; heart-shaped balloons, couples occupying tables and booths and reeked of everything Valentine’s. Sickeningly so, but that was just jealousy speaking.

“I have a girlfriend, who’s halfway across the country with her family. I have an excuse,” Dean retorted proudly. “But yes gladly, I’m not spending next year with you guys, it’s lame.”

“On the plus side, it probably looks like we’re on a 3-way date and are gonna have a threesome after,” Roman said clasping both hands behind his head, resting it against the booth.

Y/N and Dean rolled their eyes, he was always one to be sexually provocative. Promiscuous too. Maybe not so much the latter recently, but still, once the label sticks…

“Don’t be sick, you’re not my type,” Dean chided him and lifted his glass to his lips. “Let’s play ‘never have I ever,’ so we feel less lonely,”

“But we’re just gonna feel more horny,” Y/N warned.

Roman sat up immediately and clapped his hands enthusiastically with a big grin. “Yes! My kinda party! This is what I live for,”

“Relax, you and Dean need refills to even it out,” Y/N pointed out.

Dean finished off the last drop of his drink and Roman went over to the bar to order more another round for them both. But then he got a little distracted as he waited; a dark-skinned beauty stole his attention as she slid in right next to him to order from the bar. He eyed her up blatantly with no shame and she thrived on it, smiling flirtatiously and playing with her hair as if oblivious. Roman was loving it too, having that effect on her.

He still had it.

Watching on, Dean found it hilarious, Y/N didn’t. She was jealous, but she consoled herself with the thought that she’d rather not have his attention than have him look at her like that. But really, who didn’t want Roman Reigns to look at them like that? In what world?

“Oh shit, look,” Dean started laughing as a tall slim guy came up behind the woman and hugged her from behind. Roman slid a few inches away.

“I hope he beats his ass,” Y/N said, now loving the show. “Teach him to keep his eyes to himself,”

“Roman wont learn, he loves women too much for that to stick,” Dean stated. Y/N knew it was true.

After getting the drinks, Roman turned to the loved up couple and smiled at the guy, nodding his head with it too, to let him know that he acknowledged him and was neither threatened by him.

“Never have I ever ditched my friends and started flirting with another woman at the bar,” Dean said teasingly as Roman sat down and slid him his poison.

“Never have I ever been jealous that my boy’s getting all the attention,” Roman fired back with that annoying sexy grin that one couldn’t hate him for. “Let’s do this, ladies first,”

“Don’t mind that at all,” Y/N said wrapping her hands around her glass. “Mkkaaay, ummm, neverrrr…have I ever had sex with a friend,”

“Straight in there,” Roman laughed.

Dean didn’t reply, until her eyes shifted between both of them; the men looked at each other and jumped slightly apart.

“Nah, what the hell Y/N?”

“Clearly not then, I didn’t mean it like that,” she said then sipped her drink, her attempt in trying to flirt with Roman a fail. She knew she had to explain herself. “I did, back in college, we were both single and horny, so yeah,”

“He’s single and horny,” Dean hooked a thumb towards Roman.

“Yeah I know he is, ain’t he always? I don’t think I’m his type,” Y/N laughed. What the fuck are you doing Dean? Put down the alcohol, Y/N thought. “Okay, Dean, you’re next,”

“Alright, never have I ever had sex with or dated a colleague,” Dean said with a wide smile.

The table fell into a round of giggles, before each glass was raised off the table, Dean explained himself, referring to Renee and Y/N to her ex-boyfriend.

“Yeah we don’t need to hear your conquests, you’ve singlehandedly taken on all the divas,” Dean said to Roman before he could even begin to explain himself.

“Don’t be like that man, I’ve only hit it with Eva and Cameron, y'know that.”

“Aaaw, he’s so defensive about it,” Y/N cooed, if she could reach, she’d have pinched his cheeks.

“Nah but for real, I’m not that bad,” Roman sulked. “Y'all say it like I have sex with anything that walks,”

“Alright let’s move on before he resorts to tears, I don’t do waterworks,” Dean exclaimed.

The game carried on a few more rounds. It was Roman’s turn, and Y/N had finished her drink, claiming herself out of the game.

“Never have I ever had a crush on a friend,” Roman said, projecting his own feelings.

Dean already knew what it was and how he felt about Y/N, and had endlessly encouraged his best friend to pursue her, but he always claimed that he was scared to lose her completely.

Dean sipped his immediately, Roman followed hesitantly.

“Wait, who’d you have a crush on before Renee?” Y/N asked curiously.

“This guy,” Dean hooked his thumb again towards Roman. At this point, he was verging on tipsy. “I fucking love the man, look at him, he’s so pretty, he’s perfect,”

“This is so cute,” Y/N admired the bromance.

“That is so cute, Deano,” Roman agreed and looked at Dean and petted his hair. “C'mere you big adorable kid, I love you too bruh,”

“I don’t think he meant as a ‘brother’ Roma-”

“Shhh, lovers here having a private moment,” Roman said glaring at Y/N and melting into Dean.

The two men were such a playful combination together, exhausting even, sometimes Y/N never knew when to take them seriously.

“Your turn, fess up, don’t deflect,” Dean said pushing the Samoan off him.

“Urgh, unmm, snap,” Roman laughed. “I'onno man…there’s just a girl I used to know, we were cool, I had a crush on her and she didn’t feel the same way, so I just didn’t pursue it.”

“Did she tell you that?” Dean squinted his eyes with suspicion. The fake story not adding up; how come he’d never heard about it before?

“No, I could just tell, anyway, Y/N, I know your ass had a crush on someone, you always tell me this stuff about boys-”

“Sorry, empty,” Y/N said, gladly, holding her glass up.

“Nah, come on, don’t be lame, just answer it and play along, empty glass or not,”

“You didn’t let me on the last one, now you’re being nosey and you want me to embarrass myself for your amusement?” she challenged him, her brows went up and nose crinkled up. He loved the way it did that. He couldn’t help but smile at her. “Sorry, rules are rules,”

He paused, “Yeah, still,” he said with an easy chuckle. “I care, tell me, talk to me,”

“Nah, sorry boys, going to get another drink. Have fun,” she said standing up and excusing herself from the madness.

“Lame,” Roman called out as she walked to the bar.

And he watched her, really watched her as she did. Hips unintentionally swinging, even more so because of her high heels, flaunting and accentuating her toned legs and her back seductively yet modestly on show. How was it allowed to have such strong feelings for a best friend? Roman wondered as he watched her.

“Y'gotta be more sly than that,” Dean instructed, not looking up at the man. He guessed right that Roman looked back at him with wonder. “The way you dropped that question, and the way you just eyed her up - if she turned around she’d have caught you,”

“But I thought you said it’s good if she finds out,”

“No, I said it’ll be good if you tell her, because look,” Dean jerked his head towards the bar. “Some guy’s about to beat you to it. The sooner you tell her, the sooner I don’t have to deal with both of your bullshit; you flirting wih women to make her jealous and her being coy and talking about sex all the time around you,”

“She gives me nothing else when we’re on our own, no sign to tell me how she feels. It only comes out when there are people around, as if she’s just being playful. Whatya want me to do?”

“Yeah but that’s her, she’s a closed book, tell her and go from there, if she says no, then feel sorry for yourself and go jump in Cameron’s bed or Eva…whoever the fuck you’re still-”

“They have boyfriends now,” Roman said straight-faced. “Even the universe is telling me I need to settle down,”

“She’s perfect for you, I mean you’re practically in a relationship with her anyway, just without the labels,” Dean insinuated. “You’re inseparable and equally annoying as well as stupid; it’s only right you two make it official,”

“Sooo,” Y/N rejoined the table, a sparkling drink claiming a spot on the table before she claimed hers on the seat. “Where are we off to after this?”

“It depends on why you’re smiling like that?” Dean asked.

“Bartender’s just given me a free drink and asked me out,” Y/N said, her face lit with excitement. “He said if I’m free after, he’ll take me out for drinks,”

“What did you tell him?” Dean inquired. “I thought we’re already having enough drinks,”

“That I’ll ask my friends,”

“Really?” Roman said incredulously. “We agreed to spend time together tonight, that’s why we’re here, y'can’t just invite people in-”

“Roman, I didn’t say yes to him.”

“But you didn’t say no, you know we’re out together,”

“That’s why I’m asking you,”

Roman sighed, “That’s not my point,”

“You’re just being so dramatic,” Y/N said and shrugged. “You were eye-fucking that model-looking chick, I bet if she didn’t have a boyfriend, you’d have taken her home or left us for her,”

“Not true,” Roman denied honestly, offended by the assumption. “I’d have done it in my own time, but do you babe, go get your man,”

“For real?” it was Y/N’s turn to sound incredulous.

“You might as well invite him to our friends-only road trip too,” Roman continued.

She looked to Dean for help, moral support, anything; but he was typing away on his phone. Was he pretending just to avoid being caught up in between?

“I’m going outside,” Roman said with a heavy puff. That caught Dean’s attention, but a glance at his friend, he knew he wouldn’t stop him. So he’d wait, and then send Y/N after him, let the lovers patch it up.

“Was I wrong?” Y/N asked Dean after Roman went outside.

“Yeah,” Dean said unapologetically with a chuckle. “He’s right in what he’s saying, we came out together, we leave together, but it’s his delivery, he’s dramatic, because there’s more to it,”

“Y'know what it is?”

“Yeah, what I always tell you? You two need to talk. As in really talk…about your feelings, because all this tension keeps bubbling up and you’re both on edge.”

“I don’t understand how that links-”

“Well, you invited us out because you didn’t wanna be on your own on Valentine’s. We’re here, and you start flirting with a guy, he asks you out and you’re willing to intrude our night…are you-”

“Okay, I get it, but he flirts all the time,” Y/N said sighing this time.

“To get your attention,” Dean smirked. “As you do to get his, you guys don’t geddit.”

“Fuck,” Y/N exhaled. “Fine, lemme go talk to him,”

“Yes please, he’s looking for excuses to start smoking again since he’s practising celibacy, he’ll freak out over anything,”

“He’s gotta get the edge of somehow,” Y/N thought out loud. “But yeah, let’s not give him any reasons to, it’s been three years,”

“Hi,” Y/N said moments after, snaking her arms around Roman’s waist once she found him.

He was outside, by the entrance, one hand in his pocket, the other typing away on his phone. He placed the free hand over hers and turned his head to look at her.

“You were right, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about it, just got excited over one guy’s attention,”

“It’s all good, I overreacted,” he put the phone away. “My bad.”

“Look at me,” she lured him into turning around. “Can I have a hug?”

“So needy,” he joked as he turned; that alone was enough confirmation for Y/N to know that the feud was over. When their bodies closed the gaps between them, and wrapped their arms around each other, he mumbled, “I don’t want you to go out with that guy,”

“I know I’m not-”

“No, not just tonight, I mean I don’t want you to go with other guys,” Roman said, sounding serious.

Y/N pulled back to look at him; his face matched his tone.

“I’m into you Y/N, I tried to make it clear but I’ve failed, so I just have to flat out tell you,” he took her hands into his. “I’m crazy about you, I can’t help the way I feel. I know I’m taking a risk in doing this, I might lose you as a friend, but I really really like you as more than a friend. Everyone else sees it, I tried to hide it because I don’t think you feel the same way, and I don’t blame you, but I’m not happy on my own…without you.”

“Me? What?” Y/N resorted to a nervous laugh, looking at her best friend whilst still holding onto him. “Why? Why me?”

“Yes, you, I’m head over heels with you, you drive me crazy,” Roman confessed.

Y/N was confused, so that crazy Dean was actually right about something, for once? Maybe he wasn’t that much of a lunatic after all.

“You care about people, you are so optimistic and loving, your aura gravitates people towards you, you make me laugh when I’m down - even on a normal day, you always encourage me to give my best, and heaven knows you aren’t afraid to straighten me out. I don’t get all of that with anyone else, I love being around you - when I’m not I feel incomplete and lost, and I always look forward to seeing you. When I do, my world changes, even if it’s for five-minutes. My favourite things to do or moments, are with you,”


“No hear me out, it’s the truth,” he took her flat palm and put it on his chest, a sworn statement. She felt his heartbeat thudding against his chest. Her own felt like that too. “It’s a shame you haven’t had a great deal of relationships, but I wanna treat you like I know you deserve, I know you inside and out and I can give you anything you want baby-”

“I believe you,” she said honestly. “I feel the same way, I always have and like you said everyone knows it, but you’re involved with the girls on the Divas team and I can’t compete with that-”

“I’m not, don’t listen to Dean about that shit. It was only Eva and Cameron, and I’m done with that, they got their boyfriends, I never looked back, because I’m ready to settle, and I want you to believe me,”

“What about tonight with that woman?”

“I was trying to make you jealous, I’m a dick for doing that, but I didn’t know how else to get through to you-”

Y/N shrugged, “Just never thought I was your type,”

“Oh believe me, you’re my type. Y'don’t have to worry about me laying eyes on other women, I won’t hurt you like that,” he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Dean did say you were crazy about me,” Y/N’s smile warmed up, her eyes twinkling up at him.

“He lies a lot, but that’s the truth,”

“And that you think I’m the best thing to ever happen to you?”

“Now you’re gloating, but true nevertheless,”

“And also, that I’m more beautiful than you are-”

“Okay, shut up and kiss me,” he said cutting her off with a kiss. She acted on it at his behest, wrapping her arms around his neck and his around her waist, their lips locking so easily as if they’d done it plenty of times. And the fireworks went off.

“I give you guys two seconds and you’re making babies?” Dean interrupted them shamelessly.

“You’re not ready for grown folks business,” Roman said, surreptitiously raising his middle finger to his best friend.

“Yeah yeah,” Dean jumped in between them and rested his hands around their shoulders. “Well, my work here is done…so y'all talked it out huh? Got names for the kids? Date for the wedding? Let me know, I’ll pass it onto everyone else, about fucking time.”


“You coming with us?” Y/N asked Dean as they exited the bar near closing time.

Dean raised his left brow as if to question her sanity, “Uh no thanks, Roman wouldn’t want me to cockblock, he wont say it now but he’ll kill me tomorrow in the ring,”

“Who said he’s getting any?” Y/N asked, directed at Roman who was holding her from behind, but she was looking at Dean with a mischevious smile.

“Look at his face,” Dean pointed with a laugh. “You’ve just broken his heart,”

“You sure you don’t wanna join us?” Y/N asked pointlessly, she knew how the night was gonna end with Roman. Even Dean knew, hence why he didn’t want to interfere.

“Let him go,” Roman mumbled in her ear.

“No thanks, I’m going to go home and think about my girlfriend and how we can become a cuter couple than you two,” Dean said walking into the road and hailing a taxi.


“Wanna watch a film or something?” Roman said awkwardly when they walked into his house.

It wasn’t a strange question to ask because that was always the routine for them; no matter where they were coming from or how late, they always put a movie on and cuddled on the couch until they fell asleep.

Foreign to Y/N that night, she’d never seen this awkward side to him, but it was endearing. She bit her bottom lip and shook her head no, her curls bouncing along. She didn’t want to watch a movie and just lay against him. She wanted to be naked, in all kinds of positions as their bodies sealed their feelings.

“No,” she said, taking his hand into hers. “I want you,”

Quite the role reversal, now she was the upfront one, but Roman didn’t contest. He kissed her as if his life depended on it; but it was to vent up all the frustration he’d had to contain. Clothes went flying across the room, bodies flushed against each other, Roman wedged her between the wall and himself.

He wrapped her legs around his waist and entered her, catching her offguard. She kept her eyes trained on him to prevent them from closing from the pleasure she was experiencing.

“Mhhhh, baby,” she clawed at him. He ducked his head, burying his head in her neck and she clasped it there with both hands , he helped himself; sucking in her flesh as he rocked into her.

They went at it, hungry for each other, understandably so because they’d refrained from each other, underestimating their effect on the other. Their bodies relaxed into each other; comfortable in each other, fitting together, a puzzle that was incomplete for a long time.

Roman’s thrusts became fierce and rough, motivated by her reaction. She was loving it, spurring him on. She dug her nails in, threw her head back against the wall and moaned passionately.

“Harder,” she instructed.

He gripped her hips firmly, driving her home. Their foreheads clashed together, covered in a sheen of sweat. They eye contact was beautiful, sensational in itself, enough to make them come collectively.

“I’m sorry I waited so long to make a move,” he apologised as he kissed her.

“Just means we have more to catch up on,” she replied, smiling against his lips.

“Well lucky us,”

“Happy Valentine’s, baby,”

“Baby? I like that,” Roman considered. “Let’s go upstairs and finish off what we started,”

And now there was one less lonely girl in the world.


A/N - I really need to learn to write short, cute and snappy fics!

Reading, Riding, and a Wit yet Slick

Code of the West and Other Directions by Ten Paces

Advanced Bushido by Honor Scroll

Understanding the 21st Century (So Far) by Current Shock

The Big Book of Lulz (Unabridged Version) by Jimmie Rustler

Driving for Metalheads by Steer Pressure


Hang on a second, are you two in cahoots?
You know what, I’m calling the police.