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anything stenbrough-- please, i'm desperate and your writing is amazing

this took forever and it’s kind of shitty - I’m sorry ily :(


Soft music flowed from the speakers of Bill Denbrough’s rusty pickup truck. Stan laid back, reclined in the cushioned seats, his eyes closed and small snores falling from his lips. The sun sat low, lining the horizon with a deep orange but still offering enough light to drive without headlights. The heater was on, warmth hiding in every crevice of the truck and yet, Stan still had Bill’s sweater covering his arms and torso.

Bill couldn’t help but to steal glances at his boyfriend, he struggled to keep his eyes on the road when such a beautiful sight lay next to him. The dimming rays of the sun sparkled through the windshield, casting an orange hue across Stan’s tanned skin. His caramel curls were spread messily across the headrest in the most mesmerizing way.

Timidly, one of Bill’s hands stretched out to meet the soft flesh of Stan’s thigh where his tan khakis had risen up slightly. Stan rolled, barely stirring in his slumber, and clutched onto Bill’s arm. Smiling widely, Bill looked back to the road.

He wasn’t feeling tired in the slightest, unlike his boyfriend, although he had been driving for 4 straight hours. His left hand gripped the wheel, right hand held hostage by his exhausted passenger.

Honestly, Bill had no clue where they were headed. But, whenever Stan Uris showed up at his doorstep in tears pleading to leave for a bit, he immediately started driving. Stan never told him what happened, and Bill feared the worst. He wanted to ask, the curiosity ate at him, but Stan just looked so peaceful as he slept - he worried he already knew the answer.

It was no secret the Uris’ were a family of devout Jews. With his own father being the town’s rabbi, Stan was terrified of anyone outside of the loser’s club knowing about his relationship. Bill stomach churned at the thought of Stan’s father yelling at him for being gay, he could only hope it wasn’t as rough as when Richie Tozier had come out to his own family and ended up in the hospital.

Stan’s cheeks were still a bit red from crying, but his bronzed skin hid it well. He laid on his side, curled up in a tight ball - Bill’s hand on his leg and Bill’s sweater draped across his body. His arms were wrapped around Bill’s arm, hugging it close and letting his head rest against the other’s bicep. It wasn’t comfortable for Bill, but he didn’t dare move.

Bill drove well into the night, the moon illuminating the road and star dancing in the black sky. It was a clear, beautiful night, but it seemed Stan was going to sleep right through it.  He continued to snore lightly, which Bill found utterly adorable. Bill pulled into a parking lot, his old truck coming to a much needed halt. He turned to his boyfriend and grazed a hand along his prominent cheekbone.

“S-Stan,” Bill spoke gently, “W-Wake up, S-Stanny.”

The boy roused, letting out a small groan and giving Bill’s arm a squeeze. He rolled over, his tired eyes peeling open. He mustered a lopsided grin, making Bill’s heart to flutter in his chest.

“Hey, babe.”

Bill’s face flushed a deep red as he grabbed Stan’s hand and brought it up to his lips. Stan’s face broke out into a full smile at the sight of his flustered boyfriend. He sat up, examining his surroundings as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Shit, how long was I out?” Before Bill could answer, he continued, “Where are we?”

Bill shook his head, glancing around as well, “I d-don’t k-know. You t-told me to drive, so I d-did.”

“You’re such a fucking sweetheart, Bill Denbrough. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

Bill laughed, his brows raising in amusement as Stan climbed over the center console and into his lap. Stan’s hands settled on his boyfriend’s chest, Bill’s meeting his waist. Stan’s grin never faltered as his bright eyes flickered between Bill’s.

“You’re b-beautiful.”

Stan cupped Bill’s face, bringing their lips together in a sweet kiss. His fingers tugged at Bill’s dark hair, bringing their bodies closer. The kiss was messy and uncoordinated, their teeth clacking together in a passionate rage. They parted for air, foreheads resting together.

The heat in the confined space of the truck began to cool, but warmth continued to radiate between the two. Stan kept his eyes closed as their noses brushed, Bill’s candy scented breath fanning across his face.

“I can’t believe you drove all this way.”

“You a-asked me to,” said Bill, “I w-would do anything f-for y-you.”

Stan was sure Bill could hear his heart thumping rapidly, but if he did, he said nothing about it.

“I love you, y’know.”

“I l-luh-luh-love y-y-”

Bill’s strangled sentence was cut off by Stan’s lips, wiping his irritation away immediately. Bill’s grip on his waist was firm and protective, as if Stan would float away if he let go.

“It’s okay, angel,” Stan whispered as they separated again, “I know you do.”

He brushed his lips on the corner of Bill’s mouth before melting against him completely, his head falling in the crook of Bill’s neck. Bill pulled the handle on the side of the seat, reclining back with Stan still sprawled out across his chest. Arms snug around his torso, Bill buried his face into Stan’s curls and let out a sigh.

“Go to sleep, my beautiful boy.”

Bill never got used to the pet names, although Stan absolutely loved them, they always made Bill blush until he was sure he’d pass out - Stan was also a fan of embarrassing him.

He was acting so normal that it bothered Bill, but as soon as he felt Stan’s lips on his neck, he focus was elsewhere. Stan was never one to speak his feelings or show any type of sadness, he was a professional at acting happy.

“Are y-you okay?” Bill questioned sleepily, his thin fingers drawing shapes onto Stan’s back.

“I told my parents,” Stan admitted, “I freaked out before they could say anything, though.”

Bill frowned against the hair tickling his face, pity swirling in his gut.

“D-Did they l-look m-mad?”

Stan shook his head, his chin bumping against Bill’s collarbone, “I don’t really remember. But, I’m not ready to find out yet.”

“W-We can s-stay out f-for as long as you n-need.”

“Thank you.”

And, they did. For two more nights, the boys just drove. They explored small souvenir shops and ate at cheap family-owned diners, Stan bought a disposable camera to capture a few of the incredible moments on their adventure.

For years to come, this road trip would continue to hold some of their most cherished memories. It wasn’t only “one for the books”, as Bill had said on the ride home, but also something to hold onto 23 years later - when fate would come to seize a beautiful life.

Elias Lindholm - Arguments

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Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Drinking, Cursing, I wrote half of this while intoxicated so excuse me

This seems to be a reoccurring problem now. Elias would return from a road trip, then continue to only hang out with his teammates instead of you. You know, the teammates he was just on the road trip with? You’ve complained to him once before and that resulted in him taking you out once during the home week. One time.

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These Streets

Jeremy’s eyes fluttered open and he groaned, pulling the hotel comforter up over his head to block out the light that was streaming in through the window.

And then he immediately jolted up as he remembered he had a 7am flight to catch.

“Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit.”

He quickly scrambled out of bed and threw a pillow at Jean, who was sleeping in the other bed in their shared hotel room.

“Dude, we gotta hurry if we don’t wanna miss our flight! Shit, where did I put my socks?”

Jean, who had woken with a start when the pillow hit him in the leg, groped the bedside table for a moment before his hand found his phone.

“That’s not going to be an issue.”

Jeremy, who had been frantically shoving on his sneakers, looked up, relieved, and said, “Oh, thank God. What time is it?”


Jeremy stared, lips parted, before replying flatly, “What.”

Instead of responding, Jean simply leaned forward from his spot on the bed to show his phone screen to Jeremy, where the time 11:34 was displayed.

“Well, shit.”

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You know what I'd like? A transformers series where the bots and cons are duking it out on Earth but it follows a femme who just wants to stay out of it, she transformers into an RV and just adopts a bunch of orphans. Idk I think that'd be fun.

Oh my god that’s so cute!! I’d totally watch a show about an RV Mom and her kids :D every time she encounters Cybertronian conflict she gets the Bots and Cons fighting to knock it off. “There are children here what’s wrong with you all?”

Then she takes her kids out for ice cream and their family road trip continues.

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“If I have to turn around and go all the way back, I’m going to be a little peeved.” Bucky?

A/N: No warning just fun. Thanks for sending this in. It is a good break from science writing.

Sentence Prompts

“If I have to turn around and go all the way back, I’m going to be a little peeved.” You grimaced at the sound of Bucky’s words. He eyed you for a moment before looking back to the road and you could tell he was suppressing a smile.
“Bucky, I swear I checked like 3 times before we left-“
“If you don’t have it just tell me.” His voice was a little softer now, but you still felt bad about what you were about to say. So you mumbled something unintelligible. “What was that?” More mumbling. Bucky pulled the car over to turn to face you. “One more time. Use your big girl voice.”
“IFORGOTTHEHAMILTONTICKETSANDI’MSOSORRYANDTHISISKINDOFYOURFAULTFORTRUSTINGMETOREMEMBERSOMETHINGANDILOVEYOUANDDON’THATEME.” He sputtered with laughter no longer able to hold back his smile. You pouted over at him giving him the most pitiful puppy dog eyes you could muster. It took a few minutes for him to calm his breathing enough to speak.
“Honestly doll, I know you are a brilliant scientist and all, but how have you survived this long. I had to remind you to eat breakfast this morning too.”
“I was up late in the lab last night.” You deepened the pout.
“Alright stop with the face. Check the glove box.” He smiled goofily as he watched you excitedly rip open the small compartment to reveal back up tickets.
“Why would you make me feel bad if you had extra the whole time?”
“What can I say? You’re cute when your embarrassed.” He casually pulled back onto the road and continued the trip as you gaped at him not sure whether to be angry or just grateful he always had your back. As you pulled up to the theatre you decided on grateful, but you still couldn’t resist a small amount of vengeance.
“You know why I wanted to see this with you so bad?”
“Hm?” Like the gentlemen he was he opened your door and helped you from the car.
“I needed someone who was there to let me know how historically accurate it is.” He bit his lip holding back the verbal retaliation and after a breath calmly answered.
“I’m not that old, doll.”
“Maybe I should carbon date you to be sure.”
“Remind me again how you manage to help save the world, but you left the house the other day without shoes.”
“Oh shut it the house lights are going down.”

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Son of a.... (Part 1)

Hello my lovelies!! Here is a little crack fic I wrote for a couple challenges!! Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive lately, I’ve been extremely fatigued!! But I promise, I have lots in the works!! Remember, feedback fuels writers! 😘

For Meg’s Birthday Challenge my prompt was the song “Still Into You” by Paramore. Happy happy birthday @wildfirewinchester, my darling!!

And for TaleTeller’s What If Challenge
I had the prompt “What if a witch’s spell turned Dean into a ferret?” Thanks for hosting @sdavid09!

Dean x reader, dating hunters

Warnings: my typical swearing and cannon violence

Word count: about 1800


“Dammit! She’s running for it,” Dean exclaimed, lowering his pistol before taking off at a sprint through the decrepit house with you hot on his heals.

“You missed??” you questioned incredulously, trying your hardest to keep up with your boyfriend as he disappeared behind a turn in the hall. He rarely missed a shot.

You were clotheslined by his muscular arm as you ran blindly around the corner, nearly knocking the wind out of you. He pulled you back next to him, flat against the wall before bringing a finger to his lips in a silent “shhhh”.

He signaled for you to stay put, leaving you as backup in case the witch got out past him.  He checked the bullets in his gun before quietly pushing open the single door in the hallway.

You watched him stalk confidently into the room and took the opportunity to double check your own handgun. Clip full of Witch killing bullets? Check.

As you cocked one into the chamber, you heard Dean’s voice reverberated out to the hall, “End of the line, bitch,” followed immediately by a gunshot.

“Son of a…” you heard him start before his words were cut off by violent coughing. The witch chanted in Latin before making a run for it, unknowingly, directly into your waiting bullets. You triple tapped the fleeing perpetrator just to be sure; two in the chest succeeded by a final headshot, for good measure.

You stepped over the body into the room Dean had yet to come out of only to cover your mouth in shock at the horror before you…

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Modern Dregs Road trip (2/?)

Continuation of this post

Nina inhaled, lips beginning to move, before Kaz cut her off. “If you ask ‘are we there yet’ one more time, I will kill everyone in this car and then myself,” he said, coal dark eyes burning.

Inej stifled her laughter, but Kaz felt the tell tale stiffen of her shoulders anyway. Nina rolled her eyes and groaned in frustration. “I’m sure my grandmother could drive faster than Matthias, and she’s dead,” she complained despite not moving to remove her hand from his.

“At least if I’m driving, we won’t meet your grandmother before getting to our destination,” he grumbled, leaning over to accept the kettle corn Nina popped into his mouth. “Keep it down, Jesper and Wylan are sleeping still aren’t they?”

The car quieted just in time for Wylan to snore loudly. He turned slightly, taking the blanket with him as Jesper threw an arm around Wylan to spoon him in the back seat. Inej smiled, snapping off a quick picture to put in her photo book later.

Already, she had a photo of Wylan with three gummy worms hanging out of his mouth (and Matthias off to the side trying not to laugh), Nina mid-sneeze, Nina trying to grab Inej’s phone out of her hands, a selfie of Jesper that he took when Inej tossed him her phone, a blurry photo of Jesper trying to get Kaz to take a selfie with him, somehow an immaculate picture of Kaz next to a sleeping Jesper that she doesn’t know when or how he took it, and now Wylan and Jesper cuddling.

“Enjoying yourself, Wraith?” Kaz noted the happy expression on her face. Even if they were going to be in a car for all of the day, he wore a button up shirt and dark jeans. Only Kaz could be comfortable in what others consider semi-formal attire.

At least he isn’t wearing that damn suit jacket, Inej thought to herself. “I’m having fun,” she replied, munching on her hot Cheetos. She noticed his lingering gaze, angling the bag of Cheetos towards Kaz despite knowing he doesn’t like spicy food.

He shook his head once before tapping his cheek to signal that she had something on her face. Offering her his handkerchief, she took it as Kaz went to skip the song that was currently playing.

“We need to stop for the night,” Matthias said, looking at the clock.

“It’s barely 10PM,” Inej stated, folding up the handkerchief and stuffing it in her bag. She’ll have to wash it and return it after the trip.

“If your eyes are getting tired, I can drive,” Nina chipped in, sitting up in her chair.

Matthias turned, giving her an “are you serious” face. When Nina pouted, Matthias sighed. “Inej, are you awake enough to take over for me?” He phrased it as a question despite already beginning to pull off the highway to find a gas station to refill and switch drivers.

“Of course,” she said, wiping her fingers clean with a wet wipe and placing it in the trash bag. “You get some rest in the back and Nina and I can stay up fr–”

Nina yawned loudly, tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. “Oops,” she said.

Inej raised an eyebrow before correcting herself. “Kaz and I can stay up front and drive the rest of the way.”

Matthias laughed while Kaz snorted in amusement. “Sounds like a plan,” Kaz said.


Birmingham, AL


I made this photo on a Mamiya c220 with Kodak Portra 400.

Here’s a link about it:

It was vandalized after a few days.

Reblogging ok with all notes included.

Feel free to follow me, it would be much appreciated. 

I kinda really REALLY love @doodledrawsthings human Bill Cipher, and I have some inspiration to do a road trip. Should I continue it?

“Can’t I just stay here?”

“No way! Now shut your yap and let me think.”

Dipper, Mabel, and their Grunkle Stan had a planned trip to some other tourist attractions, just like their road trip last year. They had planned it for over a month–Stan couldn’t let the kids down and not go. Unfortunately, Ford was nowhere to be found. With some recollection, Stan remembered that Ford had to give some lecture and some placer about some science crap.

Whatever makes him happy, I guess…

With everybody on their various trips, Bill wanted to take the chance and “Maybe actually get some PEACE around here!”

“That’s still a no, bean pole,” Stan muttered. “There’s no way in holy tarnation that you’re going to be allowed to stay here alone.”

Bill groaned. “What, don’t ya trust me after all this time?” he gestured to himself.


Before Bill could spit some insult at him, Dipper and Mabel darted down the stairs with small suitcases. “Grunkle Stan! You ready yet?” Dipper asked with a small smile. The smile faded when Dipper’s eyes met Bill’s. “Oh, great, where’s Bill going to stay?”

Mabel thought to herself for a moment, then perked up. “How about he comes with us?” she exclaimed happily.

“No!” Grunkle Stan and Dipper said at the same time. “I’d rather drink a gallon of your Mabel Juice than pull this wimp on our special trip.” Mabel’s eyes started shining. “And no, that doesn’t mean I will drink it.”

“But Grunkle Stan!” Mabel cried. “What else can we do?”

“I’m thinkin’,” he grumbled. “What if we just toss him into the Falls on our way?”

Mabel glared at him while Dipper smugly smiled. “That doesn’t sound too bad,” Dipper remarked.

“You know I’m RIGHT HERE, right!?”

“Yes, now shut ya trap!”

“I know this isn’t the best situation,” Mabel said, fingering the edge of her sweatshirt. “But Bill’s gonna be human for the foreseeable future, right? Maybe he’d even learn some essential socializing skills!”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” he mumbled. Stan ignored him as he smirked.

“Fine. Cipher, grab a small bag with another change of clothes–we’re going on a road trip,” he growled threateningly. “And if you ruin this trip in anyway, you can say goodbye to your human lifespan.”

Any petty insult that Bill was thinking of was forgotten as the threat was comprehended. He smirked and crossed his arms, dredging up the stairs. “I wouldn’t have bothered you if I could just stay home…”

Dipper gave a wary glance at his Grunkle. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked.

“This isn’t a good idea, this is a horrible idea,” Stan mumbled. “But it’s the only idea we have.”

anyway, here’s Dionysus, Apollo, and Hermes on a road trip from Brooklyn to LA: 

Dionysus turned the radio on, blaring some pop song. I don’t let that sort of thing bother me, though I do wish lyres would come back into style. Hermes had his feet up, sitting lengthwise on the back seat, and was singing along. That I did mind, because, as I told him, he had a voice like a harpy on a bad day.

“Oh,” he said, “I’m sorry. I don’t want to poach on your preserve. But it’s a road trip,” he continued earnestly. “Someone has to sing along to whatever music is playing.”

We were still crawling along at about five miles per hour, and I was slightly glad, because it meant I could bury my head in my hands without endangering anyone.

You could sing,” Dionysus said slyly.

“To this?” I said.

“Why not?”

“Because my voice was made to sing the music of the spheres, not whatever this is.”

“You think you can’t do it,” Hermes said.

“You know perfectly well I can,” I answered. They were really going to make me do this, weren’t they.  

“I’d love to hear you, Apollo,” Dionysus said, absolutely sincere. He took a last loud dragging sip of his pina colada and tossed the coconut out the window.  

Report 03

Comparing the pictures so far, my shell seems to be healing slowly. Nothing to report on my lost mutations though. 

We still don’t have much on Chrys either, and Professor Wiz fears that we’ll be greatly bothering them and the Defense Force if we keep them here for long for no reason. We need to figure something out soon, or maybe take a break, which we fear would only leave Chrys more disheartened. 

Professor Wiz will contact the Defense Force to discuss this. He thinks that if we’ll be only doing small tests and observing them for now, we could be the ones moving out instead of keeping them here. I wonder if the Defense Force really would host us for this. It would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know them.

But for that to work, there’s another thing we need to check. We need to verify if Chrys’ magic works outside of our planet, or to be more exact, away from the influence of our machines. That’s why we are planning a trip to the Uncovered Areas. They are kilometers away from any heavy machinery, so we figure that if Chrys manages to use their spells there, they’ll do fine off-planet too.

I hope that works. Otherwise I’m certain Chrys will feel worse than ever about this project, and we won’t even have another plan to get their hopes up again. This project may hit a dead end so soon, it’s awful.

Speaking of dead ends, the Professor decided our trip will be to Diagram Island. Of course, it is part of the Uncovered Areas after all, but it’s obvious he picked it because of me. 

I don’t know if it’s a good idea though.  People may still be wary of me going there, it would be easier to get approval to any other place. And to be honest, I myself still fear ruining something else there.

It’s illogical though. I did visit it once in my childhood and nothing bad happened. Well, actually nothing at all happened. It was a long time ago though. I wonder if the place will make a different impression on me now. 

Maybe, despite the fear, I do wanna go back there.

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they went with “great american road trip” because “rhett and link really commit to indigestion” was horrible branding.

Reading, Riding, and a Wit yet Slick

Code of the West and Other Directions by Ten Paces

Advanced Bushido by Honor Scroll

Understanding the 21st Century (So Far) by Current Shock

The Big Book of Lulz (Unabridged Version) by Jimmie Rustler

Driving for Metalheads by Steer Pressure

{ Road trip with a Vampire –> Continued with @galaxcy78 }

Lance is quiet on the journey. Though he had energy, he had never been outside the town that far. Everything was so new and exciting. He stared out the window to make sure to take in every passing thing. Every color and shape. He smiles as he sees birds soaring above them as they drove. “amazing..” He whispers.


Lance’s silence was strange, but when Keith looked over at him, he noticed the expression of awe on his face and understood. The road they passed was nothing really astounding to Keith, at least not yet. He was used to trees and paths and skies, but he did enjoy seeing the small animals on the side of the road and nudged Lance to point out a deer.
“If you see anything or anywhere you want to stop, tell me. Personally, I want to explore those old abandoned houses you always see on highways,” he said. It was dangerous to do so as a human, but his current vampire form had nothing to fear, and could also keep Lance safe from animals or errant nails poking out of old floorboards.


Chelsea’s road trip of a lifetime continues! Get it! #Repost @fietsgodin
Richmond was sooooo sick! Thanks @powersbikeshop for having me and everyone for the weekend of stokage! Next stop: SPoT Roast! See you there! 📽: @natural_notion
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