Highland Road Trip by Andrew Lockie
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Women On The RoadGreetings Tour

Lisa Beggs and her partner Victor Ving have combined their passions to bring street art to cities across the United States. Driving inspiration from vintage “Greetings” post cards, they’re creating murals that reflect the cities they visit.

Interview with Lisa Beggs ->

photos by @greetingstour


I spent my weekend driving.

Appa was a perfect angel for the entire drive, which was astounding.

I crossed Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming off the list of states I’ve never been to.

I took us on a detour 100 miles out of the way to see Chimney Rock, and on that detour we saw wild bald eagles, tumbleweeds, and spent most of the last leg in white out snow drift.

But Appa is here now and I could hardly be happier.