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TalesFromRetail: "But I need those price tags!" *mmh... price tags*

So I’m a student working a summer job at a hypermarket, in Belgium.

I’m a cashier, did that for the last 4 summers, I had my fair share of weirdos, but this older lady was on a whole other level.

This happened last summer.

She was wearing a fluorescent jacket (like the ones you see on traffic officers/road workers, etc…) indoors, was speaking alone loudly in gibberish, and pushing other customers while in the queue, being rude. Kinda like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.

Then, when I proceeded to scan her items, she told me she needed help removing price tags from the clothes, did that after scanning them, threw them in a bin next to me.

Once she had to pay, she starred at me with her eyes wide open, then said in a clear, slow, determined voice:

“Where are those price tags?! I need those price tags!”

Me: “Oh, i threw them away, you won’t need those Ma'am”

Her: “But I need them, retrieve them and give them back to me!”

At that point, customers behind her were either switching queue or watching/listening and staring at each other “like wtf is this?”.

I picked the price tags from that trash can, and she literally snatched them quickly from my hands, rubbed them slowly on her cheeks and said: “mmh… my price tags, I won’t leave you again, I promise.”

I kept a serious face during the whole interaction with this crazy old lady, then when we were done, me and the following customers were laughing, questioning her actions/behaviour, like what was she thinking?

By: RogerDodger-59