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“You. Me. Mikasa. Diary. Roadtrip.” After a nervous breakdown at his own graduation party, Armin has decided to avoid rehab and go on a road trip, by Eren’s suggestion, to get to the roots of the question that ruined him.

CH 18 | Friends, Lovers, Wax, And Wings

Summary: Upon delivering Levi to his home, Armin, Eren, and Mikasa catch a glimpse of the loving chaos that is his life. Armin, consequently, comes to a decisive conclusion.

Excerpt: I felt directionless, I realized. Lost. Like I was falling, with no control of where I landed or whether I survived the crash. Like……Icarus. Without wings. And I’d felt that way this whole time: alone and unmoored, without an older Armin to guide me, with nothing but friends just as helpless as I was and parents who believed I was just fine and a crippling fear of disappointing them all. Erwin Smith wasn’t the answer to any of this, I reminded myself. Just a wise man I was lucky enough to meet that night.


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Petra raised an eyebrow at the woman infront of her, before scratching her hair a bit. Displacing the black strands ontop slightly, before gently patting them back in place. “So, you want to hire me as a companion?.. Well, never took a job quite like this before. But, okay. Initial fee would be a hundred sixty caps, then fifty a week. Thirty if you’ll be supplying me with food or water. A girl still has to be stocked up on supplies.”

She shrugged, then leaned forward in her chair and onto the table. Smiling a bit infront of the dugout inn. “Besides, you’re hiring ten years of Mercenary skill and practice with a custom arm all of her own. I’m not going to be your average cheap body guard. You’re asking for a professional.”

Petra did think herself as such.. Well, at this point she was. As she said, she had nearly ten years of being in the murder business, from California to Colorado, down to Texas and finally here in Boston. Petra wasn’t going to let herself be cheap. On anything.


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Ariell Johnson opened Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia last month with the goal of presenting diverse comics, creators and characters alongside the ones people already know and love. 

She talked to NPR’s Michel Martin about why she started the shop – and what she thinks about diverse casting in blockbuster films like Star Wars.

I understand why it’s done. It’s almost like I’m coming from two different angles. On one aspect, I understand why you’re doing it, I think that’s important again to have a diverse cast. If you make a movie and it’s just white men up there, that is a problem.

But I think you also have to be careful, because when you do that, you’re doing a disservice to the diverse character, whatever that is, because they’re always going to be compared to their predecessor.

So in addition to diversifying established names, you also have to be mindful to create new characters, so that characters of color, characters that are LGBTQ, or who are Muslim or whatever. So that they are existing in their own right, and there’s no one to compare them to, only themselves.

Find the full interview here. Also, road trip to Philly as soon as the roads are clear!

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