road to newport


my DM at school really misses being a player and asked if I’d run a few games this semester, so I’m starting a fantasy detective noir campaign and have been getting some designs down for the city it’ll be set in! EDIT: added the city districts!

Need couch in Hampton Roads / Newport News, VA

my name is catherine, i’m a 19 year old borderline and autistic trans lesbian with suspected fibromyalgia and i need a place to stay for a few months or longer. i don’t have much to take with me; just my computer (and peripherals) and a suitcase of clothes and other personal effects.

i don’t have a job, car, or drivers license (im a resident of arizona) so you’d have to pick me up. being that i don’t work (due to illness but also inaccessability) i would be more than willing to do all the housework in exchange for my stay.i’m willing to skip meals in order to keep my cost of living down as well. i literally have $40 to my name and i’m $200 in credit card debt.

i don’t mind drug or alcohol use and i don’t have any allergies. i don’t mind pets of any type. im okay with sleeping on a couch or on the floor. pretty much the only thing that might be a deal breaker for me is parents. i have a very uneasy relationship with mine and i dont really feel comfortable around any parents.

i feel like i should note that i have no particular need to stay in this area. if you’re willing to drive from further out to pick me up, thats okay too, its just i have no way of getting out on my own

my tumblr is rushmid, please message me or send an ask if you think that you could help me out thank you

Headed to the NPT Folk Fest tomorrow - looking forward to awesome music, great vibes, and old friends. Looking forward to covering Jack White, Kurt Vile, Jeff Tweedy, Jenny Lewis, Band of Horses, Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen, Mavis Staples, Deer Tick and way way WAY more!

If any of that interests you, check in on the site this weekend for photos and more, and make sure to follow me on Twitter as well. If you’re headed to Newport as well let me know - I’d love to hang out and treat you to a ice cold Del’s. Folk Fest here I come!


Kingsley Flood asked friends, supporters, enemies from around the world to help them count down to their debut at the Newport Folk Festival, and let them know how far away they are. Where are you?