road to monument valley


From May 16 through 24, 2016, we took an epic road trip in the American Southwest, visiting some of the USA’s most treasured National Parks;

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I always thought Monument Valley was just a place in Utah. I didn’t realize it was actually a dirt road cut through Navajo land. It really is way more beautiful than I expected. You can drive right up to massive rock walls and walk up to wild horses. It’ll be raining on your left and sunny on your right. Gorgeous views everywhere. 

Mamiya 7, Kodak Portra 160


America’s disappearing roadside rest stops

Cross-country road trips have long been punctuated by breaks at rest stops — but they are rapidly being replaced by fast-food outlets or neglected as state budgets are cut. Photographer Ryann Ford travelled to more than 15 states to capture the remaining unique architectural oddities. His images are collected in a new book, The Last Stop. | See more photos

All photographs: Ryann Ford Photography, The Last Stop published by PowerHouse Books