road to hana

May 22nd, 2015: Maui; Day One

It’s finally here! I couldn’t sleep a wink last night. Okay maybe I got a good three hours in. Meh. LOL. My daddy and I left the house at 5am. Yeah I was tired. 

Thank you shirleyang​ for the hook up on the Blue Bottle, Chobani, and Sandwhich. LIFE SAVOR!

And then we’re off. I look tired here I know… 

My dad was a freaking kid in a candy store loving his phone. LOL

There we some downsides to my flight. One, my tray didn’t work. I wasn’t complaining at all when they offered to switch my seat, but I didn’t want to leave daddy alone. Two, they didn’t offer wi-fi. Well they did, but apparently Hawaii isn’t US grounds, so I wasn’t able to have it 30 minutes after I was already in the air. And for movies? I had to rent a tablet. THEN rent the movie. WTF. I just ended up struggling trying to sleep. Turbulence wasn’t great either. 

We’re here! We’re here! Look at how beautiful Maui is. 

My daddy looks like a shorty trying to drive. Haha. We recieved a Nissan Versa. I hate this car… It’s so SLOW. Even my dad complains about it. LMFAO. 

We decided to go on the road to Hana. Only not all the way. We ended up in a Fern Forrest! I just finish having a final about these bad boys in Biology!

BAM! This is right off the balcony of my hotel room! Jealous? Yeah I would be too. 

POKE! Dad and I ended lour night with Poke! And a good night swim on the beach. Photos would come later? I didn’t take those. Too busy in the water obviosly! 

That’s it for today!

Till tomorrow…

~Lots of love!


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