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Pres. Obama and the First Lady helped put the final touches of paint on a mural in the community room of the Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter in Washington, DC, as part of a service event to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday.

The mural, “Wall of Hope,” was created by artist Omatayo Akinbolajo and features a painting of MLK.


The Wives as DC Characters Aesthetic

Angharad as Supergirl, The Dag as Harley Quinn, Capable as Poison Ivy, Toast as Catwoman and Cheedo as Wonder Woman.

“Fury Road” Sentence Starters
  • ““Oh what a day, what a lovely day! “
  • “I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!“
  • “If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane. “
  • “If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die historic on the fury road!”
  • “My world is fire and blood.“
  • “Witness me!”
  • “Ah, mediocre!”
  • “Hope is a mistake, you know? “
  • “You never gonna have a better chance.“
  • “You will arrive at the gates of Valhalla, shiny and chrome! “
  • “I was a cop searching for a righteous cause. “
  • “I am the road warrior. “
  • “What do you suppose he’s gonna do? “
  • “Feels like hope.”
  • “Everybody has gone out their mind.”
  • “We are not things. We are not things! “
  • “Here they come again.”
  • “I never thought I’d do anything so shiny. “
  • “I exist in this wasteland, hunted by scavengers.“
  • “I am the scales of justice, conductor of the choir of death!“
  • “Have you done this before? “
  • “What else can they take from me?”
  • “That’s my jacket!”
  • “Wanna get through this? Let’s go! “
  • “There’s no going back.”
  • “Confumatus! “
  • “You promised to help us!”
  • “He’s a crazy Smeg who eats Schlinger! “
  • “All this over a family squabble.”
  • “Out here, everything hurts.“
  • “Snager!”
  • “Remember me? “
  • “Here we go, girls!”
  • “Who killed the world? “

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