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Road Diary in 2007 for the ACMs

Notice at 2:30 how Tree Paine is the one announcing Taylor about her nominations for the ACMs.


OUAT and Non-Consensual Stuff

Prompt: (Anon)– What is your opinion on OUaT and rape culture. It’s seems as though the creators actively ignore the fact that many of their story lines overlook and/or romanticize rape and other matters of forced consent. Examples include: Regina’s arranged marriage to the king, Regina taking Graham’s heart and having a sexual relationship with him, Zelena impersonating Robin’s wife in order to get pregnant, Arthur magically controlling Guinevere, and Emma turning Hook into a dark one. Your thoughts?

I disagree– I think the show has done a good job consistently and explicitly showing that anything non-consensual is wrong; to argue that OUAT “romanticizes” abuse is like saying Requiem for a Dream “romanticizes” drug use or Road Runner cartoons “promote” ACME products. Showing something on-screen does not mean promoting it, and I think we can acquit OUAT of this charge because the show:

  • Shows abusive and non-consensual actions on-screen
  • Shows the bad consequences for the victims
  • Shows the effect of abusive actions on the abusers
  • Punishes villains for non-consensual actions/attitudes within the context of the show
  • Calls out problematic aspects of ships, no matter how popular

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Do something against someone’s will, get a dose of dark magic

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Suzi Crandall and Leza Holland ride a bike.

NOTHING CAN STOP ‘EM – HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.  Warner Bros’ actresses Leza Holland and Suzi Crandall took the Los Angeles transportation strike in stride. The two girls, who usually ride the bus to work in the morning, hired a two-seater tandem and bicycled 12 miles from Beverly Hills to the studio. They arrived in time for their first scene in “Stallion Road.” Acme 5/3/46