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When we head into Infinity Wars, the Avengers will still be in their fractured Post-Civil War state. Meanwhile the Guardians left their last movie a united family and will be four years of adventures down the road, Peter Gamora and Rocket having raised Groot, Rocket and Peter with almost a brother relationship, Gamora and Peter possibly a couple and functioning as the heads of their weird little family. The Guardians, of all people, are going to be the ones setting the tone with a healthy group dynamic. And I think that will be harder for the Avengers to grasp than the fact that they’re teaming up with a tree, a raccoon and some other weird aliens. 


On a road trip a few years ago we came across this derailed train and went over to shoot pics. It was rusty and had been there quite a while, then one day my friend told me he drove past and it was all cleaned up and gone.

Shot on Kodak Elitechrome 160T, cross processed, using a Lomography Sprocket Rocket.

Fallout 4 Mods

I’m listing them under what nexus mod manager lists them under so.

- Armoursmith Extended
- Dogmeat’s Backpack
- Eli’s Utility Jumpsuits
- K-9 Harness
- The Casual Wanderer
- The Rebel
- Wasteland fashion - Vanilla - CBBE

- Quieter Settlements

- Apocalypse Accessories
Wearable Backpacks and Pouches

- Better Companions
- Everyone’s Best Friend
- Valentine REBORN

- Better Generators
- Better Settlement Lights
- Craftable Ramps and Rails (Currently hidden by author)
- Crafting Workbenches
- Do it Yourshelf - Clutter for Shelves and Bookcases
- Dog Bed for Dogmeat
- Eli’s Craftable Flower Pots
- OCDecorator - Static Loot
- Simple Intersection (Currently hidden by author)
- Working Food Planters

Delightful Ivy
Interiors Enhanced
Regrowth Overhaul  (All time favorite mod)
- Vivid Fallout - Landscapes
- WET- Water Enhancement Textures

Gameplay Effects and Changes
- Longer Power Lines

Hair and Face Models
- Lots More Facial Hair
- Lots More Female Hairstyles
- True Eyes

Modders Resources and Tutorials

Models and Textures
- Black Metal Pip-boy
- Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (NSFW)
- Detailed Deathclaws
- Enhanced Blood Textures
- Floppy Eared Dogmeat
- Immersive Mouth and Teeth
- Improved Map with Visible Roads
- Red Rocket in Wood
- Shack Floors Re-Done
- Wasteland Creatures Re-Done
- Wolf X Dogmeat Simple Re-Colour
- WX Hair Colors

- Better Settlers

Player Settlement
- Alternate Settlements
- Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
- Settlements Expanded
Modular Housing (Carpentry)
- Spring Cleaning

- Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack

Visuals and Graphics
- Eye Normal Map Fix
- Fallout 4 Seasons
- Remove Interior Fog
- Starlight Drive-In And Diner - Lighting
- Visible Galaxy 4k and Framework

- Weapon Balance Overhaul

I’ve got a theory

Ever since the episode description for 407 was released, I’ve been considering how the separation might occur and why.

(Note: This post is 100% speculation and does reference spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.)

Okay, so here’s how I think 406 will go down:

Based on some of the comments from Tiffany and company, the Niylah x Clarke scene occurs early in the episode. Given their interactions in 405, it is possible they have maintained some sort of casual relationship following the events of s3/401. I’m on the fence about whether we’ll see the actual hook-up or just the aftermath. For example, the show could open with Clarke getting out bed in Niylah’s room at the trading post, implying that she took shelter there after the fire in 405.

If we see the hook up happen, my only hope is that the writers have heard our criticism about the fetishization of prior f/f scenes and do better this round. But to be clear - I have zero problems with the Niylarke scene occurring. It is not a “threat” to Bellarke and I better not see anyone sending the writers or Jessica Harmon hate over it. Got it? Good.

Moving on - based on the preview for 406, we know that Bellamy, Clarke and Roan will go on a Mad Max style road trip to bring rocket fuel to the team at the lab. This is certainly the “A plot” of the episode and will be aimed at giving all of us a jolt of adrenaline as we watch.

So far, we have only been shown people traveling to and from Becca’s island by boat, so I believe that Miller and one other member of the Lab crew (maybe Jackson?) will drive the boat back to the mainland in order to pick up the shipment of fuel. Since part of the crew will be away, this may be when the Emori/Murphy scene from the s4 trailer happens.

If Jackson is with the boat crew when Clarke and company arrive, he may spill the beans about his fears for Abby and Raven’s health - thus triggering Clarke to make the decision to go back with them and search for a cure. If Jackson isn’t with them, Clarke would still likely choose to go to the island in order to supervise their last remaining hope for survival because of her tendency to feel like she has to be involved (if not in control) of each season’s major mission. While it is likely the later, I am secretly hoping for the former because it could set up some beautiful Abby x Clarke scenes for the back half of s4.

Bellamy would no doubt agree to return to Arkadia to help with the salvage efforts and protect their people. If this happens, we’ll definitely get another beautiful Bellarke goodbye scene (maybe another hug?) before they part. Tiffany teased that their final scene has a hint of longing - so I could totally see it ending with Bellamy watching Clarke sail away (and Roan shamelessly reveling in the drama of his favorite OTP).

Do we really need to wait another whole week, writers?

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Pokemon XY: A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!

I just have a lot of feelings about James from Team Rocket and this episode is what brought on a lot of them. I don’t ship Jessie and James at all but they are such a big platonic otp for me. Their friendship is just so important. This episode brings about the potential end of Team Rocket as Jessie falls in love and considers domestic life.

This is the look on James’ face when he hears that Jessie is in love and leaving Team Rocket. However, he is quick to insist that they do nothing to stop her. He’s in tears as he leaves her, running away and thinking about all their great times together but he’s her friend and her happiness is more important to him than anything else.

He wants to completely cut away. He doesn’t want to try and tempt Jessie back to the life of Team Rocket but he’s also somewhat aware that alone he can’t do anything to help when Meowth and the others are trapped. He needs help. He literally asks the kids he cant stand rather than distract Jessie from her new and exciting life. He wants her happiness. And bless him, my baby James is a little useless on his own. 

Look how desperate and sad he is. His friends - the Pokemon included - mean the world to him, he can’t just let them be captured. But the kids’ Pokemon aren’t strong enough to defeat the thief’s Pokemon so even though James gets Meowth out, they can’t get away or get the rest out. But then Jessie comes back and look how overwhelmed James is (Meowth too). God, Jessie means so much so him and James is just so emotional.

But James is also reluctant to accept her return because he wants her to have a happy life even if that is away from him. But of course they get Team Rocket back together and everything is good. Back how they belong. Leaving me with far too many James feels


  Nickel Plate Road 765- ‘The Joliet Rocket’ 6/17/2017 in 720p HD

the drive au

let’s get some hardcore pining mercy!!!!!!! angst!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i figured y’all were feeling too happy about halloween so aaannnngggggsssstttt!!!!!!

  • mercy’s never been one to give up
  • my hands wrapped around your stick shift
  • swerving on the 405, I can never keep my eyes
  • off this
  • she knows, she fucking knows it’s a bad idea
  • it was jack who suggested that they drive to new york, all the way from san francisco
  • and now they’re sitting in a car, and mercy’s been staring at the soft lines of fareeha’s lips and remembering what it was like to kiss her for five hours
  • fareeha had called it a mistake, and both of them are well aware it was much more than a mistake
  • my neck, the feeling of your soft lips
  • illuminated in the light, bouncing off the exit signs
  • i missed
  • so it’s two weeks of detours and devouring kisses
  • two weeks of pretending, two weeks of all-consuming desire for something fareeha keeps locked away
  • they stay at shitty motels and the moment they’re inside a hotel room mercy has her legs wrapped around fareeha’s waist and they’re kissing furiously
  • all we do is drive
  • mercy dares to place her hand on fareeha’s, and she pulls away.
  • she doesn’t let her see the way her eyes nearly spill with tears
  • now, she thinks bitterly, i know how lena feels.
  • all we do is think about the feelings that we hide
  • she hates her so fucking much
  • she wants desperately to love her
  • but justice is something not to be loved
  • it is merely something to be desired
  • all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign
  • they stop at a red light, and fareeha looks over for the first time that trip, meets her eyes. angela leans in, just a little.
  • the light turns green and fareeha looks away.
  • sick and full of pride
  • all we do is drive
  • there’s worship in the way mercy touches the few parts of fareeha she’s allowed
  • there’s absolutely pitiful devotion, and she’s disgusted at how quick she is to do anything for the woman
  • and california never felt like home to me
  • and california never felt like home
  • and california never felt like home to me
  • until i had you on the open road
  • but at least she has her.
  • at least she gets those few parts
  • at least she gets to see fareeha amari at all.
  • maybe that’s good enough
  • and i was singing
  • (it’s not good enough).
  • (she wants more)
  • (she wants to love her)
  • (she wants her to be in love back)
  • (she wants she wants she wantsshewantsshewants)
  • damn all these things she’ll never say.
  • your laugh echoes down the highway
  • carves into my hollow chest, spreads over the emptiness
  • it’s bliss
  • so on the deserted roads mercy climbs into the driver’s seat and fareeha drives blind and mercy rocks her hips to the beat of the radio
  • it’s so simple but we can’t stay, overanalyze again
  • would it really kill you if we
  • kissed
  • and it is just so close to enough 
  • but mercy can’t give up, won’t give up
  • all we do is drive
  • mercy digs her fingers into the soft cotton of fareeha’s overwatch shirt and thinks a ‘fuck you’ that morphs too quickly into a ‘love you’
  • all we do is think about the feelings that we hide
  • it’s the second-to-last night
  • and mercy ignores what it means as she tips her head back and lets a moan bubble to her lips
  • fareeha looks at her with those cold-soft dark eyes, a contradiction in terms
  • all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign
  • she whispers poetry into the heat between her legs and fareeha pretends not to hear
  • sick and full of pride
  • but duty comes first
  • it always fucking comes first
  • all we do is drive
  • always and always and angela’s tired of having something but not quite having it at the same time
  • and california never felt like home to me
  • they were stationed there on a mission and it had been exhilarating touches every time their hands so much as touched
  • and mercy rebuking herself for feeling so much
  • damn her
  • and california never felt like home
  • that’s when mercy fell in love with her friend’s daughter
  • and california never felt like home to me
  • love. she hates that word. she hates it.
  • until i had you on the open road
  • it’s their last night and fareeha arches into her and makes a noise that sounds too close to ‘angela’
  • mercy doesn’t quell the hope in her heart
  • and i was singing
  • fareeha taps her fingers against the wheel. she still insists on stopping at the red lights despite the fact that there’s no one within ten kilometers
  • it’s the last red light before the overwatch headquarters
  • mercy looks into her eyes
  • they’re the same contradiction in terms
  • she tries to see something different and fails
  • the light turns green and fareeha looks away
  • mercy gives up.

“Because we spend so much time together, we end up becoming like a brotherhood, like a family. You’re going into opposing arenas to play basketball every night. You really have to have a strong bond, a strong friendship with your teammates to be able to do that successfully.”

fallout 4 mods i use



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Hair and Face Models

Models and Textures

Player Settlement

User Interface

Visuals and Graphics


Communication Error

Summary: When Geoff calls Ryan in the middle of the night professing his love, Ryan reaches one immediate, obvious conclusion: he’s drunk. 

Except he’s not drunk the second time, or the third, and suddenly “Lone Wolf” Haywood is left re-evaluating his feelings for his boss, and, surprisingly, opening up to him more. There’s just one problem - there’s been a mix-up with their phones, and thanks to Team Same Voice, neither of them realise that Geoff thinks he’s talking to his boyfriend, Jack.

(ramwood/gents ot3/mayvin GTA AU)

a/n: Thanks to houseofhaywood for the amazing prompt!


This is not set in the Sealand verse, although there may be some similarities in Ryan’s characterisation, as this was originally a suggestion for something that could happen in Sealand which I’ve instead written as a separate GTA story :)

Later Ryan would look back and wonder how, exactly, such a monumental misunderstanding could have occurred. How was it possible that a man who had been in a loving and committed relationship for four years should be unable to recognise his own boyfriend’s voice? How did two of the most notorious criminals in modern America manage to find themselves entangled in a drama more suitable to a teenaged soap opera? Who was to blame?

The answer to this last being, as usual: Gavin. Gavin was to blame.

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