road rash

Hey, video game industry! Robert Brockway would like you to shut up and take his money.

The 7 Best Ideas for Video Games (That Will Never Get Made)

[B]elow you’ll find just a small sampling of games so ingenious, you’ll punch your own crotch just to distract yourself from the pain of not owning them. And if you work in the game industry, you should know that all of these ideas, as well as those in the comments below, are up for grabs. You don’t have to share any money with us, you don’t even have to credit us – in fact, we’d probably rather you not, as typing our names would take valuable seconds that could be spent building these awesome games and giving them to us right God damn now.

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Road Rash is one of those games that has disappeared off the face of the Earth, and I really wish EA would bring back.  The original game was great! I loved soaring down those tracks while punching people in the face.  It just became a habit to forget I was actually in a race, as I spent most of the time harassing my opponents.  ^_^

I experienced the good and beauty in people today. On my bike ride to the gym this morning, I hit an uneven part of the road and rolled a few times in a busy street. Cars stopped and strangers near a restaurant came running to my help. After I washed up they were still making sure I was fine. Luckily, I’m completely fine and only a few scrapes with no broken bones. Thank goodness I was wearing my helmet. This was such a heartwarming experiences that so many were willing to help a stranger. It’s a beautiful day.

Okay, just got to the gym, time for a workout. I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start as well!

P.S. If you are riding your bike, wear a helmet!! Xox