road of nameless liberty

Road to Nameless Liberty Six Guns Bonus DVD
  • Reita: Hey. (shows gurgling medicine to camera)
  • Uruha: You know, those things won’t make people laugh. They’ll just think weirdly of you.
  • Reita: No that’s not possible, because this is gurgling medicine. No drugs! Have the courage to say no! Hey, say it man.
  • Reita [to Kai]: Hey you, say it. Don’t just stand there.
  • Kai: Eh. Have the courage to say no.
  • Uruha: What dorks! Stop it!

Reita spam 2/??

Happy birthday Reirei 27/5. You fucking manly bassist.

(Also happy birthday @fifteenth-xv-black-cherry, yes)

Feeling bad for Ruki getting ignored by everyone and not even understanding what’s going on

To me… You know how fans come with all their sincere feelings and just push it towards you? Well, I, even if I put it into words, can’t reply back those feelings. Since I can’t reply them with words, I play my guitar because that’s the only way I can respond, and it makes me feel really good. I am doing something that you can only experience at a live.
—  URUHA  (Road to Nameless Liberty Six Guns)