road of nameless liberty

Road to Nameless Liberty Six Guns Bonus DVD
  • Reita: Hey. (shows gurgling medicine to camera)
  • Uruha: You know, those things won’t make people laugh. They’ll just think weirdly of you.
  • Reita: No that’s not possible, because this is gurgling medicine. No drugs! Have the courage to say no! Hey, say it man.
  • Reita [to Kai]: Hey you, say it. Don’t just stand there.
  • Kai: Eh. Have the courage to say no.
  • Uruha: What dorks! Stop it!
To me… You know how fans come with all their sincere feelings and just push it towards you? Well, I, even if I put it into words, can’t reply back those feelings. Since I can’t reply them with words, I play my guitar because that’s the only way I can respond, and it makes me feel really good. I am doing something that you can only experience at a live.
—  URUHA  (Road to Nameless Liberty Six Guns)

Reita spam 2/??

Happy birthday Reirei 27/5. You fucking manly bassist.

(Also happy birthday @fifteenth-xv-black-cherry, yes)


Aoi…how on earth are you in your 30s? You are playing with clingfilm. 


Happy 13 Anniversary to the GazettE! You’ve made it so far and you’ve still got a long journey ahead of you! I will always continue to stand behind you and support you guys no matter what! I cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of you guys and how proud I am to be your loyal fan. Never stop doing what you love and keep heading on this road towards nameless liberty! GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD!! #sixthgunforlife