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You are a cruel tease, giving us the numbers but not anything about the fic they're for! We need to know what you're writing. For science, and screaming purposes!

You will see some mildly updated wordcounts here.

14,543 – the fic formerly known as the Blueprint, to be renamed to something else likely. Yuuri wakes up in Victor’s room post-Sochi banquet only to discover that apparently, while drunk, he gave Victor a complete road map to seducing him. Victor intends to follow it.

Because I am cruel, here is a teaser.

Victor nods. “You told me precisely what I needed to do to—how did you put it? ah, yes—‘get in your pants.’”

Yuuri stares at him in complete horror. He can only imagine what Drunk Yuuri might have requested. The only thing that’s holding him back from telling Victor to forget it all is the faint hope, however dim, that Victor might actually do those things.

Please let me have asked for a lap dance.

The audacity of the idea—both erotic and shamefully embarrassing at the same time—is too much to handle. Yuuri shuts his eyes. “Don’t tell me. Drunk Yuuri laid out a complete blueprint.”

“Less of a blueprint,” Victor says, “more of a treasure map.”

His gaze fixes on Yuuri’s lips, and Yuuri swallows. His throat is dry; it doesn’t help.

“Treasure map?”

“You know.” Victor leans in, brushes the tips of his fingers against Yuuri’s cheek. “Go left past the rocky crags.” His fingers trail down Yuuri’s neck. “Up the slope, keeping the red tree on your left.” 

Victor’s hand skims down his collarbone, leaving a trail of open yearning. Every cell of Yuuri’s skin is desperate for a second touch.

It doesn’t come. Instead, Victor leans in, so close that his breath is warm against Yuuri’s jaw. His finger marks a diagonal line on Yuuri’s clavicle, and then slashes it quickly. “It’s the kind of treasure map where X marks the spot.”

The spot is, apparently, Yuuri.

I have a few scenes until I’m done with a rough draft, and then I need to fix it, and then I need to fix my fixing of it. I’m hoping the first chapter will be up near the end of August? So it’s a wait still.

2758 - Surf AU, which I’ve mentioned before. I have two great scenes that are separated by about 20,000 words, and this is what I know about those 20,000 words: ??????????

 3496 - Short funny one-shot  about Yuuri being potentially oblivious (or not) to other people liking him. It’s missing something and I don’t love it so I’m sitting on it.

487 - ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LET ME FINISH THIS ONE SHOT. IT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA WHICH REVOLVES AROUND THE LITTLE KNOWN FACT THAT BURROS PREFER TO TRAVEL IN PAIRS EVEN IF THEIR OWNERS DON’T. Why on earth would I be writing a fic about a man from Russia and a man from Japan falling in love over burros I DO NOT KNOW but if I ever publish this thing there will be much scratching of heads. BURROS PEOPLE THIS IS THE BURRO FIC DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WANT THIS.

13,628 - Firecrossed. A fic wherein Yuuri and Victor have zero miscommunications or holding back vital information, and no I’m not saying that sarcastically. It works because Victor is cursed. Literally. 


Main Interstate highways are colored by their number: even-numbered interstates are red, odd-numbered interstates are blue. This usually, but not always, corresponds to east/west and north/south.

Just a quick (hopefully no big mistakes were made) map inspired by this map of Indian national highways, using this map of Interstate highways as a base.