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The President, who is a big man, shoved me again, one time too many. I was working for Hillary, and I wasn’t going to let anyone screw up her entrance. I shoved him back. Hard. He shoved me. Hard. I shoved him. Harder. Both of us meant it.
I was in a fight with the leader of the free world.
The Secret Service watched in horror. Hillary hissed, “Stop it, boys!”
—  Patrick S. Halley, On The Road With Hillary
Stay out of this - Part 1

Billy Hargrove Request.

Reader is Steve’s twin sister and she sees Steve and Billy have a punch up at school one day and gets between them to try to stop the fight. But Billy accidentally punched her instead of Steve. And then she punched him back and leaves with Steve and Billy is then determined to be with her. Request by @spooder-moon, hope you’ll enjoy it ;) !

It’s been thirty minutes you were waiting behind the bathroom door. Your brother was a real prima donna but you became used to it. You were waiting patiently, reading your book quietly, standing against the wall

Come on, big boy, I need the bathroom now.” You sighed behind the door by turning the page of Hamlet.

Finally, Steve opened the door with half brushed hair and looked at you with distress.

Damn, you look ravishing, bro.You smiled to your twin, holding your laughter by closing your book.
-This is not funny, Y/N. I need your help, please. He begged you with puppy eyes.
- Alright, handsome, let me brush my teeths first, ok? You said by taking a step in the room.
-Thanks, Y/N. You’re an angel.”

After five minutes, his hair was perfectly brushed and he couldn’t help but high fived you.
You really are the best, sis’, you know that? He whispered while looking proudly in the mirror.
- I try my best.” You smiled gently.

You both walked to the kitchen for take your breakfast and your conversation drifted, as always, to this new guy in town, Billy Hargrove.
You know what? I don’t know what’s his fucking problem. But I really have enough. He complained.
- You were doing the same to Johnathan Byers last year. You pointed by biting in your chocolate bar.
- Why do you even defending him? Johnathan stole my girlfriend! I didn’t do anything to this guy! Steve exclaimed before taking a sip of orange juice.
- I am not defending him, Steve. But it’s a fact, you were bullying him, last year and he wasn’t with Nancy yet… Look, I’ll always be by your side. But we don’t really know him. I just don’t like to judge people without knowing them. You concluded by turning another page of your book.
- People are not books, you, nerd. Steve sighed. The inside is the same as the cover.
- Of course, they are. You smiled again before closing Hamlet and standing up. We have to go, ignorant.”

The day at school was normal and you were happy to finally get out for reading your book and maybe finish it before being home. When you walked out the High School, you were immersed in this perfect Shakespeare’s stage play. But you heard noises, like… Anormal noises.
Harrington! Hargrove! Harrington!Hargrove!” Were screaming people behind the school.
Why were they screaming your and Billy’s name? That was weird…
You ran to the crowd and saw your brother and the new guy surrounded by people.
What on earth…? You whispered before trying to pass through the crowd. Excuse me, please, sorry… Can I…?”
You finally managed to cross over the people.
Come on, Harrington. Show me how a big boy you are! Billy said with a grin.
- It’s just a parking place, Billy. Stop being such a jerk, ok? Your brother respond by crossing his arms.
- This place is now mine, and I don’t like seeing other’s stuff on what’s mine.” Billy groaned by tooking a step by your twin.
You decided to interfere because even if you knew your brother was a good fighter, you really didn’t want to see him fight against one of the most muscled guy you’ve ever seen.
Ok, guys! You exclaimed, standing between them with your arms raised. I think your testosterones have been enough tickled for today.”
Your fingers were on Steve’s and Billy’s chest. Billy looked at your hands before raising his eyes to yours. He licked his teeths and smiled by throwing away his cigarettes after one last drag.
Alright, Doll, you stay out of this, ok?” He said but it was not a suggestion. It was a command. Steve lost his temper and became really mad. He took a step to Billy and pushed him violently.
Don’t talk to my sister like that, Hargrove!” He bit.
Billy grinned even more, his eyes passing from you to Steve.
No offense, Steve. But I would gladly take a bite of this little pumpkin.” He said by winking at you with devilish smile.
You couldn’t help but blush. You weren’t the kind of girl people were flirting with… Even for a joke…
Son of a bitch!” Steve screamed.
Billy didn’t support the injury and just turned to Steve for punching him in the face. But you had good reflex and in a second, you were between the two of them, taking the punch instead of Steve.
You felt dizzy for few seconds, the pain in your jaw going straight to your head and making you fulminated. Everyone looked at you in shock. Billy stood there with wild eyes.
Fuck, I’m so…” He begun but you stopped him by impulsively punched his beautiful face.
And all the crowd went silent and no one dare moved.  
Don’t even try to punch my brother again, Billy.” You said in a harshly groan.
The boy finally looked at you and wip the blood on his lips while you were licking the one on yours. You took Steve’s hand and you ran to your car.

Billy looked at you with a strange feeling. He didn’t realise immediately but after a few minutes he understood. He wanted you. And this punch was the beggining of a very long road. But if you were the price, Billy would love to take this road full of obstacles. He smiled and spat the blood that remained in his mouth.

That was crazy, Y/N! Steve exclaimed with worry. Are you alright? Does it hurts?
- Actually… Yeah, You answered sincerely. I feel good even if it’s burning a little.
You smiled to him and he bit his lip.
I will kill him. He groaned.
- No. Seriously, I’m fine, I never felt so… Free. You responded.
- You have to learn to judge people by their fucking cover, Y/N.
You laughed and look at your brother with a smile.
You know, I will never do that, big boy. “ You winked.

Three hours later, Steve was still asking you if you were fine, and you truly were fine. You didn’t knew why, but for the first time of your life, you felt like you had acting spontaneously, and it was a truly good feeling.

These are fics that were posted on Tumblr. I’m not always good at bookmarking fics like those, and I assume the same is true of other people, so I wanted to draw special attention to them. Some of them have been posted to AO3 in ficlet collections, but those can also get lost in the shuffle.

untitled ficlet by @maybetwice​ (canonverse)
The ghosts follow him everywhere like a procession.

Probably one of my all-time favorites. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m not totally sure why, but the idea of Jon being haunted by ghosts post-resurrection (Ned, Robb, and Ygritte in this case) who give him relationship advice is appealing and this is by turns funny, sad, and sweet–quite a feat for a fic which can’t be much more than 500 words.

untitled ficlet by @jeynegrey (modern AU)
It isn’t supposed to be Jon. They are at Joffrey’s party, and they are playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the Tyrell cousins pushed her in the closet and said Joffrey was coming.

High school AU, which is normally not quite my thing personally, but I like the open-ended wistfulness here.

untitled ficlet by @jonnsansa (modern AU)
Sansa knows, deep down, that she should feel bad about what she’s doing. Pretending she has no idea Jon is, well, Jon is a cruel thing to play at – even crueler that she hooks her finger under the collar of his impressive costume and pulls him in for a kiss, like he’s not special, like he’s just another cute co-ed at this Halloween party. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, everything is all mixed up and it hurts, it hurts so good

build me a city and call it jerusalem by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
She had a smile that reminded him of the scheming aristocrats back home in Valyria, false and brittle, picture-perfect and hollow.

Really charming and delightful - a modern royal AU (Jon being the royalty, albeit in disguise as a normal dude, Sansa not). It’s really sweet without being saccharine.

your hands a river gesture by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
The summer for him was Sansa, with her long auburn hair blowing in the wind and the sunlight bouncing off her oversized aquamarine-tinted aviators. She hadn’t exactly wanted him to tag along on her great Westerosi roadtrip slash existential crisis, but misery loves company and, anyway, her siblings were too young

ROAD TRIP AUS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST. A lovely brief snapshot full of chicken nuggets and discussions of Kerouac.


Guru: Oh yes… your aura… it is teeming with…

Rainy: With what?

Guru: With love… you will have a road full of bumps if you make the wrong choices…

Rainy: But who will I fall in love with… I don’t even know what love feels like if I’m honest, can you be more specific?

Guru: I can only tell you one thing. There is a tall dark stranger in your near future.

Paradox [pt.1]

Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Word count: 541

Genre: angst, drama, a bit of fluff

Pairing: Lee Donghyuck (Haechan); Yu Dayoung (OC)

Setting: non AU

Warning: mentions of character death, suicide, hints of depression

Chapter warning: mentions of suicide

They were so young, so talented yet so desperate.

Originally posted by donghyuckdaily

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pair of forgivers: a fanmix for blackwall, rainier, and the inquisitor 

[playlist on youtube]

oh darlin’ what have I done? | white buffalo 

Oh tell me what the hell I’ve done,
Can I stop at one,
Or have I just begun?

blood on your shirt | to kill a king 

It’s too late to say you’re sorry,
Say you’re sorry still.

you were a kindness | the national

You were a kindness when I was a stranger,
But I wouldn’t ask for what I didn’t need.

six weeks | of monsters and men 

She follows me into the woods,
Takes me home.

young blood | the naked and famous (cover by birdy)

As you shiver,
Count up all your mistakes,
Pair of forgivers,
Let go before it’s too late.

head full of doubt/road full of promise | the avett brothers 

If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected,
Decide what to be and go be it.

second chances | gregory alan isakov

Oh my heart was all black,
But I saw something shine,
Thought that part was yours, but it might just be mine,
I could share it with you, if you gave me the time.


LS to BB to BB (and vice versa)

Dear Listener,

If you are looking for a playlist that will fill you with delight, lull you to a peaceful sleep, or remind you of middle school dances, I advise you to look elsewhere. These songs relate a story that is direly upsetting and upsettingly dire, and more complicated than you might have previously imagined. A triangle is one of the simplest forms in Euclidean geometry, yet acquires properties which are positively labyrinthine when the human heart is involved. “Labyrinthine” is a word which here means that under better circumstances, a different arrangement might have been reached to the satisfaction of all parties. I beg you to seek out music that will make you think of better circumstances, or at least of less troubling geometry.

With all due respect,
Lemony Snicket

Listen on 8tracks, despite an explicit warning and your better instincts.

Notes under the cut.

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It took a lot for me to film this video….. it’s something that I’m sort of insecure about but I️ need to set myself free and just live in my truth. I️ know I’m opening myself up to receiving hate and unwanted opinions on how I️ live my life but I’m not doing this for anyone else other than myself. But if this also helps someone with something their going through that’s great aswell. Well all have things holding us back in our lives whether they’re big or small. I️ want to challenge myself as well as others to set themselves free from whatever that is and walk that road to your own truth and success! Love you all💋… for full video the link is in my bio ❤️

thevisuallearner94  asked:

Hai there! I'm trying to write the storyline of a comic I want to do about my OC, a young redheaded female adventurer who is a former diesel truck mechanic and has a heavily modified 1994 Ford Explorer SUV as her personal vehicle. She works as a personal shopper full-time and loves going on big road trips by herself every once in a while as she has a bad case of wanderlust. I know you don't do comics but I'm struggling with how put conflict into her story. Any help would be appreciated ❤️

With a more realistic story, conflict can be found in surprisingly mundane ways! Such things can include:

  • Relationship drama. (Not necessarily romance, but friendship and family problems too)
  • Work problems. (Rude customers, financial issues, being let go, co-workers)
  • Every day annoyances. (Broken appliances/necessities, not having enough time for self-care/relaxation, illness, conflict of interest, etc.)
  • Travel related annoyances. (Running out of gas in the middle of the road, forgetting things/losing things, broken down vehicles, weather issues.)
  • Personal worries. (Insecurities or unreached goals)

Hopefully some of these help out in some way!


Beach Day, Summer, 2021

James squinted as he looked up at the street sign in front of him. He looked down at the slip of paper in his hand to make sure he had the right place.
“Yep,” he mumbled, then looked around, shifting the bag on his broad shoulders. He was on an average muggle street, just outside of a small wizarding community, which he’d apparated into before walking to his current spot. In the distance, he heard a faint crack and a few minutes spotted two of his cousins walking up the sidewalk. They were identical, save for the lengths of their bright fiery hair.

“James?” Questioned Lucy, who’s shorter hair was tied off into stubby pigtails. Molly held up a piece of paper, as if to ask James if he’d gotten the same thing. He held up his in response.

“What is this?” Molly asked. Before James could answer, he heard another greeting from behind him. Coming up the path from the other direction was another one of their cousins, Fred. As he grew closer, James could see that he too had a bit of paper in his hands.

“Let me see that,” he said, taking the paper from Fred’s hands. He took Molly and Lucy’s as well. They were all nearly identical. Scrawled in neat lines with overly decorative penmanship was the name of the street they were on, the current time, and a small list of things to bring. They were all to bring their swimming costumes and a towel, but Lucy and Molly were to also bring two bottles of sun cream. James was to have with him toy shovels, and Fred was to bring some sort of inflatable floating device. “What?” James mumbled.

Molly shrugged. “Sounds like a day at the beach, to me.”

“Yeah but why the theatrics?” Fred asked.

“Probably because it’s Lily,” Rose offered. Her and her brother, Hugo, had sunk up on their family. She held up her paper, instructing her and Hugo to bring sandwiches. She patted the rucksack her brother had on his back.

“How do you know it’s Lily?” James asked. What he really meant was how did he not know it was his own sister’s doing? Hugo chuckled.

“Dad accidentally let it slip. Apparently she’s got some big surprise planned for all of us.”

“Oh boy,” said Fred.

“Wait, not all of us,” Lucy began, “where are Al, and Roxy? Oh, and Teddy and Vic?”

James shrugged. “They had all plans or something, with Dom and Chase, so I don’t think those two will be coming either.”

“Louis will though,” Fred nodded, pointing out with his head the direction from which another cousin was approaching.

“Hey guys!” Louis greeted cheerfully. He seemed not at all concerned with figuring out what was happening. “What’s up?” Rose laughed a little and held out her hand.

“Just give me your paper.” Louis dug into the pocket of his shorts and handed over a crumpled slip of paper. “Candy,” Rose said, then lifted her brows at him, silently asking him if he’d done as told. Louis jerked the strap of his cross-body bag so that all could hear the rattle of the candy bouncing around in their boxes.

“Plenty,” he clarified.

“I guess this is it, then?” James asked. “What now?”

As if on cue, they all heard a horn sounding in the distance. Down the road a ways they could see a rather large and flat nosed van headed their way. Hanging out of the passenger side window was a slight and freckled girl with short, wild red hair. She sported a wide smile and bare, speckled shoulders. The green and white Volkswagen Bus she was hanging out of sputtered to a stop in front of her cousins.

“Hi!” Lily exclaimed. The side door of the van swung open and a tall, dusky boy stepped out, already in his brightly colored swimming trunks.

“What’s up, bitches!” Lorcan greeted. The group of young adults didn’t respond, they were too busy staring at the contraption before them. Another boy, a mirror image of the first one, climbed out of the drivers seat and Lily stepped out of the passenger side. She held out her arms, showcasing her van. Lysander rounded the van to stand next to his brother and friend.

“Lily, what is this?” Molly asked incredulously. 

Lily didn’t answer right away, since another blonde boy stepped out of the van to everybody’s suprise. They did not see him coming at all.

Lily beamed. “It’s my new ride, you like?”

“It looks like a death trap.” Rose commented. “And what’s Scorpius doing here?”

Lysander patted the front of the vehicle, as Lily clearly ignored Rose’s last question.

“Nah, it’s solid.” Something inside of the van rattled and the group cringed.
“It’s fine!” Lily assured, “It’s been sitting in Grandpa Weasley’s garage for ages, and Grandad Granger helped me fix it up! Isn’t it perfect?”

“I’m not getting in that thing,” Lucy objected. Fred just smiled.

“Shotgun!” He called, heading for the front seat. James wrapped an arm around Lucy and then smirked at the sight of Scorpius. “You better behave.”

Scorpius sent him an offended glare, but his lips were curled into a smile. It’s been years since they’ve really got into one of their Gryffindor/Slytherin fights and this summer the weather was just too hot to start another.

“You’ll be fine.” James grinned, diverting his attention to Lucy. He pulled his pack off his back and tossed it into the van before pulling his cousin in after him. Lily squealed and clapped her hands. The rest of her cousins piled into the bus and she climbed in to sit between Fred and Scorpius. She leaned forward to fidget with the radio controls.

“This is the best part, this old thing was still in here, and still works!” She plugged a large rectangular object into the radio on the dash and moments later a quick piano intro flooded the bus. It was Queen’s Seven Seas of Rhye.
“Awesome!” Hugo exclaimed.

“It’s an hour to the beach, and we’ve got nothing but time! Lets do it!” Lily was giddy. 

“You’re letting Malfoy drive?” Molly teased, receiving a ball of laughter from the others as Scorpius rolled his eyes and turned on the ignition.

As Scorpius pulled back onto the road Lily looked back at her family. She’d spent most of the summer with her Grandfather fixing up the camper that was over three times as old as her and now it was on the road and full of people she loved and she couldn’t be happier. Sure she couldn’t drive it yet, but Scorpius was teaching her, and she wasn’t going to complain about spending time with him. She looked over to him. He glanced at her and flashed a smiled, then put a hand on her knee. She smiled, and made a point to remember everything about the moment.

She couldn’t wait to see the reaction on her family’s faces when she tells them they’re dating.


chaotic-necessities submitted: 

 I’m 5'4

The first two are from before. Before college. Before I fell down the rabbit hole. Before I got sick. They’re back when I ate constantly and never gave a crap about what kind of stuff I was putting into my body.

Then, I got sick. Developed an eating disorder, dropped 75 pounds in a year give or take, and was miserable. Never getting the nutrients needed. Never feeling happy or loving, or even loved. Destroying relationships left and right. Which I don’t want to document.

The bottom two, those are from today. I’m in the recovery process. I have gained 15 pounds. I’m taking it day by day. Hardly weighing myself. Exercising when I can, mostly cardio and a few ab work outs until I can afford the gym. I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve been in the last 6 years, but most importantly..I’m happier with my body and myself and have a long road ahead of me that will be full of constant self love, courage, and happiness.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.