road full of love


favorite animated movies (in no particular order) → the road to el dorado (2000)

tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
the horse is a surprise.

I had to go to Ulta this last weekend to get some special hair product, and while walking around, I wondered…what if the War Boys, or the Wives and Furiosa, stumbled upon a buried Ulta.  Can you imagine what they’d do with some of this crazy stuff.

War Boys making guns out of hot pink glitter hair dryers.

Imperators painting their foreheads and adding a touch of shay butter shimmer lotion, for those extra dry days.

Black Thumbs trading scented candles to keep the stank out of the garages.

War Pups ironing their trousers with extra wide hair straighteners.

The Wives laying about in the garden with hydrating eye masks on.

Furiosa stealing a deluxe nose hair trimmer to use the motor for a new arm.

Max being sad because he wanted the nose hair trimmer.

War Boys hanging brightly colored loofahs from their V-8 mirrors.

War Pups using the Milking Moms brightly colored eyeshadow for war paint.

Ace finding a bottle of ‘beauty smoothie’ and being confused if it’s a dessert.

War Boys attaching bath bombs to lances, only to find out they are not real bombs.  Their enemies thank them for making their war brigades smell like Hawaiian Coco-lada Breeze.

A War Pup asking Max what Booty Parlor means.  He tells the pup to go ask Mom.