road full of love


favorite animated movies (in no particular order) → the road to el dorado (2000)

tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
the horse is a surprise.

These are fics that were posted on Tumblr. I’m not always good at bookmarking fics like those, and I assume the same is true of other people, so I wanted to draw special attention to them. Some of them have been posted to AO3 in ficlet collections, but those can also get lost in the shuffle.

untitled ficlet by @maybetwice​ (canonverse)
The ghosts follow him everywhere like a procession.

Probably one of my all-time favorites. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m not totally sure why, but the idea of Jon being haunted by ghosts post-resurrection (Ned, Robb, and Ygritte in this case) who give him relationship advice is appealing and this is by turns funny, sad, and sweet–quite a feat for a fic which can’t be much more than 500 words.

untitled ficlet by @jeynegrey (modern AU)
It isn’t supposed to be Jon. They are at Joffrey’s party, and they are playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the Tyrell cousins pushed her in the closet and said Joffrey was coming.

High school AU, which is normally not quite my thing personally, but I like the open-ended wistfulness here.

untitled ficlet by @jonnsansa (modern AU)
Sansa knows, deep down, that she should feel bad about what she’s doing. Pretending she has no idea Jon is, well, Jon is a cruel thing to play at – even crueler that she hooks her finger under the collar of his impressive costume and pulls him in for a kiss, like he’s not special, like he’s just another cute co-ed at this Halloween party. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, everything is all mixed up and it hurts, it hurts so good

build me a city and call it jerusalem by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
She had a smile that reminded him of the scheming aristocrats back home in Valyria, false and brittle, picture-perfect and hollow.

Really charming and delightful - a modern royal AU (Jon being the royalty, albeit in disguise as a normal dude, Sansa not). It’s really sweet without being saccharine.

your hands a river gesture by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
The summer for him was Sansa, with her long auburn hair blowing in the wind and the sunlight bouncing off her oversized aquamarine-tinted aviators. She hadn’t exactly wanted him to tag along on her great Westerosi roadtrip slash existential crisis, but misery loves company and, anyway, her siblings were too young

ROAD TRIP AUS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST. A lovely brief snapshot full of chicken nuggets and discussions of Kerouac.

It’s a lonely road, full of tired men
And you can see it in their faces
And you’ll be home in spring
I can wait ‘til then
I heard you’re on the big train

And oh this too shall pass
This loneliness won’t last for long
I wasn’t there to take his place
I was ten thousand miles away

So when you hear my voice
And when you say my name
May it never give you pain

‘Cause I don’t wanna go
But it’s time to leave
You’ll be on my mind, my destiny

And I won’t fight in vain
I’ll love you just the same
I couldn’t know what’s in your mind
But I saw the pictures
You’re looking fine

And there was a time when I stood in line
For love, for love, for love,
But I let you go, oh I let you go

And he fell apart with his broken heart
And this blood, this blood, this blood
Oh, it drains from my skin, it does

—  Gale Song, The Lumineers
The Road

You’re born into a world,
Thinking it’s full of love.
You fit right into your mothers arms,
Like a brand new pair of gloves.

You learn how to crawl,
Eventually to waddle.
Everyone claps and cheers,
As you wobble and toddle.

Your first day of school,
Pictures galore.
You craft and learn your ABC’s,
Brand new things to adopt and adore.

The world is huge compared to you,
With endless possibilities.
Running in the soft green grass,
Climbing up the tallest trees.

You get a little older,
And your body starts to change.
Some are faster than others,
You may begin to feel deranged.

You drown in your new clothes,
Waiting to fit in.
You stare at all the other girls,
Wondering why you aren’t as thin.

You begin high school,
And people don’t say no like they’re taught.
You feel a pressure,
You become distraught.

You agree to do the “bad things”,
Like drinking and smoking pot.
You’ve giving up on being called beautiful,
Now all you want to hear is “you’re hot”.

You envy all the smart kids,
Who will go far in life.
You give yourself makeshift tattoos,
With a sharpie and stolen kitchen knife.

You stick a pushpin through your nostril,
Stick an earring through the hole.
The blood runs down above your lip,
You finally aren’t in control.

You took the Road Less Traveled By,
Recommended by Robert Frost.
But somewhere along the way you stop,
And realize you got lost.

((First poem in nearly 8 months aye lmao)

Thrills and Automobiles


You were both driving up to see Micheal’s parents, a usual occurrence when he had a weekend off. You had the radio on loud and were sitting comfortably without feeling the need to talk, only occasionally singing along with the songs blaring from the speakers. The sun was setting on the countryside through which you were driving, which made the lighting in the car resemble something of a sun-drenched polaroid picture.

Mikey’s hand left its original place on the steering wheel and placed it on your bare leg, absent mindely tapping the tips of his fingers on your skin along with the beat of the music. His fingers then started to draw shapes as he crept further and further up your thigh. You pretended to be occupied looking out of the window. You pretended that his touch wasn’t phasing you, but the small whimper that you let out at his hand brushed the inside of your thigh gave your game away badly.

‘Nice try’ he smirked. 

‘Hey I was trying to look nonchalant’ you replied as you both laughed. 

‘Anyway, shouldn’t you be focusing on not crashing the car?’ you continued, jokingly. 

‘Alright then’ he responded as he drew his fingers away from your skin and you felt a sinking of disappointment in your stomach.

 For some unknown reason, sex in a car had always been a fantasy of yours and Micheal knew this, which is why he took such pleasure in teasing you. But oh he wasn’t going to get away with it that easily.

This time it was your turn. Your hand travelled over the material of his black jeans, lightly stroking up his thigh. You looked at him to see him smirking as he licked his lips. Your hand moved towards his crotch as his breath quickened and you could feel him harden already beneath your hand.

‘Looks like im the not the only one who finds the idea of doing it in a car hot now’ you teased, as you carried on stroking, refusing to undo his belt or go beneath the material of his jeans which you knew would be driving him crazy. 

‘Fuck. Right, that’s it.’ He stated suddenly. He swerved the car down a small, lonely looking country lane and turned the engine off, which abruptly stopped the music too.

‘Come here’ he said and you did as you were told, taken aback by this new, more dominant Micheal. However, by no means was it a bad thing. You had only just lowered yourself onto his lap when he hastily crushed his lips onto your own. You kissed roughly and passionately as his hands slipped under your top and explored your bare skin. Low groans started to escape from his mouth as you began to slowly grind yourself against him, feeling him harden and harden beneath you by the second.

His mouth left yours and started to travel down to your neck, after sucking on the sweet spot between your ear and your jaw for a few moments. The sloppy kisses that he was leaving on your skin were soon changed for love bites as he sucked on your skin, relentlessly leaving his mark and you were sure that you would have to wear a scarf for the entirety of the trip to his parents’ house. The trail of kisses soon reached the fabric of your top as he broke the contact of his lips from you for the first time since you started straddling him. He hastily hauled your top over your head before doing the same to his own. He then gave your breasts the same treatment as you neck, sucking at the sensitive skin which caused you to moan, tilting your head back.

Before you knew it, he had opened his legs wider, with you balanced in the empty space between them as his hand found you, pulling the crotch of your underwear aside. He began rubbing, as shots of ecstasy began to shoot through you, their energy fizzing right from the tips of your fingers to your curling toes. Without warning, he then pushed two fingers inside of you, you lightly started bouncing on his fingers, desperate to take as much of what he could give you. You leant back and your back arched against the steering wheel, begging him to continue.

Suddenly, he withdrew his fingers from you and you looked at him, and he laughed at your obviously annoyed expression. ‘Mike, what the fuck?’ you questioned. He pulled you closer to him and said ‘no love, if you’re going to cum in my car, I want us to cum together’.

With that, your lips reconnected, tongues battling for dominance, as you fumbled with his belt and he shimmied his jeans and underwear down. ‘You ready?’ he asked, with a smirk on his face and a glint in his eye, knowing that his questions and slowing down of the process would be irritating you no end. ‘Always’ you replied as you started to lower yourself onto him. You started riding him up and down as he held onto your waist, firmly guiding your movements, whilst your lips never broke contact, constantly moaning into each other’s’ mouths. You continued like this, until suddenly he started to thrust from beneath you too, this was the final push that you both needed. You both moved fasted against each other, as the car was now filled with the sounds of both of your moans and the skin on skin contact. Your fingers slid down the sides of the windows which were now very steamed up as you tried to find something to grip on to.

‘Fuck, im going to cum’, he growled into your ear. You were incapable of replying as your orgasm shot through out as you let yourself go. He shortly followed, releasing himself inside you as the movements from both parties started to slow.

You both looked at each other, almost in disbelief of how two people could make one another feel so good. ‘Holy shit’ he breathed into your neck, his lips then finding their way to yours kissing you softly: a kiss full of love. ‘We should probably go on road trips or something more often’ you giggled as he kissed you lightly on the nose.

The sun had now almost set around you, without either one of you managing to notice its slow, progressive absence, as you dressed yourselves reluctantly and carried on with your journey. 

Rest Of Our Lives


Description:  one where you have just graduated as a film major from art school and you begin interning for Reel Bear Media, you create the highlight reels and then you and Josh slowly start to fall for each other?? Maybe a makeout session if you’re comfortable writing it?

Requested by anon, but they know who they are and I hope you like it! Message me if you were expecting or wanting something different, I will write another if you’d like! ;)

Night after night, you were reminded of how you had the absolute best job in the world. You got to follow Tyler and Josh around, taking short videos for the highlight reel of their tour videos on YouTube. As if seeing them behind a camera lens every day wasn’t enough, you got to spend way too much time with them because of all of the places they brought you along to. Even though you were just an intern, you felt like you were closer to the boys than the normal relationship between an employer and their employees. Every place that the tour brought you, the boys made sure to take you out somewhere, whether that be to see a sight in the city, to eat at a restaurant that was famous for its food, or just to see a movie if the weather was especially bad. You went along with all of it, desperately hoping that the friendship was felt both ways, though you knew there was something else creeping up from behind that you weren’t entirely sure you could stop. When you took the time to think about it late at night just before you fell asleep, you weren’t sure you wanted it to stop, either.

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anonymous asked:

Emma's car is stuck on the side of the road, tires wedged deep in the snow, and no one is stopping to help. The bug is old and keeps stalling out, making it impossible to sit inside with the heat on. She could call David, but he's probably asleep by now.

Ugh, she knew she should have put on those damn tire chains. But it was just supposed to be a quick trip to the store, barely twenty minutes roundtrip from her apartment, and she had been desperate enough for brownie mix that she thought it would be worth the risk.

Apparently not.

Not only did she hit black ice and veer off the road into a thick patch of snow, but now, of all times, her car decides that it’s just had enough of her shit and won’t start up again.

There have been maybe a handful of cars on the road since she got stuck and absolutely none of them seemed the least bit interested in pulling over to help. It pisses her off, but, she thinks, if she were in their shoes, she probably wouldn’t brave the cold and the flurry of snow at close to midnight to help a stranger, either.

She softly hits her forehead against the steering wheel, jerking when she accidentally honks the horn. She could call a tow-truck, but her pockets are kind of empty at the moment and she’s not sure she’s willing to poke holes in them just to get her home.

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Blurred lines

This imagine request came from crazydreamer22 Can you do an imagine where Jai and you are best friends and he gets jealous of a guy your hanging out with from work and he starts a massive fight in the middle of a busy place and then seconds later he kisses you after he stops yelling! If you have any requests send them in!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ‘How about this one?’ Jai asked you holding up and emerald green dress that would stop just below your knees. You shook your head and kept looking. Jai and yourself had known each other since you were small children, with your parents being best friends and growing up across the street from each other. Now that Jai is a famous actor you don’t get to hang around together as often as you would like, that’s why today you were spending the day together while he was back in town. You had a date the next evening with a guy from work and you desperately needed a new outfit to wear and Jai had agreed to go shopping with you but so far you just couldn’t seem to find anything no matter how many shops you search through. Picking up another dress to add to the ‘try it on pile’ hanging over your arm, you decided that was enough and made your way to the dressing room. ‘Come on Jai, I’ll try these on and you can decide which one I’ll wear!’ You grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him along behind you, you didn’t miss the big sigh he let out as you did so. ‘This has got to be the one!’ You thought as you tried on the last one in your pile; it was a midnight blue with a laced bodice and capped shoulders, it had a skater skirt that was great for your body shape. You pulled back the curtain and timidly stepped out to get Jai’s opinion. Clearly he was bored as he had resulted to playing on his phone, which he hated, after getting his attention you heard him gasp. ‘Y/N, its beautiful! That’s definitely the one! You are going to blow him away tonight.’ He told you honestly while twirling his finger around indicating for you to turn around, you happily obliged pleased to have finally found the dress for your date tonight. After getting back into your own clothes and paying for the dress, Jai suggested that you guys grab something to eat, noticing how hungry you really were you agreed. ‘I’m so excited for tonight! Felix is a great guy! He’s such a gentleman, you know, like he opens doors for me, takes my bag for me, buys me lunch.’ Jai grunted in response clearly uninterested. ‘I think that’s what I need, someone who will appreciate me, who will cherish me! Especially after Aaron.’ You shuddered at the sound of your ex’s name, but then a smile gently lit up your face as you thought about your date with Felix that night. He really was exactly what you needed. You looked up at Jai, about to ask him a question when you noticed that he had hardly touched his meal. ‘What’s the matter?’ You asked him, knowing that something must really be getting to him, if he wasn’t eating. ‘Nothing!’ He snapped not even looking at you. Anger began to fill you, all day Jai had hardly made conversation and nearly grunted in response to the majority of your questions ‘What is your problem?! I thought you of all people - my supposed best friend - would be happy for me!’ You questioned as the anger began to leak from you. Jai didn’t bother answering you instead he pushed his chair away from the table, and stormed off. You quickly jumped up, gathering your bags and ran after him, when you got close enough you used both hands to pull on his arm to get him to turn around. ‘What is wrong with you?! What have I done to deserve this?!’ You shouted, Jai turned to look away and noticed that the eyes of everyone in the restaurant were now on you but you didn’t care. Right now you wanted answers. ‘Not here!’ Jai whispered angrily at you although you had no idea what he was angry about. He grabbed your arm harshly, hurting you in his tight grip, and took you to a more secluded spot. Yanking your arm away from his grip, you rubbed the place his finger had been, knowing that in the morning they’d be a collection of purple bruises. ‘You want to know what my problem is Y/N? It’s Felix. Okay? Is that what you wanted to hear?!’ You cringed away from the bitter sound of his words laced with hate. Whether that was to you or Felix you couldn’t tell. ‘You still don’t get it do you?’ He asked a sarcastic smile etched into his lips, but his eyes told a different story. ‘I can’t pretend to be happy for you, I can’t just sit by and watch as you get your heart broken again and trail after you picking up the pieces and putting them back together only for you to still treat me as nothing more than a friend’. He looked away from you pain and sorrow evident in his entire being. 'I-I don’t understand Jai, w-w-what are you saying?’ Your voice shook, barely a whisper. But he still heard you. Both of his hands took hold if each side of your face, hands that you knew so well. 'Sometimes, for someone so smart, you can be really stupid.’ He chuckled a little, making your heart feel a little lighter. 'I love you, Y/N. I didn’t know it at first, for years you were only my best friend, but then I felt it. Each time you called me crying, I felt my heart break in two. Every time I made you laugh or you were happy, I felt content. When you looked at me, eyes wide and full of love I knew that somewhere down the road the line between best friend and lover got blurry; because I am totally in love with you. I’m not sorry and I won’t take it back and for the life of me I can’t stop loving you. So I won’t apologise for not being ecstatic that you are going on a date because its not me and until it is me I can’t be happy. I love you, Y/N.’ Before you could even fully comprehend all that he had admitted his lips came crashing down, and after all the heartbreak and the sorrow, you finally felt complete again, you felt loved and like you’d arrived home. Wrapping your arms around Jai you whispered into his chest 'Couldn’t you have confessed your love before I spent money on a new outfit.’ You felt his chest rumble with laughter 'Or you could wear it out to dinner with me?’ He murdered into your hair. 'Are you asking me on a date Mr. Courtney?’ You pulled your head back to look at his beautiful face. 'Would you say yes if I did?’ Instead of answering you took out your phone and dialled Felix’s number 'Hey Felix, it’s Y/N, I’m really sorry but can we cancel tonight. I mean your a great guy but I don’t think I’m the right woman for you. Sorry again.’ Jai laughed at you again before oi king you up and spinning you around, 'You will be the death of me woman!’ Sealing the deal with a toe curling kiss. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Thanks again for this request sorry it took so long - I wasn’t happy with the first few attempts and I’m not entirely happy with this one although I’m reasonably happy with it. Remember to send any requests in! Asks is open!!


chaotic-necessities submitted: 

 I’m 5'4

The first two are from before. Before college. Before I fell down the rabbit hole. Before I got sick. They’re back when I ate constantly and never gave a crap about what kind of stuff I was putting into my body.

Then, I got sick. Developed an eating disorder, dropped 75 pounds in a year give or take, and was miserable. Never getting the nutrients needed. Never feeling happy or loving, or even loved. Destroying relationships left and right. Which I don’t want to document.

The bottom two, those are from today. I’m in the recovery process. I have gained 15 pounds. I’m taking it day by day. Hardly weighing myself. Exercising when I can, mostly cardio and a few ab work outs until I can afford the gym. I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve been in the last 6 years, but most importantly..I’m happier with my body and myself and have a long road ahead of me that will be full of constant self love, courage, and happiness.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

Welcome to WGI

The local circuit shows are in full swing. You’ve gone out, you’ve gotten scores, you’ve heard judges tapes. You know exactly where the audience will react and exactly how much. It’s been a few weeks now. Your show is not new. 

This weekend though, it might as well be. 

The WGI season is here. 

You’ve re-taped your weapons and the caps of your poles. Your uniform has been cleaned, your members jacket washed, new makeup purchased and tested. You’ve packed your bag three times over because the first couple times it just wasn’t right. 

If it’s your first ever regional, you feel like you can’t breathe. If it’s your seventh regional, you feel like you can’t breathe. 
There’s nothing on earth like a WGI debut. 

Saturday morning, your performance site will smell of hair spray and nerves. All around you there will be focus so intense you can feel it in the air. You’re in the major leagues of winter guard, and everyone knows it. 

No one lets this chance slip through their fingers. 

Every show becomes a battle for perfection on the floor. Performance is amplified, movements are bigger, catches more solid. 
You’re fighting for your guard to see their name on the top of the wall of scores after prelims. You’re fighting for a second run. You’re fighting to make that front page on Fan Network. 

You want the rest of WGI to see what you’re made of. 


Don’t worry. WGI will see what you’re made of. Everyone will see what you’re made of. 
Take a second on Saturday to breathe. Breathe and smile to yourself. 

You made it. This is the road to Dayton. This is a room full of people who love what you do and appreciate exactly how much you’ve sacrificed to do it. These are your people and this is your time. 

Enjoy every second of it. 

Welcome to WGI 2014. 



Name: Kristy Nadine

Location: Current residence is San Diego, California. Although i am nomadic and will uproot often. My whole life has been this way, my parents were nomadic, my father easily lost interest in routine and moved often, my mother followed. Every 6 months at least i was at a new school or apartment. So i take after my dad.
Instagram: @kristynadine

Mediums: watercolor, acrylic, skin, polymers, glass, silver and various metals, feather, bone, wax, stones, one shot, the astral plane and film.

Tell us a bit about your aesthetic: it all started about five or six years ago when i met my best friend Jess(pictured:In early 2012- jess on the left and me on the right. Since then we have switched hair styles. Haha). We confessed our love of the dead and taxidermy one night in the top of a tree in the courtyard of the texas capital. Although at the time i was vegan and she broke me of the worry of ridicule i would receive from collecting up “animal parts” oh and how i did. It took a few years but eventually i stopped claiming veganism after another vegan threatened to “burn my house down with me in it” because of my large dead things collection. i decided it was best that i didnt claim any title and pursued what i loved with my best friend. We were crazy together, we would walk around carrying dead things we found, all of our friends thought we were weird and every year on her birthday id get her a crazy gift. One year a machete, which she later used to hack the still good parts of road kill. Besides our shared love, her full time job is a cake decorator, she makes great cakes, and i am a tattoo artist at Buju Tattoo in San Diego. I paint mainly but Jess and i have always created with anything we could. Jess now lives in Philly and makes little scenarios using dead things and hand builds mini furniture for taxidermy mice, i visit her often and still I miss her everyday. I talk a lot about her because she is my greatest muse. I mainly make jewelry and things for myself but in order to satisfy the urge keep creating and not burn myself out on one medium i make all kinds of things. So i have opened a storenvy to share them. Im also a collector of sorts. Though i am very organized and clean. I cant work in a messy environment. I have to wipe down and organize every surface that i will be utilizing before i can begin everyday.

How does your workspace motivate and inspire you?: i have two work spaces, one at the shop and one at home. The shop motivates me because i work with all women. It just happened that way, not intentional at all. We have men that work at the shop a few times a month and its refreshing but it is comfortable working along side other women. All the other shops ive worked at, I’ve mainly been the only girl in the shop and it has its fun times but i usually ended up being the one who gets picked on because im quiet and passive when im uncomfortable. Dont get me wrong working with men is motivating, challenging and fun, but its just so much more laid back at this shop and in this setting i flourish. The shop also doesn’t look like a traditional tattoo shop, the walls are shades of sea foam and its decorated in antiques, crystals and plants. The ladies, especially Briana, are all muses in their own light for me. My space at home is like an altar for me. I put all my collections in this area and it calms and motivates me to look at bones, skulls, feathers crystals, and plants. I manifest my creative energy here and I’m at my strongest in my room space. I create jewelry and objects, practice witchcraft, sew my clothing, draw and paint here. Although i have plans of moving here in about 6 months to a larger space, possibly a live/work warehouse or loft. That way i can put together my silversmith/metal work station. I also plan to learn oil painting at this time as well. I am a technically inclined woman of many hobbies and crafts. I even have two cafe racer motorbikes that i work on and ride in the summer.

What is one part of your art space that you could not live without: my cat, isis, my two boston terriers, gordy and nora, and my boyfriend Terry. Without the little ones i wouldn’t have anyone to interrupt my work, show me love and entertain me. Without Terry i wouldn’t have someone to show me love and keep me on track with my work.

Are there any activities you do while you craft? Music? Candles? Movies? Eating?: Yes! Oh ceromancy! i light motivational candles and drink tea by the gallons. If im listening to music its mainly Timber Timbre or bands alike.

And finally, what are some words you live by when it comes to your art and your workspace? Id say…um… Life wont wait? Theres not always tomorrow so make it today. Keep creating. Keep exploring. Keep having fun. Keep setting the bar higher for yourself. Just creep on creepin on. (Timber Timbre lyric)

regolithheart  asked:

So we all know how disastrous Thorne teaching Cress how to ride a bike was, do you think Scarlet has a better time teaching Wolf? Bonus points if Thorne shows up to help! #real stakes and real steaks


  • I imagine that with Rieux being a fairly rural area full of little country roads, barely trafficked village streets, and lovely scenery, that a lot of people are into biking. 
    • That’s probably how Scarlet got around when she was a kid and she probably still enjoys leisurely rides through the countryside, which is why she felt it important to teach Wolf.
    • Wolf is pretty ambivalent about bike-riding itself, but if Scarlet wants him to learn, then so be it.
  • Scarlet orders a bike (custom-made to have a sturdier frame and larger handgrips to better fit his hands) and coincedentally, it arrives on a weekend when Cress and Thorne are staying over.
    • When Scarlet explains what’s going on, they exchange glances and start snickering because it’s only been a few weeks since Cress’s foray into bicycling and while it’s been long enough ago that they can laugh about it, it’s still recent enough for them to consider any sort of bike lessons a risky undertaking. And a wonderful opportunity to possibly see the King of All Athletic Activities dethroned.
    • Thorne immediately offers to help and—because Scarlet can’t very well hold up both the bike and Wolf if he starts to tip over—said offer is accepted.
  • They trek out to an unused pasture and Wolf, Scarlet, and Thorne begin lessons. Cress perches on the top rail of the fence (where it’s SAFE) and refuses to be involved.
    • The only section of the field that’s actually smooth enough and free enough of holes/old plow ruts to be used is a bit close to the embankment above the creek, but that’s okay because Thorne and Scarlet will be there to keep any accidents from happening, right? Right.
  • Thorne and Scarlet have a few…differences of opinion…regarding teaching methods because Thorne’s parents and Scarlet’s grandmere used very different techniques.
    • “Where’s his helmet?” “He doesn’t need one. He’s only going to fall on grass.”
    • “But if we did this in the hangar, he’d have a smooth surface to learn to balance on!” “And he’d also have about a dozen scrapes and bruises that he won’t get if he learns in the pasture!”
    • All the classic City Kid vs. Country Kid arguments. The bickering continues throughout the entire lesson.
  • Wolf does very well for someone who’s never been on a bike before in his life, but Thorne and Scarlet do hold on to either side of the bike until he gets his balance.
    • This becomes a slight problem when Wolf encounters an issue with the braking system and starts rolling down the hill towards the creek. Neither Thorne or Scarlet wants to let go because nobody wants to abandon Wolf and Wolf can’t bail out because Thorne and Scarlet is are in the way.
    • If you’re watching from the sidelines—like Cress—it’s somewhere between hilarious and horrifying to watch all three of them careening toward the creek with Wolf hollering for them to let go, Thorne digging in his heels to try to slow them down, Scarlet attempting to turn the handlebars to change course, and nobody doing any of it successfully.
  • Once everyone has been successfully fished out and it’s confirmed that everybody’s okay and Cress has stopped laughing, they troop back to the house for dry clothes, hot cocoa, and a viewing of the video Cress took.
  • Wolf does eventually become a biking master…but he finds a different spot to practice first.