road flood


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Atleast that’s how I see how each & every artist build their skills.

That’s how I summarize my artistic journey alone.

I was going to add more but this was only meant to be a doodle

Odin’s glad it’s nice a toasty inside because the weather is starting to look quite frightful outside!

Residents rescued as heavy flooding strikes Peru

A new round of unusually heavy rains has killed at least a dozen people in Peru and now threatens flooding in the capital.

The new floods and mudslides over the past three days follow a series of other storms and officials say that a total of 62 people have died and 12,000 homes have been destroyed so far this year.

Authorities said Thursday they expect the intense rains caused by the warming of surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean to continue another two weeks.

Residents cling to a rope to cross the flooded road to safety

Schools nationwide are suspending classes and in the capital of Lima, the swelling Huaycoloro river swept away two trucks and threatens to destroy a bridge.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said late Wednesday that authorities are prepared to provide shelter and relief to those left homeless.

alaskan gothic
  • you own three offroading vehicles. you cannot remember officially purchasing one. you do not have titles for them. you have four offroading vehicles.
  • the sun disappears for months at a time. you wake up in the dark. you leave your home in the dark. you return home in the dark. the darkness is ever-present. it blankets you. it comforts you. do not think about what is in the dark 
  • the sun doesn’t set for months at a time. it follows you, heavy and sullen. you cannot hide from it. you cannot escape. it follows. it waits. you may never sleep again.
  • you wear flannel and xtra tuffs over jeans and a t-shirt. is this is what you have always worn? you can’t remember. your closet contains nothing else.
  • tourists are everywhere. they leave a trail of garbage behind. they flood the roads. they choke the rivers. they are in your home, smiling, cameras ready. you cannot escape.
  • you are constantly reminded how small and insignificant you are by the mountains and the tundra and the endless sky. you feel like you are alone, but are you really? the cracking in the forest suggests otherwise.
  • the state promises you money every october. the check disappears before ever being deposited into your account. you own five offroading vehicles.
  • there are sounds outside your home at night. your security lights blink on but there is nothing there. your nearest neighbor is half a mile away.
  • you drive a vehicle that has a new dent every few weeks, whether you’ve hit anything or not. you don’t walk anywhere. you drive and drive and drive, but you have not arrived at your destination. there are only the mountains.
  • you systematically kill every mosquito inside your home. when you turn off the lights and go to bed, you hear the tell-tale wavering whine. your skin prickles and begins to itch. you scratch and scratch and you are still itchy. you’re bleeding and you can still hear them.
Devastating floods kill scores in Peru

The death toll from heavy rains in Peru has risen to 67 people, with thousands more forced from their homes since the beginning of year.  

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said on Friday that the rains, which followed a period of severe drought, were a “serious climatic problem”.

“There hasn’t been an incident of this strength along the coast of Peru since 1988," 
Kuczynski said.

The latest round of unusual rains came after a series of storms that struck the country’s northern coast especially hard, causing flood waters that inundated hospitals and left some small villages completely isolated.

Even in Peru’s capital, Lima, where a desert climate rarely leads to rain, downpours flooded roads in outlaying neighbourhoods, prompting police to help residents using a rope.

Earlier this week, the military used helicopters to rescue at least 35 people who were stranded in the northern village of Lambayeque.

The government has declared states of emergencies in hundreds of districts across the country, and on Friday it announced plans to increase the state’s budget by $1.35bn to help with recovery efforts.

Officials have said the rains are caused by the El Nino-triggered warming of the surface waters in the Pacific Ocean and are expected to continue for another two weeks. 

In 1998, an El Nino event brought heavy rainfall to the nation’s coast, causing landslides, destroying homes and killing hundreds of people.

My poor wife.

We’ve had an intense rain situation today and as a result there are plenty of road closures and flooded areas.

Last time it was this bad she had to abandon her car in floodwater and it got completely written off.

She called me panicking because she doesn’t want to drive home. I told her she doesn’t have to. The next door neighbour is letting me borrow his super kitted out 4x4 to drive out and pick her up from work.

Eviction Notice

I am stop and go traffic

You’ll weave in and out but you will never have it

I am the anxiety you feel

When nothing is right

And not one thing is real

I am that flat tire on the freeway

When your drunk and you can’t even see straight

I am the rain

That comes after a drought

Flooding the roads

While everyone breaks down

I am the last dollar you’ve got in your pocket

But your rents due

And you know that you’ve lost it

I am the eviction notice upon your door

While you hide in the bathroom

And it starts to pour

I am the sickness that you have contracted

But the bills are piling up

And you know you won’t have it

I am the choices that you’ve got to make

To live in the dark

Or buy groceries to make

I am there everytime you say goodbye

Watching you bury your past

And finding somewhere to hide

It's flooding. Bad.

I’m not sure if the rest of the country knows, but south, southeast and parts of central Louisiana are flooding. It’s been raining for like two whole days. It’s essentially a mini hurricane.

People have water waist deep in their homes. Somebody drowned. Masses are being cancelled. Helicopters are recusing people. Homes are flooded and ruined and people are being displaced and moved to shelters. Sand bags are going around. Countless major roads are closed and flooded. Pets and livestock are suffering too.

You may have seen memes or jokes about it, but it’s still really bad. Acadiana is being drowned. Please pray for it to come to an end and that people’s homes are not damagee too badly and that people stay safe and off the roads.

My Carmelites are in the middle of it, and I have no idea how they’re doing. Please pray for them and their monastery.


flooded road, 2017

finally finished with this yesterday! there’s a bit more warmth and pink in the painting irl, but jeez i’m so happy with how it turned out. i learned plenty from my mistakes and i can’t wait to try out the parts that worked in another piece.

Everyone’s backyard right now:

One of these houses actually has a jacuzzi that’s completely submerged.

This is actually on the other side of the complex, through a fence overlooking one of the main roads, which is also flooded:

the signs as signs
  • libra: no entry sign
  • scorpio: two lanes going down to just one sign
  • aquarius: deer crossing sign
  • pisces: low bridge ahead sign
  • leo: 30 limit sign
  • aries: yard sard sign
  • tauros: deer crossing sign yeah i know i said that for aquarius but look, i don’t make the rules. tauros and aquarius get the same. sorry.
  • cancer: road prone to flooding sign
  • gemini: a street name sign, but it’s in braille
  • sagittarius: n/a
  • virgo: warning signs
  • whatever one i missed: m night shyamalan’s 2002 movie, Signs