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The Special Place

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Dylan x Reader

Summery: Dylan finally escapes the friendzone

You liked to think that you could completely trust your best friend, you had known him since before you could sit up, so out of the blue when he sent you a message asking for you to drop clothes at an address you agreed.

Now, looking at the tiny run down building you were doubting it. He didn’t notice you’d pulled up, jumping as he tried to light his cigarette but found the wind that hissed around the open field to strong.

“Ah thank you, you’re a life saver.” He chuckled as he gave up on the cigarette and hurried to help you grab on of the bags.

“I thought I had the wrong place.” You chuckled as he hurried you in out of the wind as it started to rain.

“This is um… kind of like my secret place.” He glanced at you and smiled when you spotted a picture of the two of you grinning on the bedside table.

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Drone flyover of the edge of the Thornton Quarry on the south side of Chicago - a gigantic hole in the ground from which the limestone that constructed many of Chicago’s Roads was pulled. Now, the gigantic pit has been repurposed into a flood control feature, with water flow at the bottom likely creating the patterns seen here

Flood (Haechan x Reader)

Ayyyy baby gals and baby guys ;^) ya girl ry ry here is back with THE FLUFFIEST HAECHAN I COULD POSSIBLY MUSTER. LISTEN. I love him so much, he is my son, my beautiful, golden, shining, angel vocals, talented absolutely stunning son. APPRECIATE HIM. And I hope you like this! c:


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You don’t know how it turned out like this, Mother Nature was a mysterious woman. One moment it was a lovely spring day and you were hanging out with your best friend and enjoying each other’s company. Then suddenly it was apparently monsoon season and a flash flood warning scrolled along the top of the television monitor when you scrambled inside.

Your shoulders sagged, feeling annoyed as you turned over to your friend, “Now what?”

Haechan, your closest friend, shrugged dejectantly, mocking your despair, “I don’t know, it’s your house, not mine.” His hair was dripping down his cheeks, making his golden skin glisten wondrously in the dim light.

You rolled your eyes at him and he snickered, covering his mouth as you stood up from the couch and peered out the window, “Well it looks like we’re not going out there anytime soon. The road is almost completely flooded, check it out.”

You beckoned him over, blushing when he took the curtain from your hand and rested his chin on your shoulder. You hoped he couldn’t feel your body trembling as he pressed against your back, the heat coming through his shirt stifling. His brown eyes filled with worry, “Good thing I didn’t drive here, my car would be drowning.” He turned his attention to you, tilting his gaze toward yours, “What about your parents? They’re both still at work right? How’re they gonna get home?”

You suddenly realized that and your heart sank, anxiety bubbling up in your stomach as you fumbled in the back pocket of your jeans for your phone. You called your mother and father swiftly, inquiring about their safety and asking if they had a plan. They said they had already met up together and were planning on staying at a nearby hotel, the city streets far too flooded to drive safely on.

“Is Haechan still there, sweetheart?,” your mother asked, her gentle voice a comfort as a lightning bolt arched through the sky with a loud clap.

You flinched at the noise, “Y-yeah, he’s still here.” Damn the weather, you thought, eyeing the sky with distrust.

“Good,” your mom sounded relieved, seeming much more relaxed. “Tell him I called his mother and talked, we agreed that it would be safest for the two of you to stay put for the night until we can drive again, okay?”

You looked over at your friend, who’s eyebrows rose at hearing the plan, as you replied, “Okay, well, I’ll let you go now, I love you.”

“I love you too, honey,” your mom cooed, “Stay safe and don’t stay up too late! Bye, sweet pea!”

“Bye,” you answered with a grin on your face, one that mirrored your best friend’s as you ended the call. The two of you remained silent for a few moments, then it was like an explosion of energy as you both flipped out.

“We’re gonna stay up late~,” Haechan chanted in a song song voice, pulling you into a ridiculous tango position as you strutted across your living room cackling.

The two of you collapsed back into the sofa, dizzy and panting from laughter as it faded into silence again. You spoke, staring up at the ceiling, “So what do you wanna do? We can make food, we could watch a movie, you could let me do your makeup….”

“Nope, nuh uh, ______,” Haechan shook his head rapidly, interrupting you as he cleared his throat. “I still haven’t recovered from the last time you did my makeup. I was picking waterproof mascara from my eyelashes for a week.”

You huffed, lifting a finger to poke his tanned cheek, “Fine, what do you want to do then?”

“Hmmm,” he hummed, leaning his face closer so his cheeks squished in more, “Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

You paused, giving him a look, helping him connect the dots, “You want to play Truth or Dare with only you and me….two people, where it could be just one or the other-”

“We don’t have to,” he exclaimed, pouting as he crossed his arms. “It’s just funny when you decide to pick dare and I tell you to lick the toilet seat or something.”

“Is that supposed to make me want to play?,” you raised an eyebrow, watching him sulk for half a minute before your caved. “Fine. We can play it.” There wasn’t anything better to do anyway, and you were just a little curious.

Haechan smirked, making your heart flutter even though you were annoyed with the fact he could always make you agree with him. You couldn’t deny him anything, he was your best friend and you’d do anything for him, but those weren’t the only motives you had.

Your crush on him had been a long time coming, ever since the two of you first met back in elementary school. At first, you didn’t see him as anything more than just a friend, but slowly, as the years rolled by, that began to change. Suddenly Haechan sprouted up, grew a foot over one summer and left you in the dust. He developed all different kinds of muscle and was suddenly able to pick you up in a hug and toss you around like a rag doll. He grew into his features, becoming more handsome day by day but never letting the fact that he was gorgeous get to his head. Haechan also grew more confident, a bit more flirty and touchy with you as well. You blamed hormones and nothing else, he couldn’t ever like you the way you liked him. Haechan was Haechan and you were…you.

“Okay,” he said, jumping right into the game and turning toward you. He slung his arm over the sofa and crossed his legs, “_______, truth or dare?”

You pulled a blanket from under his leg and wrapped it around yourself, “Uh, truth.”

“Do you like Mark?,” he said, watching you carefully as you nearly choked on the glass of water you had taken a sip from.

You wiped the corners of your mouth with the back of your hand, furrowing your brow as you scoffed, “No? Why would I like Mark? He’s our friend and nothing else.”

“And you’re sure you’re telling the truth right?,” Haechan pressed, face still serious as he watched you sit up straighter.

“Of course I am,” you replied, confused by his expression. “I would never lie to you, Haechan.” Your felt your stomach churn, knowing that you constantly lied to him about your feelings.

He seemed relieved to hear that, shoulders that you realized were tense relaxing as he murmured, “Good, just making sure you’re not keeping anything from me. Your turn.” He bounced back to his cheery demeanor, awaiting you to ask him.

“Okay, truth or dare?,” you asked, smirking because you knew what you would ask him regardless of what he chose.

“Hmm,” he hummed, watching you carefully as he tried to gauge just how nasty of a dare you’d make him do. Obviously thinking you were going to go easy on him, he chose the latter. “Dare.” Maybe he was a little cocky.

You chuckled evilly, rubbing your hands together as you beckoned him to follow you deeper into your house, “Kindly follow me, good sir.”

You could already feel the sudden dread coming from Haechan as you approached the bathroom, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed thickly, “You’re not gonna…”

“Oh, I sure am,” you grinnned, opening the door and allowing him to walk in first. You pointed to the toilet, “Lick it.”

“_______, wait,” he almost began to sweat nervously, eyeing the toilet as you grinned at him. “Can’t I do anything else?”

“Nope,” you shook your head, zero sympathy for him as he knelt down by the toilet. “You made me lick it last time, so now it’s your turn.”

Haechan shuddered, shaking himself as he took a huge breath, “Fair enough. Just know that for the rest of the game, you should definitely not pick Dare when it’s your turn.” He glared at you weakly, a not so intimidating sight as he bent over the toilet seat and quickly touched his tongue to the porcelain. He recoiled rapidly, his face scrunching up as he held his tongue out in disgust. You tried to hold on your laughter, but a small giggle slipped out, causing your friend to whip around at you and stand up to his full height. You began to back out, knowing that a counterattack was already in the midst.

With his tongue still comically sticking out, Haechan came after you, hands outstretched as he tore at his pullover that you had stolen from him a long time ago. You squealed and slipped away from him, wriggling out of his grasp by a hair’s breath as you ran into the living room panting. You fruitlessly looked for another way out, but he was already upon you, wrapping you up in his arms and spinning you wildly. You hated to say how much just the feeling of him holding you like that made your heart sing, he could lick you with his toilet tongue and you’d probably swoon.

You screamed in amusement as you pulled away, only to find that he was much stronger than you as he pushed you down to the ground. With a devious grin, he pinned your arms and straddled your waist, crushing you under his hold as you wiggled in defeat. You could tell by the look in his eyes he had something nasty up his sleeve, so you pleaded, “I give in! I’m sorry!”

You struggled against his hold as he tsked at you, seeing the distress on your face, “Are you trying to make me feel bad?” He smirked, leaning down close enough so that your foreheads touched.

His hair tickled your skin, causing you to blush at the closeness of his face. You avoided his gaze, seeing something foreign and strange in there, nothing you’d ever seen before. This Haechan seemed different, like the one that flirted with other girls that weren’t you and made you jealous, made you realize how much you really did like him.

“No, I just don’t want you to lick me,” you persisted, eyebrows furrowing as you tried to mentally prepare yourself for the oncoming attack. Something told you though that he didn’t plan on licking you at all.

He laughed and you could feel his breath ghost over your skin, “Why would I lick you? I may be gross, but I’m not that nasty. I had something else in mind…” His voice trailed off as he swallowed almost nervously, glancing down at your mouth once before gazing into your glossy wide orbs again.

“Well then,” you huffed, still struggling against him as you interrupted. “Why are you still sitting on me? You’re not the lightest you know-”

Haechan was swift, smoothly pressing his lips against your own, capturing your words with his mouth and taking them prisoner. Your eyes widened to the size of plates, freezing up as you realized that your best friend was kissing you. Shouldn’t you be elated? This is what you wanted right? So why were you so scared to kiss him back?

He tried several times to persuade you to kiss him back, going so far as to release your wrists and clumsily cup your cheeks. But you were in such a great state of shock, even then you couldn’t move and you hated yourself for it. You were breaking your best friend’s heart with each kiss and you didn’t know what to do. What if you kissed him back and he didn’t want you to?

Haechan gave up and pulled away with a hurt expression, a blush already dusting across his tan cheeks as he climbed off of you. You could barely hear him as he mumbled, “Sorry.”

“Wait, Haechan-,” you fumbled with your words as you watched him get up dejectedly, a sag in his shoulders. He walked out of the living room, mumbling something about going to go lay down in your bed for a bit as you sat there on the floor in shock.

Did you just accidentally reject your crush?

Your best friend?

When you heard the clean click of your bedroom door closing, you groaned, flopping back on the floor. You stared up at the ceiling and wondered how much more stupid you could get. You couldn’t even tell him that you felt the same way, and now you weren’t even sure he wanted to be friends anymore, let alone your best friend. It felt like your whole world had just come crashing down and you had no idea how to mend it.

You looked out the rain spattered window and saw lightning flash over the darkening sky, realizing that the sun would be setting soon. You couldn’t go see him now, you had to let him cool off and get back to a better place first. Seeing Haechan that gloomy and sad made you more upset than you cared to admit. Couple that with the fact that you were the reason for his sadness made you feel like a world class jerk. To console yourself, you went into the kitchen popped some popcorn in the microwave, sulking to yourself as you ate the buttery kernels on the couch. About an hour had passed and the sun had set, leaving the world in a rainy darkness, save for the occasionally flash of lightning. You yawned, suddenly feeling tired, but still uneasy by the fact that Haechan was still in your room, probably sleeping in your bed. He wouldn’t mind if you crashed too right? Or would that be too awkward after what happened?

Regardless, sleep called your name and your eyelids were heavy so you waddled tiredly to your room. You opened the door quietly, a slit of light filtering into the room and revealing the sleeping form of your best friend. He was turned away from the door and was curled up with your blanket tucked up to his chin. You walked over and knelt beside him, gently brushing the hair away from his eyes as you looked at him in sadness. Feeling remorseful and daring, you carefully pressed your lips to his forehead before you stood up, already feeling foolish. You sighed and crept over to the other side of the bed, shutting your door and leaving you in a dreary darkness.

He had taken almost all the pillows and piled them down the middle, creating a divide like a downy wall. It made your heart break as you realized he probably did it on purpose, wanting to put some space between the two of you. Tears bubbled in your throat, wondering if when you woke up the next morning if your best friend would still be your best friend. You drifted off into an uneasy sleep, wanting nothing more than to reach over to Haechan and hold onto him.

You awoke in the middle of the night with a jolt, bolting upright with a gasp as another crackle of lightning struck the clouds. You didn’t know why it scared you like this, thunderstorms never used to affect you. Beside you Haechan also stirred in his sleep, waking up slowly as his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness.

His voice was rough from sleep, “_______?” He sat up, rubbing his eyes as he tried to locate you on the bed. Finding your shaking form as you yelped again, another flash of lightning illuminating your tear streaked face.

He immediately sobered up from sleep, a determined and concerned look in his warm brown eyes as he flicked on your bedside lamp. You blinked at the soft glow, too bright after the pitch dark, “Sorry, I…”

Your words failed you as Haechan suddenly pulled you into his arms, burying his face into your neck as he embraced you. You broke down, sobs racking your body as you hugged him back, wanting nothing more than for him to tell you everything was okay, that everything was fine.

His voice was soft as he tucked your head underneath his chin, kissing your forehead gently, “It’s okay. You’re okay.” He rubbed circles on your back soothingly, closing his eyes as he savored the feeling of you in his arms.

You hiccuped, pulling back to look at him, eyes bleary, “Haechan…I’m so sorry, I wanted to kiss you back! I just-.” Your words died making you stare at the wet tear marks you’d made on his shirt, “I didn’t know what to do because I-I’ve been wanting that for so long.”

You felt Haechan tense up, his eyes widening in surprise as he cupped your face and tilted it up to look at him, “You’re serious? You’re not messing with me?”

“Of course not!,” you exclaimed, frustrated tears still drilling down your cheeks. “I like you, you idiot!”

His lips parted, his breath catching as he processed your words. He couldn’t find a way to respond, couldn’t find his voice, so he did the only thing he could do.

He kissed you.

This time, the moment his lips pressed to yours, you kissed him back, doing what you had wanted to do before. It was a new feeling, strange and wonderful as he kissed you chastely, his mouth sweet against yours. His kiss was filled with all the adoration he’d been holding back, and you tried to put all your feelings into the kiss as well, knowing your words weren’t enough.

After a few minutes, you pulled away, breathless as you both looked at each other like it was the first time. Your matching looks of wonder made the two of you crack up, laughing nervously as you exchanged kisses again. You felt so relieved, when you looked down, you found that all the pillows had been kicked down to the footboard. You realized that Haechan had woken up facing you, and you him.

Your best friend noticed too and smiled sheepishly, “Guess dream me really wanted to cuddle.”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled, pulling him into a hug and flopping back on the bed with him caging you under him.

He laughed and held you close, nuzzling into your neck as he realized it was three in the morning, “I also guess that means we can actually snuggle for real this time?”

You nodded happily, letting him kiss you sweetly on the nose as you both tried to drift off to sleep. It as slightly impossibly though with the fact that the two of you couldn’t stop just looking at each other in amazement and kissing, a rather good problem to have. Regardless, you felt relieved and content knowing that your best friend was still your best friend (and also your boyfriend now!).

lost, but still home.

pairing: johnny x reader
genre: cheesy fluff (the best kind!)
word count: 1.195
about: in which you and johnny travel the world; always lost, but never lacking a smile. you get a little tipsy, dance in the rain, and confess your love to the subtle setting of the sun. no matter how foreign your surroundings were, you would always be at home in each other’s arms.

“if home is where the heart is, then you are my home; because my heart has always been with you.” — julie martinez

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Rainy Day Starters
  • “It’s never going to stop!”
  • “I think there’s a leak in the roof.”
  • “Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head.”
  • “And I’m singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain!”
  • “We should get the candles in case the lights go out.”
  • “It’s cold. Scoot over and cuddle with me.”
  • “Ugh!! My socks are soaked.”
  • “I left my umbrella at home and now it’s coming down a flood.”
  • “It’s thundering so loud.”
  • “I have a confession. I am afraid of storms.”
  • “Well, I was going to go, but then water soaked through my shoes and got my socks wet so fuck that.”
  • “I love the sound of rain on the roof.”
  • “I think I’m going to sleep this rainy day away.”
  • “I love the rain.”
  • “Why don’t you kiss me in the rain?”
  • “Watch out for the mud puddles.”
  • “Can I borrow your truck? My car is stuck in the mud.”
  • “Let’s sleep in today.”
  • “I’m thinking it’s a movie and cuddled on the couch in a blanket type of day.”
  • “If you don’t come back inside, you’re going to catch a cold”
  • “I wonder if it’s going to get cold enough to snow.”
  • “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”
  • “Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.”
  • “Come dance with me in the rain.”
  • “Just our luck, it would rain on the actual parade.”
  • “Can I sleep with you? I’m afraid of storms.”
  • “You know you can count how far the storm is by the thunder.”
  • “Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.”
  • “The weather said there was a chance of a tornado.”
  • “I hate rain.”
  • “The roads are flooded. Looks like you’re stuck with me.”
The perks of growing up in a small Australian country village

last week when my car got run off the road and flooded, one of my neighbours drove by and though he couldn’t do anything, he called one of my other neighbours and told him to come down and tow me out, which was a lifesaver. 

But it didn’t stop there. My car hasn’t been working ever since, and the same neighbour who towed me out came over today to have a look at it, before I’d even gotten out of bed. He tells me a couple of issues it might be, says to call him later and he’ll come back and try a couple of things.

Only, halfway through making breakfast, I hear noises out the front, and go out to see both old farmer guys bent over my car’s engine and arguing. I stand there being useless for a while as they repeat such phrases as “come on ya bastard” and “holy bloody nelly” and finally, they actually figure out the problem - my car isn’t totally written off like everyone had been saying, and I just need to replace one part, which they pulled out while they were there, accompanied by more mutterings and swearing.

They also accidentally taught me how to hotwire a car and then yelled at each other about whose fault that was and who should be blamed if I do end up stealing a vehicle.


I took,
A snapshot,
Of the city at night,
With the streets,
The noise,
Of hollow footsteps,
And windows,
Half open,
Doors closed,
To all,
But the flickering light,
Leaking through,
The cracks,
And the space,
At the bottom,
Ushering in,
Till not all have slept,
Or been awaken,
By a frightful dream,
I watched,
The moving picture,
In front of me,
In the silence of my tears,
As it dissolved,
And flowed through,
My existence,
Till it flooded,
The roads and pavements,
And I kept,
The quietness,
All the shouting,
And verbal abuse,
The incessant,
Burning in me,
Softly turned,
My flesh to ashes,
From ashes to ink,
As I wrote to you,
For another night,
In a dream,
So lucid,
The pain,
Seems tangible,
And beauty,
As fragile,
I fear to speak,
For if I say,
Your name,
I’ll wake up again,
In someone,
Else’s arms,
I doubt,
The closing ways,
Reaching out,
To me,
Promising escape,
When I know,
This still image,
Of a familiar city,
From a shared past,
Has to be mourned,
In its own time,
By me alone,
I can no longer,
And voice my void,
In poetry,
The ebbed edges,
Of my scars,
Are of my own body,
I will wake up,
One day,
In the same skin,
And not feel like a surrogate,
The marks,
Will tell a story,
My eyes will one day own,
For now,
The sky holds confessions,
Even I shy away from,
I don’t know,
How time sets,
It’s pivotal occurrence,
With another soul’s breaths,
And here I am,
Looking for a crossroads,
Moments and memory.

Luke x Mara || “An Open Book” AU

When Cassian and Jyn get engaged to be married, poet Mara Jade offers up her family’s castle in Inverness, Scotland, as a venue. Amongst the guests, though, is one Luke Skywalker, fellow writer and sometimes burr in Mara’s side. But it’s not her wedding, so she can’t exactly disinvite him.

The wedding goes off beautifully. The skies are sunny, the bride and groom beautiful and in love. But no sooner are the newly married couple off to their honeymoon in Santorini than a storm rolls in, cancelling Luke Skywalker’s flight back to London. With the roads flooded, Luke can’t even get into a hotel in town, so Mara, reluctantly, offers him a bed in her castle with fifteen bedrooms. But after a bottle or three of wine and some poetry reading in front of the fireplace, the two of them really get to talking and maybe more, but the next morning, Mara’s head is just a little fuzzy, though what’s not fuzzy is the reality of her and Luke, tangled up (fully dressed, though) on the fur rug, empty glasses on the floor and poetry books scattered around them like a library exploded.

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I'm sorry if this is really random but I was listening to Ed Sheeran's cover of Nina Simone's "Be My Husband" and now I can't stop thinking about Sam listening to this song and thinking about Dean and wanting to be his wife 💕 Hope you have a wonderful day! (Also I love your blog and you're really fucking gorgeous oml)

Be my husband man I be your wife
Be my husband man I be your wife
Be my husband man I be your wife
Loving all of you the rest of your life yeah

If you promise me you’ll be my man
If you promise me you’ll be my man
If you promise me you’ll be my man
I will love you the best I can yeah


ohhh, god. i just imagined sam at stanford, sitting around with friends and drinking, and the song comes on. and maybe everybody’s nice and warm-drunk, and a couple of his friends get up and dance, slow and sweet. and sam is smiling and his eyes are barely open, and he starts really listening to the song that’s playing. to oh daddy love me good, and it starts to hurt.

and he shifts on the couch and he closes his eyes up tight and he wants to curl up in a ball and just let the ache take over because dean is running through him like water, like blood, like every single memory of their shared lives, like every single step of land between them right at this second. he hates himself because he knows that’s what he wants with dean, this love song. this pain-song. he wants all of it, even the hurt, because it’s with dean.

fast-forward to years and years later, to a rat-trap motel room with a leaky roof while night falls outside and the roads flood with unending rain, to sam and dean with a couple of joints smoked between them and a bottle of whiskey in their bloodstreams, and the ed sheeran cover comes on some playlist on sam’s computer, and they’re dancing already, have been for hours.

sam laughs against dean’s cheek, embarrassed, but dean doesn’t tease him, doesn’t say a word, just holds him tighter, one hand at the nape of his neck, the other at the sweaty small of sam’s back, his lips in a kiss on sam’s temple. it feels exactly like understanding, like acceptance.

and sam breathes the words into dean’s ear, too shy to sing, but he speaks them like a vow, his eyes closed again as the song plays in a dark room, but this time, he’s with his husband.

“sweet little wife,” dean murmurs against his skin, fingers pushing down the back of sam’s pants, and there’s no sweeter feeling than being sam winchester, consumed by dean’s love.

PRIDE || MAFIA!Seokmin [Chp 2]

BLURB: Sometimes we put on facades to seem stronger than we are, when all we need is someone to tell us they will hold our hand through it all.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, family

WORDS: 2752

PART: 1 | 2 |

For the record, you had tried very hard to resist the invitation.

This was the mafia for goodness sake – even your hunger-induced brain couldn’t deny it was dangerous and probably an even stupider idea than Wonho’s failed heist. But if it meant you could sink your teeth into some fresh bread or suck on a succulent piece of grilled chicken before dying from the poison they put in it, you honestly didn’t mind. You liked living but you liked food more.

That thought had you contemplating your priorities but not for very long.

The smiling boy was still smiling at you.

“So?” he prompted.

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You write for ships of canon x canon as well right? Can I request a fluffy Okikagu scenario?

Well, this makes three of us desperate for more Okikagu trash in our lives.

Remember: No ship hate! This blog is going to stay 100% clear of any shipping wars, for now and forever. Don’t like the writing, don’t read it.

The rain was falling thick and fast, hammering against the windows of the Yorozuya building.
“Gin-Chan!” Came a whine from underneath a large blanket draped across the sofa, “I’m bored, and there’s nothing to do.”

The silver-haired samurai glanced up from his glass of strawberry milk, checking his surroundings for the source of the voice.
The blanket squirmed feebly, and Gintoki sighed, going back to his drink.
“You’re a kid, you’re supposed to be able to entertain yourself!” He said, in a tired voice.

“Yeah, when it’s sunny!” Kagura retorted, kicking the blanket in the air where it fluttered to rest on the floor. The smaller girl frowned, her blue eyes twitching with annoyance.

“Aren’t your kind supposed to hate the sun?” Gintoki retorted, draining the last of his milk. “Shouldn’t you be happy that it’s raining? Would it kill you to stay in character for one day?”

“Rain or Sun, it’s all the same to me. The only difference is that nobody else is out when it rains. All my friends are inside!” Kagura rolled onto the floor, causing the coffee table to rattle dangerously.

“Alright, Alright!” Gintoki gave in, unable to cope with her complaining any longer.
“Go take Sadaharu out with you then. There, two of you are outside and out of my way.”

“Ah! That’s a great idea!” Kagura leapt to her feet, her misery evaporating as fast as the rain was falling. “Come on Sadaharu!” She ran over to the giant dog and took of at a run, pulling her pet along behind her.

The pavement was slippery and every step Kagura took sent multicoloured droplets of water flying around her ankles, as she sped down the street as fast as she could go.
“So, Sadaharu, if Gin-Chan won’t do anything fun with me today, I’m going to have to rely on you!” She said, in between hard breaths.

The dog simply continued to pad along behind her, flicking raindrops off his ears as he went.
Kagura frowned a little, slightly annoyed. “Come on Sadaharu, do something fun with me!” She said, stopping her run and rubbing her palm over a big, fluffy cheek.

Sadaharu whined, settling down on his stomach.
“Oi, China. That animal of yours is blocking the road.” Came a monotone voice from behind Kagura. She inhaled deeply.
“Of all the people who had to be out here today, of course it was you, Sadist.”

Okita was leaning out of a police car, windscreen wipers furiously beating.
“I’m on a police patrol. What about you, just standing around in the rain?” He said, wiping rainwater off his once-dry fringe. Something about the girl, miserable and alone in the middle of a storm, kept him from driving away.

“I was going to take Sadaharu to the park. What does it matter to you? Plan on shooting some missiles over there or something?” She asked, crossing her arms skeptically.
Something about this guy, leaning out into the rain to see her clearly when he could have driven away, kept her standing in the flooded road.

“I wont need to shoot missiles to kill anyone. They’ll all freeze to death before they get there. Waste of a good missile I could be using to kill off the vice-chief.” Okita replied, shrugging slightly.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” The blue-eyed Yato asked skeptically.
“You’re not going to make it to the park, look at yourself. You’re shaking. Like a leaf.”

Kagura was indeed cold by this point, and although she willed her body to stay still, it wouldn’t.
“So? Are you just going to make fun of me?” She asked haughtily, looking away from the piercing gaze of the Shinsengumi officer.

He paused for a moment, before the door of the car swung open.
“Get in.” He said, finally, scooting over to make room.
Kagura took a few steps towards the vehicle, peering in to see what was inside.
It was a totally innocent act of kindness.

Sadaharu climbed into the back, and Kagura sat down. No words were spoken, as the car slowly came to life and made its way down the street dyed blue and gray.
“Hey, put the radio on.” Kagura said, pointing.
“Are the sounds of the raindrops not good enough for you now?” Okita complained, “you’re so hard to please.”
But he turned the radio on anyway.

The comforting swell of music filled the car instantly, a soft, warm melody that bridged the small space between the two figures in the car.
They were content.
They wouldn’t admit it, but they were.
The comforting atmosphere inside the car was like a blanket, a soft fluffy cocoon keeping out the wind and the rain.

“We’re here.”
The car stopped abruptly, although the music continued to play.
“Huh?” Kagura looked out of the window to see that they were in fact outside the park. “Oh. Well thanks, Sadist.”
She quickly scooted away from him and opened the car door. Droplets of rain were blown inside by the vicious wind.

“Come on Sadaharu!” Kagura coaxed her dog out of the back, where he dashed away into the park.
“You should probably go and get him. It must be hard to find people who like you. You wouldn’t want to let them disappear.” Okita said cooly, watching the white fur vanish behind some trees.

Kagura nodded, and turned to go, but was stopped.
“Hey. You’re gonna die like that.” He meant over into the back of the car and pulled out an old umbrella.
“You forgot yours, so you can borrow mine. You owe me though.”

Grimacing, Kagura took the umbrella.
“I don’t want to know what kind of misfortune comes from owing you stuff.” She said, waving as she ran off.

It took her a while to catch up to Sadaharu, but when she did, she turned around.
The car was still there.
And she couldn’t help but smile.

Because you know what they say about Rivals and Romance.

Bump In The Road

Reader x Dean

You swore loudly as the car hit the bump and something popped, the back tire made a skidding noise but the car didn’t move.

“No, not now… any time but now.” You whispered and glanced at the bundled-up baby in the back seat, his apple green eyes staring at you with a concerned curiosity.

You started dialling the few numbers you had, apparently New Year’s Eve, was the worst time of the year to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a busted tire. Bobby always told you to keep a spare and Sammy always told you the same but he was spending the evening with his girlfriend and you could hardly ask either of them to help.

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alaskan gothic
  • you own three offroading vehicles. you cannot remember officially purchasing one. you do not have titles for them. you have four offroading vehicles.
  • the sun disappears for months at a time. you wake up in the dark. you leave your home in the dark. you return home in the dark. the darkness is ever-present. it blankets you. it comforts you. do not think about what is in the dark 
  • the sun doesn’t set for months at a time. it follows you, heavy and sullen. you cannot hide from it. you cannot escape. it follows. it waits. you may never sleep again.
  • you wear flannel and xtra tuffs over jeans and a t-shirt. is this is what you have always worn? you can’t remember. your closet contains nothing else.
  • tourists are everywhere. they leave a trail of garbage behind. they flood the roads. they choke the rivers. they are in your home, smiling, cameras ready. you cannot escape.
  • you are constantly reminded how small and insignificant you are by the mountains and the tundra and the endless sky. you feel like you are alone, but are you really? the cracking in the forest suggests otherwise.
  • the state promises you money every october. the check disappears before ever being deposited into your account. you own five offroading vehicles.
  • there are sounds outside your home at night. your security lights blink on but there is nothing there. your nearest neighbor is half a mile away.
  • you drive a vehicle that has a new dent every few weeks, whether you’ve hit anything or not. you don’t walk anywhere. you drive and drive and drive, but you have not arrived at your destination. there are only the mountains.
  • you systematically kill every mosquito inside your home. when you turn off the lights and go to bed, you hear the tell-tale wavering whine. your skin prickles and begins to itch. you scratch and scratch and you are still itchy. you’re bleeding and you can still hear them.