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Thank you all so much for coming to the stream and popping through some ideas!

I’ve been struggling a lot with how I draw characters lately - I really want to break away from the anime style that has been there for a decade or so now. It can only be done through practice ofc, so I made this thing of Bakura. 

Many thanks to @squigglydigg and @phuijl for suggesting practicing through different styles ;) 

This was a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be, and if anyone is struggling with their style I recommend you try something like this. Grab one of your favourite characters and go crazy! You notice so many things about how you draw that you would normally never even think of.

So in order to get this u need to have both read Homestuck and watched The Road To El Darado. My gods what a niche audience. Can’t say this was properly thought through, my private little joke stretch became a colour study (fuck colour and all it’s relatives) and now look at the mess I made?! Please credit with link in the description if u repost on other accounts, ie instagram.


I love this entire trailer that never happened

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How about a drabble/oneshot where fem reader is shy, introverted and so awkward around guys and yet somehow ends up on the road with the bros and has fun. And the guys all love her in their own ways.

I’m going to approach this with some headcanons if that’s okay!

  • You met the guys while they were on the road. You were working with Cindy at the garage in Hammerhead, and she suggested you go with them as a guide, since you knew the land better than anyone else in the area.
  • You were really quiet at first, and really scared to say anything around any of them. It was Prompto who first decided to break the ice
  • He made a few jokes to get you comfortable, determined to make you smile or laugh. When he finally did, he pumped his fist in the air and sang a little song that made you laugh even harder.
  • You and Noctis ended up having the most in common, since you were both pretty quiet and were able to sit beside each other in the Regalia and not have to worry about filling any silences with idle chatter.
  • Gladio became very protective of you. You figured that maybe it was because you reminded him of Iris, but figured that couldn’t be, since the younger Amicitia was vivacious and spunky, never afraid to say what was on her mind. You found out later that it was because he could sense that you were an introvert and needed time to be alone at the end of the day. He was always good about making sure the other guys didn’t bother you if you looked like you needed to just sit alone for a while with a book or be alone with your thoughts.
  • Ignis was eager to teach you how to cook the second you showed any prowess in the kitchen. You loved his company because he was such a witty conversationalist, and he always had funny retorts and puns to keep you entertained while you prepared meals. He always asked you how you were doing in the morning, wanting to make sure you were comfortable with the travel arrangements. And he always offered you a cup of Ebony when you looked like you were about to doze off at the start of the day.
  • Noctis brought you fishing one time, just the two of you. He figured you’d enjoy the quiet, because fishing was generally something done in silence. You two ended up sitting at the dock together, just talking about life. He’d opened up to you about a lot of deep-seated insecurities and you realized then how much he had on his shoulders. It made you want to protect him even more, something you hadn’t really felt about anyone before.
  • You slept next to Prompto in the tent, mostly because he was so small that his area had the most extra room. That’s how you found out he was a cuddler––not that you really minded, as it turned, out. He just always wanted to touch or be touched. Not even in a romantic or sexual way, just wanted to platonically hold your hand as he slept or snuggled up to you to keep warm. You got so used to sleeping beside him that whenever you stayed in a hotel, you automatically bunked with him.
  • The guys never treated you like anything other than family. You were one of them, someone that they fiercely protected and loved. Prompto took a selfie of the five of you, and you kept a printed version folded in your wallet so you could keep it with you always.