road blocked

I’m so like…amused and frustrated by people who are just SO indignant about the protests happening today. 

Like, listen up ya Cheetos, you spend all day monday singing praises about how great MLK was. 

You don’t get to pitch a fit on Friday when people do the same shit he did. 

Oh but they are blocking roads! They are shouting and making people feel uncomfortable and it is inconvenient!  Yes, you french fry. What do you think MLK did? 

Rick: we need to play by Negans rules

Olivia: * slaps Negan into next week*

Michonne: *makes a road block of walkers and forced a Savior to take her to Negan at gunpoint*

ROSITA: *is having Eugene make bullets*

Sasha and Jesus: *tracking down the Sanctuary*

Carl: *deadass kills two saviors and threatens to kill Negan*

Rick: *deep sigh*. BOI

People who say, “Blocking roads isn’t peaceful protest! They should do what MLK did!” are hilarious to me

because like



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MLK did.

This was Sgt. Debra Clayton. Gunned down in the prime of life in Orlando Florida.  Black Lives Matter, where are you?  Is the organizing process for a protest already underway? Are there ads on craigslist around the country for people to come to Orlando and join in the protests on the streets?  Will roads and highways be blocked by human chains as you seek justice for the senseless taking of another black life?  CNN, MSNBC will you be doing features on her life and tragic, senseless death in the coming days? Mr. Soros, will any of your foundations be writing checks to cover the hotel stays for protesters brought in from out of town?

Does Sargent Clayton’s life matter?  Or, does it not?

soraa-s-doodles  asked:

a hc about MC and the RFA (V+Saeran bc they need that love too) going on a star gazing date ;)))

I love star gazing so much omg ;0; ;))


  • He wanted to go star gazing with MC for so long 
  • He doesn’t have a car so they get a taxi out of the city 
  • they went out just right outside the city
  • The street lamps on the road were sort of blocking the stars so they walked a bit far from there 
  • The stars were so bright there 
  • Yoosung put down a blanket he brought for them 
  • they laid down and watched the stars 
  • they stayed there all night and ended up falling asleep 
  • and wake up with mosquito bites


  • They were having a cozy night
  • just cuddling and watching a horror movie 
  • and right as the jump scare happened the electricity went out 
  • they both screamed 
  • He turned on the flashlight on his phone and looked outside 
  • the power went out in the entire neighborhood 
  • “I have an idea” 
  • He grabbed MC’s hand and dragged her outside 
  • The stars were already bright when there was electricity 
  • But now they were even brighter 
  • they both just sat in silence holding on to each other watching them 
  • When the electricity came back on the stars weren’t as bright 
  • but they didn’t move 


  • They had to close up the coffee shop later than usual 
  • they started walking home 
  • holding hands 
  • but then suddenly MC stops walking 
  • MC is looking up at the sky with a huge smile 
  • “Jaehee look!” 
  • She looks up and the stars are so bright 
  • they never really got to enjoy the stars together before 
  • They just stand there until it gets too cold 
  • They walk home but pretty slowly since they are both still looking up at the sky 


  • He had planned this 
  • what day. Where they go. The weather 
  • He took MC to a small cabin 
  • it was incredibly cozy 
  • later at night they both had some fancy ass wine
  • He brought her outside to sit on the bench 
  • It was incredible 
  • there was not a single cloud in the sky
  • just stars 
  • This was honestly the best date night 
  • He loved watching MC’s face while they looked at the sky 


  • He said they were just gonna go for a little drive
  • that was 4 hours ago
  • and every time MC asked where they were going he avoided the question 
  • Once they finally got there MC understood why he kept it a surprise 
  • They were literally in the middle of nowhere 
  • No cars, No people, No houses nearby 
  • It was a little cloudy but you could mostly see the stars and it was great 
  • They walked around for a bit before finding a spot to lay down 
  • They cuddled and kissed under the stars 
  • “Hey, MC~ You know what I’ve always wanted to do under the stars?~” 
  • “hmm?” 
  • ;;))


  • He can’t really see the stars 
  • But he knows MC loves the stars 
  • So he does bring them to a small spot where the lights are minimum 
  • Even though he can’t see the stars he really enjoys this moment with MC 
  • MC describes the sky for him 
  • They try to give as much detail as possible 
  • Just hearing MC’s voice is more than enough for him 


  • It was MC’s idea to go star gazing
  • Saeran wasn’t as much for it at first 
  • He prefers the day 
  • He’s just generally not a huge fan of the dark 
  • When they do go MC is holding on to his hand the entire time 
  • They lead him to their favorite spot to star gaze 
  • They sit down and MC rests their head on Saerans shoulder 
  • “Oh! Saeran look! A shooting star! Make a wish!” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Because it could come true!” 
  • “.. Okay” 
  • He didn’t get why he should wish on a shooting star 
  • But he did 
  • He wished he could have more moments like this with MC 
  • so cheesy Saeran 
  • But that wish will come true