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Nine Lords gave their final breath,

Nine were taken by the stain,

Nine Lords died the second death,

And only I remained.

Long they lingered in time-lost tombs;

Now at last, the Tenth returns, 

To seal the shadow that consumes,

And re-forge a Light that ever burns.

The strong shall stand, heads held high,

Despite the Darkness drawing near,

When Iron shines before the blight,

The Dark will quake with fear.

Sorrow-forged from kindred slain,

Gold it blazed with heart-ache’s flame.

Now begins its second reign:

Our brightest Iron will rise again.

- The Second Forging // Lord Saladin

&&. elucidations.  CoS!Alphonse, while still very obviously male, has a somewhat feminine appearance upon first glance.  It’s definitely not helped by the fact that more often than not, when it’s not cumbersome, Al wears his hair down.  If it’s too much of a bother to have all of it down, he’ll pull the sides back with a spare tie of Ed’s, like he’s seen a few girls in town do.  His soft-spoken and gentle nature, in combination with the fact that despite his growth spurt and puberty having come and gone after passing through the gate, while he winds up being a couple inches taller than his brother when he’s finished growing, there are parts of him that still remain rather soft and rounded.  His facial structure is one of those things.

Alphonse’s face, in comparison to Ed’s more angular and profiled, is a bit more rounded, and while he still has a definite jawline like his brother, the transition is smoother, more like a curve than a jagged like.  Speaking of curves, Alphonse does not possess the same body type as his brother either.  As he ended up with more of Trisha’s traits than Hohenheim’s, where Ed is very hard and somewhat jagged in shape, Alphonse is once again a bit softer.  Much like Ed, he has lean muscle nearly everywhere on his body from years spent regaining strength and dexterity, but the connections of his body regions are gentle and flowing, in a way that is so delicately masculine, yet perceptibly feminine.  Around his hips, there is a slight curve, something that no outfit seems to hide, but not that he tries.

Alphonse doesn’t go out of his way to show off any femininity or delicateness he may possess, it’s just one of those stark contrasts that separates the brothers from one another.  Alphonse’s skin is softer and smother, the color of peaches and cream, whereas his brother’s is a tad darker, tanned in complexion and complimentary to gilded features.  As such, it’s no surprise that he feels he falls short when compared to Ed in the looks department.  Girls aren’t exactly interested in a boy who’s as soft and pretty as they are.

Regardless of this, Alphonse is rather confident in his body, has no problem trying to show it off should he so choose.  He doesn’t, at least not in public, wear anything that may remotely blur the distinction between boy and girl, but around their apartment, Alphonse is known to hide himself in large sweaters and, on occasion, shirts he’s conveniently borrowed from Ed and ‘lost’ in his closet.  Ed is aware that he keeps them and doesn’t say a word, save for the few times when Alphonse attempted to go around the apartment in just a sweater or just a shirt.  Edward managed to get him to compromise on adding boxers to his rather casual lounge wear.   

tentacle-explosion’s Fallout 4 Mod List

PSA: Please for the love of all that is holy read the descriptions/posts for each of these mods before installing. Some of them require very specific installation steps, or have conflicts that require patching, etc. And please don’t just click the “Download (NMM)” button at the top of any Nexus page - go to the files section and make sure that you understand what you’re downloading and which file(s) you need. If you mod irresponsibly, you greatly increase the chances of borking your game.






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Mercenaries- closed with astrid-hofferson-the-fearless

War was ravaging the lands, tearing countries apart and sweeping lives away in their wake. Some didn’t have the men to fight so they hired men to do to for them, mercenaries. Legion had become well skilled in killing, making him a notorious merc who wondered from war to war, fighting only for money. He cared little about anything else since he had no family or friends.

Today was a good day. He had just finished a battle and one of the nobles paid him handsomely. He took his sword and bow, walking out and onto the old dirt road. His armor was beaten up and his helmet was scuffed. It was clear he had been in fights.

He stopped for a moment, looking around. He heard a noise, whispering. He slowly drew his sword, looking around


Meme // Accepting

❛   I’m Jellal Fernandez. What about you, Erza ?  ( I’m Erza. Just Erza. )  Well, that’s kind of sad. Ohh !  ( Hey…What are you doing ?! )  It’s such a pretty scarlet colour…I know !  We’ll give you the last name of SCARLET !  ( Erza…Scarlet ) It’s the colour of you hair ! Nobody will ever forget that !   ❜

Jellal & Erza
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