road again



Thank you all so much for coming to the stream and popping through some ideas!

I’ve been struggling a lot with how I draw characters lately - I really want to break away from the anime style that has been there for a decade or so now. It can only be done through practice ofc, so I made this thing of Bakura. 

Many thanks to @squigglydigg and @phuijl for suggesting practicing through different styles ;) 

This was a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be, and if anyone is struggling with their style I recommend you try something like this. Grab one of your favourite characters and go crazy! You notice so many things about how you draw that you would normally never even think of.

LOOK WHAT @hattedhedgehog drew for me!!!!!

I commissioned this wonderful pic for Chapter 6 of Down the Road and Back Again. More specifically:

“They get huge, you know,” Nori warned. “Two hundred pounds, some of ‘em even bigger. You sure you want that in the Shire?”

“Well, I’ll have to think about it.” The hug Bilbo gave the pups suggested he wouldn’t have to think about it very hard, but Thorin declined to comment to that effect.

It was a great deal of playing later (and being knocked on his back like Dwalin) that Thorin thought to check his watch again.

Look. At. Those. Bleps. Given how big pit wargs are, these pups are a few weeks old, except for the one Dwalin’s playing with.