“Somewhere else in the universe we are together in infinite time, remember that.”

by gaysweaters / xLiesForALiar

Please Help if You Can

Hey there. I’m Ro, and I have a problem that I really need help with. 

Currently I live with my sister and her GF, but I made a stupid mistake involving a guy, so I’ve been given a Move Out deadline of July 3, 2017. I also have to get STD tests done over the next several months that they’ve told me I will have to pay for myself. Not to mention the costs if I turn out to be pregnant.

I had some money saved up, but it got used to help out a friend so now I have almost nothing. I am going to try and help myself as much as I can, but any help from you guys would be amazing. 

If you want to donate, message me @cybertronian-jedi-inquisitor (my personal blog) and I will tell you my paypal address. if you can just send me even 10 dollars, that would help significantly. And if you can’t, then reblog this post so others could see it. 

#090: “I think people are too quick to judge the elephant in Island Princess. She was just a baby elephant, I can see why she’d be so scared of Ro leaving her to marry the prince. I think she was just too young to understand the whole 'there’s always more’ thing.”

- anonymous

Make the Yuletide Gay

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by rosie_berber

Title is unapologetically juvenile because man oh man, when I hear Jensen Ackles plead with me in song to make the yuletide gay, I’m like, “challenge accepted.”

Actual summary: Who thinks that Team Free Will deserve a very merry Christmas? Your author does, most certainly. So come along as some of my favourite hunters spend the holiday together. Complete with scenes of Dean and Cas bickering as they shop together, Dean dressed as Santa, Castiel dressed up as an elf. The big Christmas dinner Dean always wanted. Chick flicks. Feelings. Lots of em. And smut, oh boy, lots of smut. Did I mention smut? Cause there be smut.

Also, lots of dick jokes. If you are the sort of person whose sense of humour tends towards the crude and the lewd, but also, you sort of love to bathe in fluffy feelings, why aren’t we already best friends? Because yeah, that’s me. Come hang out in my trashcan, it’s pretty great.

Words: 1025, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English

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