Hey, you know, I have been headcanoning about it for years because of what Yana once said (quoted below)…

There’s that old saying “One’s foster parents have more influence on the child than one’s real parents.”: Ciel became an extreme sadist due to Sebastian’s education in the last three years and it seems like the evil blood in him [*the evil side of his personality] was completely awakened [by Sebastian].

But if we consider the possibility that Vincent might have been brought up by Tanaka-san, that old guy must be quite…… oh I’d rather stop here. [x]

…but I think I am just realizing that, besides her words, it was foreshadowed quite obviously several times before that Tanaka definitely is the one who stepped up as the “parental figure” after Claudia died.


  1. not only does that imply that he was in the household for a long time before Claudia died if he also played a strict preceptor figure to Vincent back in the days,
  2. but it also means that no matter who Claudia’s husband/Vincent & Frances’ father was (Cedric K. Ros or whatever), he wasn’t around when Claudia died (most likely dead, probably even before Claudia).

which means Tanaka witnessed the same situation happening for the last two generations: a young Watchdog succeeding to his predecessor who died rather abruptly and having almost no one left to rely on at first. 

Of course, there are a few differences (Seb is in charge for Ciel when Tanaka was for Vincent, and Vincent still had his sister after their parents were gone while Ciel has the Midfords) but overall same situation really, which emphasizes the notion that the Phantomhive family is cursed. :/ 

Imagine how Tanaka must feel now that the twin is back and not really okay in the head… gosh I really fear for his survival during the current arc. ;_;

BONUS: okay, I actually wrote what’s above, like, 2 months ago (yes I do plan and save Kuro content for when my dash doesn’t provide any), but I still feel this so much because…

Tanaka is such an amazing character, servant, parental figure, caretaker in Kuroverse that I can’t believe anyone would vouch that he might be ready to (or already did) betray this family!

sea-of-moon  asked:

Hello~ Do you believe in Cedric = UT theory? How much in a percentage? How does JP fandom feels about it?

Hi! I answered this question a few times, so I’ll just refer you to my “Cedric” tag :D

To answer briefly though, I definitely see it as a likely possibility, but I also have some doubts!^^; Overall though, I’ve always been quite indifferent about this theory! xD My interest rather revolves around the twins, Sebastian and the Midfords and for now I’m not really interested in UT and Claudia that much particularly since we know so little about them, so I just enjoy reading fan theories other people come up with and wait for the moment Yana eventually reveals the whole secret~

How much in a percentage?

I’d say 50%! :D

How does JP fandom feels about it?

The Cedirc = UT theory was brought up a few times in the JP fandom, but it’s not really a popular topic because we know so little about UT’s past to begin with so it’s hard to discuss about it^^;