A good pal of mine requested some fahc mavin fluff with trans michael and i aim to deliver

Michael was a tough dude.

He’d been in more fights than he could count and had probably started at least a good  eighty percent of them.

He had a reputation in the city, and the police fucking hated him. (A guy can’t blow up a few buildings and take out a few guys without the cops getting all up in his ass apparently.)

People were terrified of him and he loved it.

That’s why it felt so much worse when some days he looked in the mirror and still could see the rounded chin, the too-wide hips. When his shirt pulled across his chest the wrong way and he remembered what was underneath.

On these days, he barely recognized himself and he hated it.

He’d shut down, stop talking to everybody. He’d lock himself in his room and bury himself under the covers and pretend he was somewhere else, was someone else.

But, everybody didn’t include Gavin. Gav wasn’t everybody, he was Michael’s boyfriend.

So, Michael lets himself accept the comfort offered to him by Gavin, every “it’s okay, Love,” whispered in his ear, Gav’s fingers rubbing at the marks left on his skin by Michael’s binder. He indulges in the soft words and the sweet kisses and reminds himself that he’s still Michael, and he’s still loved.

Michael doesn’t always have to be tough. And that’s okay.

Sometimes, Michael can just be Michael.

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