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The most adorable thing about Robotboy’s Deactivated Mode is that he can sometimes express emotions.

So this mode actually has two different modes in itself:

  • Recharge/offline mode where he’s fully deactivated due to low batteries and is unaware of what’s going on until he’s fully recharged or gets replacements
  • Standby/sleep mode where he’s just acting like a simple robot action figure but can still see and hear what’s going on around him

You’ll notice these in most of the episodes when Tommy reactivates Robotboy from this mode and he’s immediately ready to fight and defend while other times he’s confused and asks what’s going on.

Am I losing you ?

Am I losing the person I knew my entire life ?

The only person who made sense to me ?

The only light I used to see when I was in the dark ?

My only shelter.

Where are you now ? I don’t see you anywhere.

You vanished the day it was over. You left.

I can’t see you. I only see the darkness.

I can’t hear you. I only hear noises.

I can’t love you. Not anymore.

Are you still here ? Tell me you are. Please.

Tell me you didn’t go anywhere. Tell me you’ll come back.

Even if it hurts.

Come back to me.

—  Kelly Ro, Writer of She Writes Her Words