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Cuddles and confessions

I wrote some royality so here.

There was a knock on the door, Prince turned in his chair,
“Come in.”
The door gently opened and Morality stepped in and quietly closed the door behind him.
“Hey Mo, what are you here for?”
Morality took a couple of steps, so that he was closer to the royal.
“Um, can I have a hug?”
Romans breath caught in his throat. A hug, from Patton.
“Of course.”
“Yay.” Morality jumped onto Princeys bed and stretched out his arms.
“Come on Ro, cuddles!”
“Okay, okay. I’m coming.”
He smiled fondly at Mo and he sat next to him. Morality wrapped his arms around Princes waist and snuggled into his chest. Roman put one arm around Morality and started to stroke his hair with the other. Morality closed his eyes and sighed, leaning into the touch. He was surrounded by Roman and he was happy.
A few minutes passed and Ro realised that Pat wasn’t moving, he was asleep.
“You’re asleep, and I wish I was brave enough to tell you whilst you were awake but I’m not,” he took a deep breath, “and I love you.” Roman whispered.
“I love you too Roman.” Morality mumbled into his chest. “And I’m not asleep.”
“Yeah, I figured that.”
He smiled down at him and kissed him lightly on the forehead. Patton blushed and smiled into the warm embrace.

To Wait


Warnings: Human au, inspired by this post because, my heart


He had been staring at Patton for what could be count as hours, and it was making the slightly shorter boy really nervous


“Hey Pat?”


“Can I kiss you?”

“What?!” Patton had dropped his juice box thanks to shock and was now looking at his friend with his eyes opened at the full capacity “Of-Of course not!”

“Wait, why not?”

“I’m…” Patton started playing with the sleeves of his cardigan, a blush covering his face fully “I’m saving my first kiss for my wedding day”

Roman nodded, and started searching around on his bag. A few curses escaped his mouth while he was fighting against the weird dimension of his backpack, he could swear most things disappeared once he put them there. When he finally found a pencil he took out his notebook and sat down on the grass

“Okay, so what do you like, what do you prefer?” He was taking notes while talking “We can have a summer wedding, or maybe a fantasy one? Wait! Where should we get married? The beach, a church? Can two boys get marry in a church?”


“Oh! Would you want Logan as your best man? I was thinking you get Logan and I ask Enhos, or you can have Enhos as your best man if you want. But what should we wear? Do you want to wear a dress? Or I could probably rock one… or maybe both of us in tux? They’ll have to be white tho because I think it’ll look better. But also this is your wedding so”

Patton chuckled, his face a bright blush. It was a weird way of confessing, just straight up planning their wedding, but it was also a pretty Roman way of confessing, and he wouldn’t change it.


“Hey, lover boy. Snap out of it”

“Oh, Enhos”

“What, you’re getting nervous?”

Roman laughed and went to pass a hand through his hair but Enhos slapped it

“They just finished fixing your hair, don’t ruin it yet”

“Sorry, maybe I am nervous. I was thinking of when we were fifteen”

“Oh, that time you asked Logan to marry you and Pat?”

“Yup, he still didn’t kiss me though” Roman laughed, his mind full of the past

“Well… you get the chance today don’t you?”

“I can’t believe we’re finally marrying”

“I know lover boy, but if you don’t go out there I don’t think there’ll be a wedding”

Roman nodded and walked out of his dressing room. It was worth it, it was worth the wait. He was finally marrying the man he loved anyway. He stood in front of the civil judge and waited for his loved one to arrive

There, in front of Roman was Patton with the biggest smile on his face and a soft blush on his cheeks. He looked like an angel, and Roman felt like falling in love all over again, he would never get tired of falling in love with the man in front of him.

Once the Judge declared them officially married Roman took Patton’s face softly and gave his husband a small smile

“I love you so much”

“And I you”

“Hey Pat? Can I kiss you?”

“Yeah, you can”


First 2 are, like… warm ups. The next 2 are WIP, and the last 2 are things I’m never finishing ^^; simply bc the moxiety didn’t turn out well, and I was going to draw pat and ro glowing, but then someone else did so *shrugs*

Hwarang :: Ban Ryu x reader

 Hi! There isn’t much Hwarang imagines up here so I decided to write a series! I hope you enjoy it :) I’ll eventually write one for everyone haha but here’s one for our smol cranky baby! I’m sorry here are some mistakes this is my first time writing a fic in the historic era so it was difficult haha.


How did I manage to pull off a stunt like this? I don’t know. I guess when you are extremely broke you find your ways. I find myself staring straight at my friend A-Ro as she nods proudly, “I knew it would work!” I sigh playing with the helm of my new uniform, “You know if I get caught I’m going to be hanged!” A-Ro laughs loudly patting my back, “You look like a true Hwarang (Y/n) no doubt about it! I mean you got your papers signed no problem even if you aren’t full royal blood, if anything only the other members would get suspicious but I’ll make sure my brother protects you!” My eyes bug out as I grab her arm, “Whoa! We aren’t telling anybody about this! If this gets out especially to Soo Ho I’ll be dead, you know him and his big mouth!” I exclaimed as she nods with closed eyes, “Ah true, true. Well your secret is safe with me, besides you make a very handsome man if I must say so myself!” I groan grabbing at my hair, this was a very bad idea.

I grew up without parents, being taken care of by my older brother. We worked hard throughout the day and night to try to get by day by day, however the stress made his heart weak. Even so I continued to work hard, ten times harder to compensate for him, it was inevitable, he continued to get sicker. He got really sick about a month ago, even with the generous help of A-Ro’s father he couldn’t be saved. I felt horrible, I burdened everyone around me, no home, no money to eat I couldn’t do this to A-Ro’s family any longer. Their debt was bad enough, I couldn’t accept their offer of opening their home to me, regardless of how many times they insisted. And so, I decided to become a Hwarang. The saying “if there is a will, there is a way” really worked as a young female of no royal blood like myself got accepted. How was that even possible? I don’t know. I guess god blessed me by giving me a flat chest.


I held my head up as I walked up to the palace while nervously patting my clammy hands dry on my excessively long sleeves. I walked up to A-Ro’s brother Sun Woo who was accompanied by a group of men. “U-Um hi” I mentally cursed myself for sounding so timid. I clear my throat and held my head up high trying to display confidence but it quickly disappeared when I saw the glint in Soo Ho’s eyes. He laughed loudly pulling me into his chest, “Wow you are sure tiny!” he exclaims smacking his hand onto my chest. I mentally screamed in pain as I nervously let out a chuckle, “Ahaha…yeah!” A smaller male peeped up from behind Soo Ho, “Ah you are so tiny and cute, what’s your name? Mine’s Han Sung.” Oh man, he was so cute, the innocent sparkle in his eyes were too much I could just kiss him right there. “I-It’s…Gun Chul.” I answered with a blush, good thing I wasn’t nervous enough to fail to blurt out my brother’s name. An obnoxious laugh filled my ears again, there goes Soo Ho. He wipes the tears from his eyes as his laughter fails to cease “That means strong iron right? That’s ironic since you are so tiny and frail.” Laughter picked up as everyone joined, “We are going to call you Aga instead, for baby.” I couldn’t help but laugh along.

I liked them. It was a bit overwhelming at first being man handled by the group of beautiful nobles but I started to feel comfortable especially with Soo Ho, his personality was loud and could be a bit much but it was refreshing. I laugh along with the men as we walked towards the said meeting spot where the queen would give her speech. However, being distracted I failed to see a tall male standing before me causing me to crash into his broad back. “Ah I’m so…” I looked up and I saw my life flash before my eyes “s-sorry?” I ran into none other than Ban Ryu, I’m a dead woman…wait man. He scowled, all his facial features scrunching up all the while glaring straight into my soul. I awkwardly laugh shying away from his glaze, and slowly but surely behind Soo Ho. Soo Ho never ceases to amaze me and laughs, “Aw he’s tiny and shy. Aga no need to be afraid it’s just jerk face.” Ban Ryu lets out a scoff before shoving Soo Ho out of the way, exposing my small frame to his much larger one. With the never softening glare he grabs the collar of my hanbok and easily lifts me up from the ground, “Watch where you’re going midget.” I bite my lower lip and nod hastily, “G-Got it!” He slightly squints before letting go causing my footing to stumble, right…back into his chest. I yelped without thinking, and without thinking I mean without forcing my voice an octave lower. “You’re pathetic,” the beautiful but equally as scary man spat shoving me hard into the ground. I look up from my now seated position on the ground and god did he look scary… and really handsome. I watch in a daze as the small group of men started to bicker. “Are you alright?” A quiet but very low voice questioned, I look to my side to see Han Sung kneeling beside me worry etched into his features, “Um yeah, thank you.” I say taking his hand as he pulls me up. It’s going to be a long day, but all I know is that I’m going to avoid the scary man at all costs.

In the line up everything was a blur, I wasn’t sure if it happened quickly or if I was still in shock from the near death experience I had two minutes ago. No matter how hard I tried to pay attention to the queen I couldn’t ignore the fiery glare burning into the back of my skull. If the queen doesn’t chop off my head because she finds out that I’m a female impersonating a man in her ranks then god knows it will be Ban Ryu to kill me. I finally snap out of my daze when I realized that the queen retired back into the palace and was replaced by a soldier who was to help us with our sparring. He looks at us thoughtfully before nodding in approval, almost as if he was reading us and creating the perfect partner matches in his head. “Ban Ryu and the small one here.” Please be pointing at Han Sung please, I’m too young to die I mentally whine looking up from my lashes to see the man’s hand gesturing to me. I nervously laugh turning around to face Ban Ryu’s signature scowl which is now accompanied with a huge bulging vein popping out from his neck. I stepped closer to him and I could feel him angrily breathing down my neck. Forget my plan failing and everyone finding out that I’m a girl, I’m going to die right here and right now.

Thud. I groan getting up from the ground, yet again. I hate sparring I’m getting creamed by little angry silver spoon. Using physical strength wasn’t my forte, sword fighting no problem, strategy no problem, hand to hand combat…really big problem. “Ow ow ow oww,” I hiss under my breath, getting up once again. I have yet to get one score off of the jerk. It made sense since I had no training and was half the size of anger management issue over here but I was still upset that I couldn’t even knock him on his butt at least once. I had to be smart about this, I felt the pitying glances from the other Hwarang members and I couldn’t allow that. I’m not weak. I carefully study Ban Ryu’s form and I finally got it. Faking to get up from the ground I swipe my leg from behind Ban Ryu’s and there he goes down. I yell out in victory and flop on top of his lying down form straddling his hips, “I got one point off you! Ha!” He scoffs looking away, but due to our close proximity I could see the corners of his lips twitch up, “Dumbass, you can’t use legs in a fist combat training.” “Wha-” before I could express my shock a fist collided square into my face knocking the daylights out of me. “I…still knocked you…on your ass…ha…ha…” I laugh shamelessly from the ground as thick warm liquid dribbled down my nose. I’m going to beat your ass into the ground during sword practice Ban Ryu, just you wait!


I hiss walking towards our new home in the palace with Sun Woo and Soo Ho dragging me along. Bruises were blossoming all over my body and I wanted the day to end already. “I knocked him on his ass did you see?” They both laughed but Soo Ho ten times louder than my best friend’s brother, “Yeah and I also saw him punching you in the face!” I couldn’t help but laugh through the soreness and pain, “It was worth it,” I hum causing Soo Ho to laugh once more, “You’re impossible you know that right?” “I just hope he doesn’t kill you in your sleep,” Sun Woo adds causing a shiver to run down my spine.

Practice was cut short today since it was the first day. We were instructed to get used to our new environment and get to know one another. I wasn’t complaining, I’m so sore I could just lie on my side and never move again. But with the excitement of the other Hwarang members they wanted to go visit the Okta club…and I really just wanted to sleep despite the sun just starting to set. The men decided to shower away the sweat and grime before heading out which left me sitting there in our shared room. “We are ready to go,” Ji Dwi says with a gentle smile, I nod returning his smile, “Okay I’ll meet you there I just need to quickly rinse off.” He nods before taking off with the rowdy group of boys who were debating who could pick up the most females tonight. Rolling my eyes at their childish behaviour I gather my soft towel and a black hanbok in my arms before entering the steamy but most importantly empty bathroom. Even though I saw with my own two eyes that the group of men left for the club I couldn’t help but feel nervous that someone was going to barge into the really open bathroom. Like the stalls only covered the area below the waist, couldn’t they afford to at least cover the upper half as well? Biting my bottom lip nervously I look side to side from the corner stall before stripping off my sweat soaked hanbok. Folding the uniform neatly I place it far away from my stall making sure it wouldn’t get any more wet. Carefully I unravel the binding on my chest placing that on top of my folded hanbok. I take in a deep breath, man did it feel good to not be constrained there. Turning on the faucet hot water poured from the contraption mounted on the wall. This was amazing…I never had the chance to take a shower before, this technology was only affordable by the noble people. I couldn’t help but let a soft moan escape my lips as the hot water ran down my body, running over the blossoming purple and blue patterns on my usually (s/c) skin. I scrub away at the layer of sweat, wincing when making contact with the large bruises, Ban Ryu really needed to understand the difference between training and trying to actually murder someone. I sigh standing under the running faucet, tears escape my eyes. I couldn’t help but feel defeated, it was just the first day and I’m already crying. How pathetic. The loud clacking of the wooden door to the bathroom snapped me out of my life contemplating shower thoughts. My head shot towards the door and there stood Ban Ryu in his naked glory with a towel casually in his hand. I screamed causing him to slightly jump, “What is your prob…” before he could finish his sentence he made eye contact with my (e/c) orbs which were the size of saucers. “Stop looking!” I cry hastily throwing one arm around my exposed breasts while the other hand flew to cover my lower region. Ban Ryu quickly covered his crotch with his towel as he awkwardly threw his head in the opposite direction, trying extremely hard to not make anymore further eye contact. “W-What…why are you even here! I thought you left!” I continue to shout at him as I duck below the small wooden divider. “Stop screaming will you!” He shot back equally as loud and flustered. “I-I don’t know why you are so shocked! Why do you have breasts!” I slam the water shut and quickly tied my towel around my body. He covers his blushing face with a single hand as his other hand continued to cover his lower region, “Stop coming closer!” he accuses as I dash towards his tall frame. “Please don’t tell anyone!” I beg grabbing onto his wrist I pull his hand away from his face to see his flush cheeks. “Please,” I try again more gently, this time gazing up into his chocolate brown eyes. He stared into my watery eyes equally as intensely for a few moments before he reluctantly nods. “Fine, but you have some explaining to do.” I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, “Thank you Ban Ryu!” I exclaim pulling him into a tight and wet embrace. His signature scowl surfaces his facial features again as he peels himself away, “Just cause you are a girl it doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on you.” I hum leaning into his personal space, “Mm I wouldn’t have it any other way” I grin pulling away. “What’s your real name?” he fumes looking away and I giggle pulling away to fetch my bundle of clothes. While passing him on the way out of the bathroom I poked him in his bare chest, “If you beat me in sword practice tomorrow I’ll tell you then.” I look up at him and he rolls his eyes so hard he probably saw his own brain, “Whatever, just get out so I can shower in peace.”

Part 2 Part 3

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okay but logan secretly being jealous when other people dont spend as much time with him??? glaring at ro and pat whenever they watch movies together and didnt invite him?? getting unusally tense when pat and ro hang out without him?? An notices and at first he's teasing like "Lo, are you *jealous*?" and of course lo denies but he's super tense and its obvious he's lying, and An stops the teasing and suggests playing video games, which is weird since he usually doesnt ask people to do things

Okay, okay, okay, so y'all have to know, while I may write for jealousy and things like it, and I love reading, i really have no…. Concept, of the emotion, and I’m really bad at understanding/making headcanon for it. When I do write for it, I literally have to look up second hand sources and hope they’re right

Patroclus' Guide On How To Love {When Love Means Death}

1. Accept that you are mortal, that you do not have ichor strumming inside your veins. Cut your hands on a mistake as all mortals are destined to. Watch the blood pour out of a skull like rancid wine, watch it mingle with the billowing evening grass, the skinned rocks, the weeping earth & the angry air. Feel his dying breaths fester inside your stomach. Then watch your family declare they must disown you. Let them. Let your father turn his back. Let your mother close her eyes to the broken toy, the brittle disappointment, the son - no, the swine, that you are. 

2. Accept that he is not mortal, that his fingerprints paint flowers on castle walls. Bow your head and close your eyes. You are invisible, you are no-one. Feed on the scraps they throw at you, exiled princes are no less than muzzled hounds. Watch the living through the shadows, memorize the way his petal-soft feet almost lift off the ground when he runs, grow envious of the golden fleece of his hair, feign your gaze when his sea-sculptured eyes search yours. But take his hand when he offers it to you, like a torch in your swindling darkness. Befriend this god, this king, this cherub. Shut out the voices that say that you are in over your drowning head. 

3. Fall asleep only beneath the musical tides of his lyre. Move in with him. Sleep next to him and pretend that his breath doesn’t leak light, that his eyes don’t glow in the dark, that your heart doesn’t tumble when his wrist brushes against yours. Don’t boost his ego, don’t tell him that there is no one like him, that he is your sun and you would circle him for eternities. And for the love of god don’t kiss him. You’ll ruin a perfectly content day. The seas will hear you and they won’t be pleased. The skies will darken like scabs. You will fall in love like a wicked dream, you’ll be able to remember how it ends but never how it began. You’ll do it all anyway. You’ll remember that day you sat with his effortless grace, his impish smile, his still-guileless soul atop a treetop even in the afterlife.  

4. All you can think about is that making love to him is like being reborn, over and over again. All you can think about is that you’re defying gravity when you touch. Rename your thighs after him. Watch him turn to a blur of light above a conglomerate of consuming stars. Feel the stickiness between your bellies like honey, apricot spill, ambrosia. Pledge yourself to a rose-quartz cave. Make a promise to never leave him. Get to know him like you know the igniting blackness you see behind closed eyelids. Get to know his treasures, his toils, his madness and miseries. Try and listen when he tells you that heroes don’t get to be happy. Fail. Hold him to you like a cluster of chrysanthemums. Break against him like a vow, a sacred oath. But you are not sacred you are sacrilege. You are not holy you are just a boy. The girl asks you to love her and you want to, you want to, you want to. But you can’t. No. Your every heartbeat gasps his name. Wish you’d never met him and then wish you’d never wished something as heinous, as cataclysmic as that.

5. Watch from a distance as this meteor blasts through the fiery sky, burning up and taking everything in its path with it as it goes. Watch with the Styx scalding your cheeks and your chest digging itself into a cavity. Gape and claw and scream even though your voice may not reach him. Love him even as you watch the angels leave his irises, as boyish innocence ripens into manslaughter and an ego like a phoenix, turning to ashes in his stomach and being reborn anew. Stronger and brighter with each death. Put on his clothes. Smell the scent of him one last time. All sea crystals and rose oil. Try and kiss the war out of him. Drop to your knees for him. Plead him to save himself. Save him yourself instead. Watch your own hands as they blink back red tears. Forget that you are mortal. Forget that you are not a soldier, or a warrior, only a lover like a matchstick bleeding flames. Think that maybe love entails war. That maybe lover is just a synonym for weapon. Die with his name as a prayer on your cold blue lips. Die knowing you saved him from himself. Die listening to him wail your name. Remember you have a name. And for the first time and the last, you are not nobody. You are Pat-ro-clus, Pat-ro-clus, Pat-ro-clus. Die like a mortal. Like a torment. Like you are making a myth of yourself; of him.

6. Watch disembodied and voiceless as he follows you into the dark. Tell his mother of all that he brought to life rather than all that he brought to death. Tell her that you were the only man who he brought to his knees that mattered. Drift into the dark further. Learn that the dark is actually beautiful. Watch them pour his ashes into yours like spring fountains. Now run. Sprint. Soar. Now watch the golden glitter, the aureate chaos of a love unbroken. Now hold out your hand. 


A patrochilles modern!AU one shot I wrote :)

It comes like this. As fast as a bullet.

We go into his room, mouths never leaving each other, and hands incessant. His fingers, deft as ever, trace my nape, and I shiver. Oh gods, do I ever shiver. I remember a time like this of old—when everything was so different, so rushed because we didn’t know how much time would be left. And now, now…

Achilles lifts me, wrapping my legs around his waist. I go with him, kissing his nose and forehead and the little mole behind his ear—everything I have known and missed. He smiles. I smile. Everything is bright.

“Patroclus,” pat-ro-clus. He lays me on the bed, gentle—voice the same. “Do you remember all the things I have told you?”

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dude i'm all about the soulmate aus. like theyre my fave. plus your writing is also my fave. so maybe a prompt that would/could be fun? like soulmates but somehow also childhood bffs (bc that's also my fave trope EVER) but they for some reason dont know theyre each others? idek how that would go, but youre super badass so if youve got the time/inclination, i bet you could do it:)

+ Anonymous said:  “What about a soulmate AU where the Griffin family curse is that they’re all born with a compass on their skin and when they find their true love the compass points true north.”



I switched it up a little, hope you don’t mind, but you can basically expect soulmates + childhood friends + soulmate-identifying compasses.

Also on AO3

The friendship of Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake starts with a bang.

More precisely, it starts with two eight year olds colliding into each other, pebbles digging under the skin of Clarke’s knees and Bellamy’s glasses cracking as he crashes onto the pavement.

It starts with a loud crack, glass shattering, and a moment of Earth-splitting silence followed by a shout that is not incredulous, not angry.

Small Clarke Griffin, with her hair braided into a crown on top of her head, can’t stop looking at her wrist as she exclaims, “You broke my compass!" 

There are two words everyone in the world swears by and they are soulmates and compass. Because people are lost and they are broken but they have their compasses to guide them home.

Bellamy Blake’s jeans are ripped where Clarke’s knees are scraped, and he stares at the golden-haired girl, his mouth parting in silent horror.

"You broke my compass!” she accuses again, letting go of her wrist to get up from the ground and shove at him.

They are too young then to understand what it means, but they know that it matters more than they’ll ever know.

When she pushes him back on the ground, the same cracking sound breaks Bellamy’s heart and there’s a piece of glass right next to his tattered chucks.

His compass isn’t moving and now it’s Clarke’s turn to gape in silence.

“I guess that makes us even,” he shoots back, malice filling his voice. And because he is eight and he doesn’t remember the last time he’d looked as clean as this girl does, he adds, “Princess.”

Raising her jaw petulantly, she offers him a hand and he takes it, lets her pull him up. She’s shorter than him and an unruly curl tickles his nose when he tries to loom over her.

It’s very short lived because she threatens to shove him again and Bellamy can’t help but to laugh.

“I like you, kid. I’m Bellamy.”

She shakes his hand like she has every intention of crushing his bones and yeah. Yeah, he likes her.

“Clarke Griffin, nice to meet you.”

For the next ten years, no one knows how they managed to turn ruining each other’s chances of finding true love into a friendship.

But they still did.

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modern greek au where Achilles mets Patroclus while they're both dead tired and on a coffee run and Achilles may or may not be totally infatuated with this kid who just accidentally smaked him in the face

click for more modern greeks!

“I’m going to die,” Patroclus says to Briseis, who laughs at him through the tinny phone speaker. “Bris, I’m going to die and it’s all your fault. I hate you. Why did you make me stay up until six in the fucking morning?” 

He can hear the shrug even if he can’t see it. He knows her. “Hey, you were the one that challenged me to a Yu-Gi-Oh reduel, it’s not my fault you don’t know how to take losing,” she tells him, and he wrinkles his nose. “Look, I’ll cook something nice for you tonight, okay? Like, kueh or some shit.” 

"Please don’t,” he says, blowing idly at his coffee. “You can’t cook for shit, Bris. Plus, I’d much rather go straight to bed than eat. The second this lecture is over, I’m off and out and— shit fuck tatti, sorry, sorry.” 

He’s managed to bump into this guy. Really cute guy. Really cute guy that subsequently now has scalding coffee all the way down his really cute body. Nice going, Patroclus. 

"I’m,” he says, unwinding the scarf from around his neck and using it to mop up the guy’s shirt awkwardly, “I am so sorry, oh my god, are you alright? I hope it’s not too hot. I should’ve been paying attention, man, I could’ve killed you.” The guy gives him an unimpressed look. “Okay, maybe maimed you.” Another look. “…grievously injured you?" 

He laughs, and shakes his head. “Try more like ‘mildly amused’,” he said, and oh fuck he has a nice voice. Play it cool, Pat. Play it cool. “Hey, are you the kid in my Lit lectures? Patrick?” 

Fuck. “Patroclus,” Patroclus mumbles, “but you can call me—” 

"Pat-ro-clus,” says the other boy, testing it out. Patroclus nearly swoons at his voice — he says the name sweetly, and then hissing the last gently, like an innocent kiss that ends too soon and on a bite. “Patroclus." 

He flushes. “Yeah. That’s me.” 


A Patrochilles Hunger Games!AU tidbit based on these amazing headcanons.

“So Patroclus,” Caeser starts with an easy smile and Patroclus tries to mirror it. It feels off on his face; itching his cheeks. All of the Capitol has made him feel wrong, but he smiles even if he wants nothing more than to sneak onto the next train back to District 4 and forget this place forever. “What is it that you think is going to set you apart in the Games?”

“Ah, well,” he hesitates- and how could he not? He’s not used to all of this light shining directly on him. He grew up just one step behind the brightest boy in his District, the attention has only ever made his tongue feel heavy. But he has to say something, and he keeps smiling. “I, um, I work in the rigging of the ships, so I’m pretty light on my feet I guess.”

“And, I imagine, handy with ropes,” there’s a smattering of laughter from the audience and he nods. Caeser looks out at them with a smile and Patroclus shifts in the blue suit that was fashioned for him. He’s supposed to look like some long-forgotten sea god. He walked in with a blunted trident that leans on the back of his seat now, towering over his head. “You were a volunteer though, surely you’ve done a lot of preparing for this?”

Patroclus shakes his head, staring somewhere over Caeser’s shoulder. He’s not seeing the crowd stretched out there, instead he sees golden hair and clever fingers. Fingers that stroked his face and tied knots that never came undone. He sees the smile of the boy he would give himself over to death a thousand times to save. “No. Achilles- he was supposed to be our Tribute- I love him too much to send him here. I volunteered for him.”

There’s gasps from the crowd, but Caeser doesn’t seem affected by the apparent scandal. It’s not so uncommon in the District, though people valued Achilles too much to ever speak out against their relationship anyways. “That’s a powerful love, Patroclus.”

He thinks of the way Achilles says his name. It’s something he misses here, where people say it too quickly like they’re eager to be rid of it. Eager to be rid of him. Pat-ro-clus. Even and measured, always with music on his lips. He smiles and this time it feels real. “Achilles is everything to me. There’s nothing that will stop me from getting back to him.”

He lifts his head and looks directly into one of the cameras they have trained on him, his fingers twitching and twisting in his lap. “I guess that’s what’s going to set me apart. I love him, and I’ll kill anyone that I have to to prove it.”

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The first time Pat and Achilles fuck on Mount Pelion tho. Achilles' knees in the air, his hair all sweaty and stuck to his forehead, all those gasps and moans coming out of his mouth. Patroclus trying to go as hard as he can because he wants Achilles to make those sounds forever. Then they cuddle afterward and Achilles tells Patroclus how amazing he is and how much Achilles cares about him. Patroclus would totes be the little spoon that night.

FUCk they have to rely on rutting up on each other and hjs for a really long time because it’s way faster and less messy. but..but. one day chiron tells them he’s going off to get some fresh med supplies from like, hella far. friend of a friend, two day journey at least.

they have so much time!! they start off by the water, playing and wrestling and splashing each other, and they’re all hopped up on teenage boy hormones by the time achilles traps pat against the side of the pool and kisses him (all wet and messy, like they don’t have all the time in gd world!!). and at first it’s just business as usual, kissing and grinding until pat flips them around to trap achilles against the side and trails his hand down to his ass and whispers that he wants!! to!! lay with him?!?!!?

and achilles…fuck, he’s very on board with this. veyr on b o ar dd. so they go back to their bed and?? what did the ancient gays use? oil? okay, we’re going with that. anyway, he just….is really good….all spread out on his back clutching pat’s shoulders while pat kisses his neck distractingly. because of course these smitten losers like always fuck face-to-face, disgusting. and ach makes all these really delicious gasps and tiny pleading “patroclus, pat-ro-clus” that pat needs to like, lick straight out of his mouth because ew who wants to listen to the boy they’re in love with pant their name?? nobody? (i mean actually no one not….odysseus…) nobody!! so pat kisses him!! a lot!!!!!!

and when he finally sinks into him….shit. okay, listen. listen!! hayley gdi LISTEN! it’s probably unpleasant to bottom for the first time!! we can’t all be power bottoms and sometimes it takes some getting used to!!!! so achilles has to clutch at pat, around the back, really really tight to his chest! panting against his cheek! legs wrapped around his waist! muttering his name! while pat kisses down his neck and asks like 800 times if he’s okay! okay!!

but listne…..ksiten……..when they finally start moving together….slow rolls of their hips and their bodies m o vin g togethe r….their mouths practically glued together and achilles’s tongue in his mouth like sweet syrup or whatever sappy shit pat thought that time they made out…….they forget every single word they know that isn’t the other’s name. and they fuck really!! goddamn!! slow!! savoring each other beneath their fingers and tongue and feelling every goddamn inch of one another!! and pat spends the whole time making sure achilles feels as good as possible because holy shit!! this amazing beautiful warrior demigod is so goddamn…!

and afterwards they lay in a heap together, tracing patterns on each others’ chests and arms, and lightly touching each others’ cheeks and jaws, and kissing slow and sleepy because holy! goddamn! shit! and pat little spoons so hard that night because what a loser he wants to feel so wrapped up in his smoking hot tan beautiful strong perfect bf!!

achilles and pat were made for each other leave me alone! okay?! okay!!