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Yana’s comment on Vincent and Frances (+ clarification of the family tree in ch103)


Kuroshitsuji chapter 132. It was fun to draw the conversation of the Phantomhive siblings. -Toboso

Come to speak of it, I was asked whether Frances isn’t blood-related (to Ciel) since she wasn’t mentioned in Ciel’s family tree that appeared (in the manga) a while ago, however, it was a family tree that featured “Ciel’s [direct] roots”, that’s why Frances, his aunt, wasn’t mentioned. [Vincent and Frances] are real siblings. -Toboso

There seem to be different versions of family trees, the big ones that show the [whole] lineage of the family, and the ones that only show one’s [direct] roots. But I think even if it were supposed to be a family tree with the whole lineage, Frances probably wouldn’t be shown in the family tree of the Phantomhives since she married out of the family. There’s not much detailed material on this though, so it’s just my guess. -Toboso

The Phantomhive siblings, Vincent and Frances, share the same concept as the Midfords siblings, Edward and Lizzie, i.e. I draw them with the typical image of “girls take after their father, boys after their mother” in mind. So maybe Ciel’s grandfather looks like Edward :) -Toboso  

Here’s  the family tree Yana is talking about (ch103)

Breaking NEWS: Guys, Cedric *maybe* looks like Edward!!!

How to get a boyfriend by Silla's Queen Ji So

1.Kill his wife
2.Exile his son
3.Kill his son
4.Attempt to kill his daughter (several times)
5.After failing to kill his daughter, send her to a foreign, hostile country
6.Ask him to be your doctor (in a not dirty way)


Spacelantix Week: Favorite Relationship (Day 2) 

Cassian Andor & K-2SO

“He means well” - Cassian Andor about K-2SO

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Serious question but what's o!Ciel's real name for you?

Why Anon, I’m currently in prison because I tried to hide the truth, so it is truly John Phantomhive.

…Nah, you asked seriously so I’ll answer seriously. :) To be honest, until a little while ago, I was really convinced that Yana might never reveal our!Ciel’s real name since it’s kind of an iconic identity in Kuroshitsuji but… now I’m thinking she might as well, since it looks like the twin intends on revealing the truth in front of witnesses besides Lizzie.

So I know there was this list of names going around, based on the guidebook but not only, with (no offense to anyone) very strange name ideas (like Mer/Terre/Sol/Enfer as opposed to “Sky/Heaven” :///) but my personal choice for our!Ciel’s real name would be Cedric.

Cedric was the name of Vincent’s father… 

so it would be kind of sweet of Vincent (I think) to name one of his sons after his dad, and it starts with a C too, which would fit with “Ciel” since the boys are twins. 

That is my favorite option for now, but we’ll see if Yana even reveals his true name or not. :))

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I hate when people down play K/eith's piloting skills. He is the best pilot among the paladins. B4 getting their lions P/dge and H/unk weren't even pilots. L@nce only became a fighter pilot because K/eith dropped out. Need to pursue some1 into an asteroid belt? Sh/ro sent K/eith. That's why Sh/ro chose to bring K/eith with him in BOM (not favoritism) but because K/eith was best suited to navigate such a dangerous path. He's their best pilot.

Sh/iro explained why he’s taking K/eith with him

but apparently the L/ance of Mar/mora seems… more appealing than a K/eith character arc to some people


“Being lay down like this, isn’t like you. So please wake up.. Actually I used to think that it was fine if someone like me wasn’t even born to this world.. But after meeting you.. For the first time in my life, I was grateful that I was born.. And I’m grateful that the only reason I’m living now is you. I’m sorry.. And.. I really love you.”