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The Adventure Zone photoshoot, part 1
part 1 / part 2

Please feel free to tag yourself. We can update the post to include cosplay credit, if you want. Thank you!

Merle with Soulwood arm + flower crown: @ro-fo-sho
Merle, tall edition: @gnostferatu
Taako with blond braid and plum-colored skirt: @queerquestion
Taako with green and silver cloak: @femalemaincharacter
Taako with leopard print cloak: @trulybliss
Taako with black wave-hem skirt: @cocobutterpandart
Magnus with black leather amor: @maplehoofs
Magnus with red scarf: @bigjazzboy

The Director: @traveltigress
Angus McDonald: @bishounen-curious
Kravitz with red vest: @littlejazzboy
Kravitz with straight hair and black and white oxfords: @puzzlingprince
Kravitz with red shirt and scythe: burbanowl
Magic Brian: @wheatleylaboratories
The Raven with the Gaia Sash: @bookslegosnotherstuff

Katsucon 2017

To the tune of “Yakko’s World”...

Underswap, Underfell, Flowerfell, Aftertale and the Game Virus AU,
There’s Joseontale, Pillowtale, Haventale, Outertale, Underchef, Sugartale too

ErrorSans, GenoSans, Science Sans, MediSans, Inksans and before we stop,
We can’t forget Reapertale, Aftertale, Humantale, Underfresh and Undertop

Theeeeeere’s fat Sans and thin Sans and smol Sans and tol Sans, Storyshift, HELPTale and more
Zephyrtale, Underbed, Underland, Underworld, Undernovela and COOOOOOOORE~

Understeam, Thundertale, Underlust, Underkeep, and no that’s not all we’ve got,
There’s Hot Legs and Portale and Mobtale and Hypertale, Twitchy Timeloop and The Thought

Babybones, Blasters, too many Gasters, there’s even the Lantern AU,
Bromalgmate, Sixbones, Patchwork and Undertone I guess Goner Theory counts too

Theeeeeeere’s Papertale, Fairytale, Vanishtale, Angeltale, The Ro-yal Fo-ol Is Gone,
Poketale, Mirrortale, Flowey Possession…

@napstamuse is a terrible influence on me.

Hey everyone look at these fuckin’ NERDS @ro-fo-sho and @queerquestion. (Unrelated sexy lumberjack @maplehoofs bigfoot posing in the back).

Wewnątrz mnie świat wa­li się w gru­zy. Obserwuję, słucham, cze­kam. Każda mi­jająca se­kun­da, mi­nuta, godzi­na, dzień są dla mnie niez­ro­zumiałe. Fo­sa moich lęków po­większa się jak dziura, która przyp­ra­wia mnie o zawrót głowy, której nie sposób zasypać.