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Inktober 2017 Day 15

October 15th

The half of the month, and now me is included!! :D

Maks Rosebuster really wanted me to be stomping around playfully in puddles with him. So there we are!!
Falling autumn leaves and rain puddles

The perfect soundtrack for this would be Hopipolla by Sigur Rós.

Yellow, red and brown inks.

mckaytriarchy  asked:

🐻- What’s your favorite stuffed toy? Do they have a name or any interesting stories?

Ask my Muse’s Kid(s) Questions /accepting

Baba Bear,” N'Daré answered with lightning speed. “Uncle Tony gave him to mommy before I was born and she gave him to me. He’s soft, at bedtime I rest my head on him instead of a pillow and um… Oh, and he’s got a hammer like mine and Baba’s!”  

I wanted to make the situation a tad funnier hehe.

Plot twist: Fredbear is 100% innocent and he did not cause the bite.The voices told him so.

Credit to my lovely senpai ros-chie for the idea (because I haven’t got that far in FNAF4 so I had no idea about Fredbear’s bite)
Character design by my other senpai pole-bear

and whoops I made mistakes on G. Freddy’s outfit ‘cause I haven’t drawn them in forever

That’ll Run You...

Anonymous asked: How many times has Matt, as a merchant NPC, said “That’ll run you….”? 

Thanks to @BnBGreg, @ChrisVLinden, @cwittland, Eric R., gracegraceplant, @JacobSBrowning, jm4ny, @_miss_maria_, motherhen-bear, @OmrJeuss, Ro, @sarabowdridge, Sarah E.H., seafaring-stranger, soaringsparrows, Supertoasty, themeaningofnight, @unnamemeN, wouldlike2rage, Wren, and other critters for their work compiling this list!

01 Arrival at Kraghammer

  • (0:28:35) Adra: …we’re lookin’ at eight rooms separately. That’ll run ya, per evening about 25 gold pieces…
  • (0:56:00) Matt: …it’s an establishment of comfort and ease and will run you both for the evening, as you are not Kraghammer locals, about 30 gold pieces a night.

02 Into the Greyspine Mines

  • (1:01:20) Tremaine: Those’ll run you 1,500 gold pieces each.
  • (1:04:43) Tremaine: The greater healing potions run 300 gold apiece.
  • (1:06:45) Tremaine: That will run you 250 gold per arrow.
  • (1:07:40) Tremaine: They run 500 gold apiece.

14 Shopping and Shipping

  • (2:11:37) Sherri: Currently, those go for about… Those will run you… That’ll be 1500 gold pieces per superior…
  • (2:20:04) Sherri: That ring runs 6500 gold.
  • (2:20:38) Sherri: That one runs 4500.

15 Skyward

  • (0:28:43) Gilmore: First off, the ring that we discussed as our original deal…the price would run you about 1750 gold pieces.

22 AraMente to Pyrah

  • (1:06:06) Traveling salesman: This one…would run you a, uh, 500 gold pieces.
  • (1:07:17) Traveling salesman: This, I say, will run you a simple, uh, 6000 gold pieces.

23 The Rematch

  • (2:11:02) Victor: For the barrel, the barrel! That’ll run you *does math in the air* 4623 gold pieces!

24 The Feast

  • (1:01:10) Sherri: These will run you about 200 gold apiece.

65 The Streets of Ank’Harel

  • (3:52:20) Curiosity shop merchant: …that would run you 275 gold pieces.

67 The Chase to Glintshore

  • (1:00:32) Treev: That’ll run ya., for full disillusion or whatever you need, 750 gold.
  • (2:02:49) Matt: And that’s gonna run you about 60 gold.

Sims 4: I am sure I am  not the only one who starts out any new Sims game by making a self sim. :D Right? Right!?

Here we have me,  pixelpixie, my bear and my baby bear, Ro Ro.

So far, I am liking how expressive the sims are. The smiles, or lack of… you can see, pixel is not happy with the game lighting so far….

Time to find a lighting mod! :D