ro bear


20170313 Yeon Woo Jin, Introverted Boss
[Ep.15] 채로운 씨 혼자가 아니라는 거…

One thing has changed.
You’re not alone anymore.

I wanted to make the situation a tad funnier hehe.

Plot twist: Fredbear is 100% innocent and he did not cause the bite.The voices told him so.

Credit to my lovely senpai ros-chie for the idea (because I haven’t got that far in FNAF4 so I had no idea about Fredbear’s bite)
Character design by my other senpai pole-bear

and whoops I made mistakes on G. Freddy’s outfit ‘cause I haven’t drawn them in forever


20170314 Yeon Woo Jin, Introverted Boss
[Ep.16] This road has unforgettable memories for him.

Rumor: Leo and Antonela expecting second child

According to Catalan sources, Antonela confirmed her pregnancy [to Leo, family and friends] after several check-ups at a clinic in Barcelona.

Since she’s not so far along Leo has decided not to make it public yet but family and friends are delighted with the news.


Sims 4: I am sure I am  not the only one who starts out any new Sims game by making a self sim. :D Right? Right!?

Here we have me,  pixelpixie, my bear and my baby bear, Ro Ro.

So far, I am liking how expressive the sims are. The smiles, or lack of… you can see, pixel is not happy with the game lighting so far….

Time to find a lighting mod! :D