ro bags

  • hwi hwa: alright, your recent assignment was to come up with a poem and share it with us. who would like to go first?
  • han sung: oh! oh! oh! pick me!
  • hwi hwa: alright then. recite your poem.
  • han sung: *clears throat*
  • han sung: roses are red, and some nuts are brown. when skirts go up, pants will go down. body to body. skin to skin. when it is stiff, you must stick it in. the longer it's in there, the stronger it gets. it first goes in dry but then comes out wet. it will come out dripping and will start to sag. it's not what you think ...
  • sun woo:
  • ji dwi:
  • ban ryu:
  • soo ho:
  • yeo wool:
  • ah ro:
  • hwi hwa:
  • rest of hwarang:
  • han sung: it's a tea bag!

my autobiography: im gay and i love 9muses

WWE Preference - Separation

For one reason or another the two of you are separated and he just can’t take it anymore:

So, they were supposed to be around the length of Roman’s, Dean’s, and Finn’s, but Joe’s ran a little long and Seth’s ran very long. Sorry?

Warning: Hints of smut. Dean’s is the smuttiest. Gif’s are slightly suggestive.

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