Hello Lovelies I am Miss Hayley Bee and I’m your Red Headed lover of everything leopard print. I have a passion for photography and anything nails, hair and beauty related! I believe in happiness at any size and love to encourage dressing exactly how you want.
I’m going to be your resident glamour guru sharing various step by step tutorials with you, mini tips, product reviews and advice helping you to be the babeliest babe from top to toe.From beginners to advanced there will be a look for you to recreate and rock on your nails! I’m all about fun trashy nails with a bright kitschy vibe.

If you recreate any looks from tutorials please submit us your pictures, we would love to see!
-Miss Hayley Bee ♥

Welcome one and all to Rock n Roll Baby!

Our little space on the internet is going to be packed with so much fun you won’t know what to do with yourselves! Run by Miss Hayley Bee and Miss Risk we aim to bring you fashion and beauty tricks and tips, including hair and nails, as well as kitschy, retro and glamorous inspirational ideas. We’ll be doing DIY tutorials, monthly giveaways, tried and tasted recipes, outfit ideas, pets corner and a whole heap more. We’re based in the UK and cannot stress enough that we want this to be a positive space for everyone to enjoy and feel safe in, we love all bodies and promote acceptance and confidence.

Rock n Roll Baby wants you, the reader, to get involved too! There’s a submit button on the sidebar so go nuts. We’d love to see you in your favourite outfits, pictures of your pets, yummy recipes, short stories or poems that you’ve written, cute jewellery or accessories you love, nail art that you’re proud of, hair dye concoctions and pretty much anything else! If you have a problem you’d like to share or even if you just fancy saying hello and having a chat with us, drop us a line in the ask box or contact us. You don’t have to have a Tumblr account to submit posts or comments and we won’t publish anything if you ask us not to, but if you want your submissions to be credited please remember to leave your name at the end if you do go anonymous!

Rock n Roll Baby, it’s that simple!

Miss Risk and Miss Hayley Bee xxxxxx

Hey rock n roll babies of the universe you can call me Miss Risk! I’m a bass playing, hair dying, punk rock loving whirlwind of tattoos and girlie giggles. I’ve sailed the seven seas and back and finally come to reside in an ultimate seaside city with a ratbaby, a snakebaby and a Mr Risk.

I embrace change and I’m always dying my hair weird and wonderful combinations, I’ll be doing tutorials and reviews of my favourite products but if you want to know anything else just send me an ask. From dip dying and half and half hair, safe lightening and bleaching to vibrant brights and perfect pastels, we love individuality. I’m always interested in how your hair creations turn out so submit them to us for the world to adore!

I believe that all bodies are beautiful bodies, I know it’s easy to say and body confidence is a long journey, but I feel life is too short not to love the skin you’re in. I’m also going to be Rock n Roll Baby’s resident agony aunt so if there’s something bothering you please do come to me. I have more life experience than you might expect and won’t publish any asks if you don’t want me to. Rock n Roll Baby is a body positive and friendly space for anyone, come play!

-  Miss Risk x