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Rock'n'Roll USA Race re-cap!

Got to the start site 10 minutes before the start. The lines for the porta potties were too long, so I peed behind a bush. I hastily went to the corrals and saw one with a 4:00 pacer so I chose that one.

Only 20 minutes to the starting line. Very nicely organized. A little messy with the half marathoners in the mix, and having to weave through a lot of people. I passed more people that passed me, and that always feels good!

  • Mile 7- Saw some guys dash behind a bridge right before Georgetown to pee. I was holding it in since mile 3, and there were lines for the porta potties.  This was appealing so I went…On a scale of 1 to sex offender, is that weird, or only OK if your running?
  • Mile 7- THAT HILL. It was a lot but I was able to do it well because thats what the hill by my apartment is like.
  • Mile 11 or 12- Banked some good miles here. Ran into Runslikeapenguin for a little bit. She dropped back, but we saw each other on some of the out-and-backs.
  • Mile 15-16- Under a tunnel, so that messed with my Garmin.  It was nice not having to run through people after the course split. Also there was a heckler right at mile 16. “Run faster!” “You signed up for this!” “Quit complaining!” As far as I know, no one WAS out loud complaining, so it was weird. A good time to heckle, with ten miles to go, so I’ll give him that. I thought to myself that I could run 10 miles in an hour and thirty, so I knew I could try for sub 4.
  • Mile 21- So done with this race. Tired. Ankle hurts. Toe hurts. I took an anti-inflammatory. Walked through a water stop. BRIEFLY! My mantra was “I want a 3 as the first digit on my medal, not a 4.”
  • Mile 26- The course was long or I weaved a lot because my watch was giving the mile splits early. Was scared that I would not get my sub 4.
  • Mile 26.2- My watch says sub 4….chip time…3:59:59!

And I’ll mention the good weather? Just a few sprinkles!!! And then the sun came out.  Capris were a good choice. Took my arm sleeves off around mile 10?

This was far better than Marine Corps. My nutrition, hydrating, pain management.  Last time my arms were even hurting…I can do stairs but still have a zombie walk. I’m actually feeling pretty good besides my legs. All 10 toe nails.

Can’t wait to see all the race pics! And I think the plan for the runners to meet in Old Town? Check with Not Overnight for more details. 


Photo downloads from Rock ‘n’ Roll USA finally came in. A few observations:
1) I think I’m in the process of giving a double thumbs up in the first photo. Or maybe I was trying my best Fonzie impression.
2) My quads look abnormally big, especially in that second photo. What am I? A sprinter?
3) My foot strike in that second photo looks like I’m striking with the side of my foot first. Is that normal?