rnr san jose

Thanks for the half marathon support. You folks are the bees knees.

Some post race thoughts:

- Running in the quidditch shooter was probably the best idea ever. Spectators and volunteers had mad love for Gryffindor.

- Thumbs up for race organization, swag, easy course, and crowd support.

- Thumbs down for all the potholes. Seriously, San Jose. Do better.

- Nothing makes me want to lose 10 pounds quite like a collection of hideous race photos.

- I’m in awe of everyone - from the elites who make 5 minute miles look easy, to the runners at the back of the pack who keep going when all of the spectators are gone and the finish line is being torn down. They are incredible.

- I hate to be a cry baby, but I think I’d be happier with my time if this training cycle hadn’t gone so poorly. Right now I feel sort of indifferent about my time and irritated I couldn’t follow my plan. Yes, I know. I need to let it go.

- But yay for a PR. I guess.

- Day 2 soreness is the pits and I can’t wait to go for a run in my new Brooks!

On Sunday I'm running a half marathon - Vol. 2

A little under a year ago I ran my first half marathon.

I remember everything about that race, so vividly. Not just the day itself. Although that was kind of awesome. But the training and all the emotions as well.

Full of feelings. That’s how I was before that race.

On Sunday, I’ll run half marathon number two, and the truth is, I feel entirely underwhelmed. 

Nothing about this training cycle went according to plan. A huge part of me wants to have a whinge about it. To complain about my hip and heel. Or host a pity party for those who overtrained and are now suffering the consequences. 

But it’s not worth it.

Plus just thinking about Sunday, I’m getting excited.

I won’t see any tumblrs holding signs, but my sister and heaps of family will be there.  I’m too pumped about running in my Gryffindor shooter.  And even though I feel unprepared, I’ve run 1,000 miles this year, so that’s gotta count for something. 

I need to stop trying to run fast in hot weather.

Today’s warmup/tempo run was just icky. It’s depressing when you realize you’re running slower than you thought.

The worst.

Also I’ve cried twice today. Once when reading Marathon Man. Now when watching the Katy Perry movie.

Clearly I’m winning at life.

Yesterday I did speed work.

6 x 400 repeats.

The plan is to run intervals/repeats on Tuesdays and tempo runs on Thursdays. We shall see if that happens. I have a horrible habit of running easy regardless of what pace I have scheduled.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a PR and I know the way to run faster is to, well… run faster, so I’m going to try and stick to the plan this half marathon. 

Picked the silliest time to run. I was dripping everywhere. Very disgusting. 

Also I wore my new Nike running skirt. I’m kinda embarrassed to admit I’m a fan. It’s a great way to wear compression shorts without having your bum just out there. Now I wish I bought more. 

Sometimes the best thing about a run is when it’s over.

My morning run turned into a midday run after I realized my watch was out of battery. It was already 83 F with 42% humidity when I walked out the door. Yuck.

Honestly it wasn’t the weather. Physically, the run was fine, but it was a mental battle to keep going.

I’m not sure why. I just wasn’t feeling it. Thankfully, I have the world’s best friends who sent me heaps of texts and snapchats of encouragement.

Also I listened to a new playlist. It’ll be the one I use for the half so I have to add at least an hour more of music.

You should send me your favorite running songs.

Hey tumblr.

How ya doin?

I forgot how staring at excel all day makes me not want to look at a screen at night.

Last week I finally saw a physio. Plantar fasciitis it is. It’s actually getting better and she said I’d be fine to run the half marathon. Just keep it slow and do the laundry list of exercises/stretches she gave me.

But this week my hip has started hurting.

No bueno.

It has me rethinking my race goals. All summer I dreamed about a PR and now I just want to make it to the starting line healthy. And cross the finish line injury free. So depressing.

Also depressing - I’m pretty sure I’ve gained three pounds since being back in an office. Tramming it to work instead of cycling is probably not helping.

To end on a happier note - it feels like fall and since I know it’s not going to last I’m going to go enjoy a nice (slow) run. Peace out lovelies.