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Unnecessary Pressure

When I ran my first marathon last month in NOLA I didn’t really have any expectations. I secretly had a goal in mind to finish in 4:30 and I missed that by 8 minutes. And I was totally fine with that because I had never run 26.2 miles before and I didn’t know what to expect. I was thrilled just to finish.

Nashville, however, is an entirely different story. I have been obsessed with the idea of beating my NOLA time. I know I am perfectly capable of running faster that. But ever since I learned that race day temperatures will reach the 80’s I started to worry and doubt myself. I realized that a PR may not be possible under those conditions because I don’t perform well. And the idea of not being able to reach that one goal was starting to gnaw at me to where I was beginning to dread the race.

Then, earlier this week Katie told me something that snapped me out of my funk. She said that running the full distance was the real accomplishment. And that a good time was “the rainbow sprinkles on top”. And as simple as it sounds, that is all it took for me to realize that I had lost focus of why I was doing this: for fun. This marathon is supposed to be FUN, not a chore!!

So now, the #1 goal for this weekend is to have a blast running in the company of friends. I won’t even worry about my time. I’ll just get out there and have fun. And if I do happen to get my rainbow sprinkles on top… even better!!

4.8.12 Run - 20 Miles

It was a few minutes after 6:00 PM when I finally started running. The weather was perfect: overcast and in the mid 60’s. Totally different from the inferno of last weekend.

I started out going too fast for a 20 miler: 9:15+/- pace. I kept that up for about 8 it so miles and then gradually slowed to about 9:45 pace. Then, at around mile 10, I started to get hungry. And I mean really hungry. And all I could think about was stuffing my face with pizza.

By mile 15, I think I had used up all my glycogen and was running on fat. I was still moving, but at significantly slower 10:15-ish pace. And there was some walking those last 4 miles.

Still, I completed the 20 miles and made them my bitch. Average pace: 10:28 :(

Sometimes you have to know when to stop. And for me today, that is at 15 miles.

Milo and I got our asses kicked by the heat, which is now well into the mid to upper 80’s. Not exactly favorable running weather.

Should have started way earlier. Like at 7:00 AM. But still, 15 miles is 15 miles.

Time for a Blue Moon!!

13 miles done.

It was miserably hot out there today. My weather app said it was 80 degrees with 65% humidity. But it felt more like 95 degrees with 90% humidity. And I got so overheated a couple of times that I had to stop and walk just to cool off.

Milo and I kept going, though. And yet another 13 miles were conquered.

Total time: 2:08 at a 9:50 average pace.


Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Marathon race day in photos.

Photo 1. Taken with Katie (fitterisbetter) just before the start and clueless of the furnace-like conditions we were about to run in.
Photo 2. About 9 miles into the race I stopped to take a photo of the sea of people behind me. I was still on track for good PR at this point keeping an average 10:10 pace. Little did I know, the worse was yet to come.
Photos 3 and 4. Post race celebration with some of my favorite tumblr ladies. I promise Katie isn’t this white in person.
Photo 5. Well, this pretty much sums up the rest of the evening. Liquid carbs.

The final long run before Nashville is done.

Temperature today was in the low 70’s. However the low 29% humidity and unrelenting wind made it seem a bit cooler than it really was. It felt good, but on my high end of my comfort zone.

Overall, it was another great run. 10 miles done at a 9:25 pace. Just a tad faster than my goal marathon pace of 9:45.

7 miles down, 13 to go, and already it feels like a furnace out here. Weather app last night said it would be in the 60’s. Instead, it is 77. And humid. Ugh!

So I sit here hiding under the shade of a tree to cool off before I keep running.

These 20 miles will get done no matter what!!!