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Soaring Wings Virtual Half -- PR Baby!!!

Which girl just PR’d her half marathon time???  

You better believe THIS GIRL DID!!!

My first ½ marathon was 2:46:36

My split at the ½ way point of the Boston Marathon this last April was 2:28:24

Today I ROCKED IT with a 2:26:59!!!!!!

Here are the stats…. I am not sure which girl was running MILE 2 because I sure as hell don’t do sub 10 min miles!!!  LOL

MILE 7 was my “stop and take a picture and upload it to Tumblr and drink some water” mile so that is why that one is soooo slow!!

I have to say all in all this was a pretty easy and fun run!! I do hate and am tired of running alone all the time but because of it I am forced to be MENTALLY stronger and to challenge myself. 

The rest of this recap is in photos….with a little commentary…because now that I am done….


MP 5 (took it off road and to the trails for about 3 miles)

MP 8.25 (This made me think of @Robindoesrunning and her many photos out in the fields—you ran with me here in spirit today Robin!!!)

10.1 Down – 3 to go!!

CRAP – I still have to walk up those before I can EAT ALL THINGS!!

Thanks everyone for the support, encouragement and virtual cheers!! 

And thanks to @Runlong and @Rach for doing a virtual half!!

This was AWESOME!!!!

2 PR's in one night!!!

Well, thanks to the power and virtual accountability from Tumblr …. and the fact that I posted yesterday that I was switching up my running schedule this weekend to do 7 miles tonight … I headed to the gym to pound it out on the ‘dreadmill’!  Because I had soooo much distance to cover I brought my Bruins towel to hide the blinking of the numbers that I knew would be slowly going by!

Oregon weather wasn’t agreeable (to me) for running it outside so I settled in and started my run at a 10.31 min mile pace.

I held this pace for 3.5 miles (half way)…

then I decided to kick it up a notch…

I know that I went up to a 9.50 min mile pace for a while…

But then the next time I looked I was sooooo amazed…

I was going to PR my 10k time!!!

My fastest 10K was 1:08 and change— today I was at 1:03:27!! 

So that really motivated me…

I kicked in high gear and managed to pull out a PR for my overall 7 miles…

YEP – I did that….I ran 7 miles in 70 mins and change…10 min mile pace.  The last .25 mile was at a 7.34 min mile (WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE!!!)

  • 7 miles
  • 70 mins
  • 10 min mile average pace
  • 800 + calories burned


The Day I Didn't Walk....

When I was out in the pre-race party and looked at this {the finish line} I had NO idea that I was going to RUN the entire 13.1 miles and cross this finish line with the most amazing accomplishment of my journey so far…the accomplishment of running the ENTIRE RACE!!

I didn’t do it alone… I didn’t really prepare for it properly…but I DID IT and I want to share about it …

If you want to read about you can do so after the jump…

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Probably not properly prepared...

to go out and tackle this Soaring Wings Virtual ½…

  • Cocktails last night with a friend with a small pizza for dinner…
  • Raisin Bran and coffee this AM ….
  • Taquito & sour cream for lunch (ugh—maybe the gas will give me a boost!)….
  • …I did get 24 oz of water in me soo far today –that is a PLUS!!

Ipod is charged…Garmin is ready to go…Cell phone and cash in case of an emergency are on my arm ban and my road ID is dangling from my right wrist!

If the crew from Conway can party like rockstars and then run SO CAN I!!!

See ya’ll in 13.1!!!

Temper ---er, I mean Tempo Run

Irritable —- Annoyed —- Frustrated —- Pissy—-

All pretty much summed up my mood going into my tempo run tonight…

I knew that mentally I needed it just to clear my head and clean up my attitude!!

Feeling better now!

Here is how it went:

40 minute tempo run = 4.05 miles / 469 calories

  • 10 minutes @ 10:31 pace
  • 5 minutes @ 9:50 pace
  • 5 minutes @ 9:31 pace
  • 5 minutes @ 9:13 pace
  • 5 minutes @ 8:57 pace
  • 10 minutes @ 10:10 pace
The ONLY picture from the RnR Las Vegas Half

…is the cheesy one that I took at the end of the race just wanting to get to the warmth and my family and friends…

I did run across the finish line with my arms up in victory and all smiles but that photo does not seem to exist yet …. hoping it does!

Full race recap coming as soon… 

Juggling work and travel is making it challenging but I promise I will do it!

7 x 400

Never did this before because I miss counted my weeks and realized that I was one behind so I did two tempo weeks back to back~

This was fun and I liked the challenge of increasing my speed with each 400 meters!!

  • 400 = 8:34
  • 400 = 8:34
  • 400 = 8:20
  • 400 = 8:20
  • 400 = 8:20
  • 400 = 8:13
  • 400 = 8:00

400 meters of walking in between each one for a total of 3.5 miles in 39:56

Next time I will jog / run my 400 meter rests to decrease my total time!!

A caterpillars pace...

I found this critter about MP 3.12 of my 5.22 mile training run tonight…

  • I felt like I was going at a caterpillar pace…
  • I had not ran for 4 DAYS….
  • I felt slow and sluggish…
  • Its shark week…

But, I have to say, that I did better than I thought!!!

The schedule called for 4.5 – I did 5.22

Last weekend when I ran my 8 miles, I did 5 miles in EXACTLY 1 hour (12 min pace)

Tonight – I did better than that and I have my NEW GARMIN TO PROVE IT!!!

(thanks to @tanadoeslife for my great Tumblr purchase!)

I do realize that my time is not much faster than it was on my 8 miler but it was faster and that is huge considering how I felt going in…

But the best part, even if it wasn’t an ‘epic’ run…was the glory of running outside on a perfect fall night in the Pacific NW…

I leave you with some GORGEOUS shots of the area I ran in tonight….

I just love running on this stretch – the colors are AMAZING!! (mp 2.12)

Off the beaten trail – no one around and it was PERFECT!! (mp 3.4)

The golden yellow of the leaves in the sun was BREATH TAKING!!! (mp 2.65)

RnR LV Training - 11/13/2013

Woke up extra early this morning to get some miles in since I didn’t run last night.

The weather looked like this:

So, I dressed like this:

Not very ninja-like with the orange top. Also, tired eyes.

And the run looked like this:

Liking the negative splits. The balaclava was getting a bit warm near the end, but once I took it off after the run, my ears started getting pretty cold. So, I guess it was a good thing I wore it.

4 more days until Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas!

Flash Back Friday -- 30k feet edition

Since I am in flight and on my laptop you get the “I-dont-have-my-old-pics-on-my-laptop-in-flight-wifi” edition for Flashback Friday….

Remember that little race where I ran 13.1 miles without stopping? 

RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon, December 4, 2011

Switching it up....

Since I will be training both Saturday and Sunday at the tasting room I have to switch up the training schedule.

So – no REST day on Friday as Uncle Hal Higdon prescribes.  Tomorrow is the 7 mile run and then Saturday will be my day of REST!! and I will hammer out 3 miles on Sunday. 

I know its not necessarily the perfect or right way to do it but I will get all my mileage in!

  That is what really counts!

The only thing that rocked on my run tonight...

…is this crazy green tiger striped head band!!!

Tonight was “supposed” to be a 40 minute tempo run…

It most certainly was NOT a run…

It was more like a “wog” (walk/jog)…

My legs kept cramping up and doing the tempo outside in the cold rather than inside on the treadmill literally kicked my ass!!!

But it is DONE ! Another one in the books for No Excuses November (NEN)!!

Here Comes the Sun....doo doo doo doo...

Headed out for an easy 3 milers tonight to test my calf and to simply get out and enjoy the cool crisp evening…. This is what I ran into as I headed out on mile 1…

THANKFULLY it was a good, easy run with no pain or issues for my calf.  I was finally getting into my groove around here at mile 1.5.  My groove is evidenced in my stats:

Mile 2 in 9:31?  What? Who? 

ME!!! Thats who?!?!?!

The last mile was good but I did slow it down a bit as I didn’t want to risk injury of any kind so I eased up and enjoyed the rest of the run, passing this beautiful wetlands with the railroad tressel in the distance.

And to top off my perfect run – I christened my Soaring Wing’s shirt tonight and took my new Saucony’s on their inaugural run!

Maybe it was the new shoes or the AWESOME shirt or the sporty compressions socks  but tonight was made for running!!

Slacking since vacation...

This week was SUPPOSED to be week one of my 12 week training plan to the RnR Las Vegas ½ marathon in December…

I have not ran since my 3 miles on Tuesday right after I got back from vacation….

My body still is achy…I am still sleeping ALOT….

I SHOULD run 5 miles today based on the training plan….

I am not sure that will happen…