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Aesthetic Inquiries: Do you bleach/tone your eyebrows? Also, as a stay-at-home artist / sickly person with OCD / dysphoria issues, I'm fascinated by how much futzing you (and others with similar lifestyles) do on a daily basis. I miss dressing up often, but I obsess too easily and too long over outfits, & chances are I won't even leave my apt most days, & it'll only contribute to more laundry & just make my clothes & makeup run out sooner - but then, I end up looking like an Abilify ad. You?

I bleach my eyebrows sometimes when I bleach my hair, but not always. I find that the dramatic change in appearance is therapeutic for dysphoria. It takes about a month for them to grow back completely. The in-between stage is a little awkward but can very easily be hidden with makeup.

The majority of glamorous looks you see on tumblr are anything except a daily occurrence. The majority of the photos I post are in a light dusting of mineral powder, concealer, some blush, and maybe a tiny amount of eyeliner/mascara/brow powder. That kind of look takes 5 minutes. I also post a lot of photos without makeup.

Once you get into the habit, makeup happens very quickly, even intricate makeup. Kat von D is asked a lot how long it takes for her to do her trademark contoured looks and her answer has always been “about 20 minutes” and I believe it.

I don’t have the attention span to do something like that every day. Last night i had to because I was submitting interview footage to Patreon for some sort of milestone project they’re putting together, so visibility was a strong consideration (hence the glyphs in the background etc)

If I have to go somewhere or do something where outfit is a consideration, I have to set a series of timers starting 24 hours in advance. I often make outfit sketches because otherwise I will be trapped in indecision for hours. I am still almost always late to everything.

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Your favorite (visual) artist & why?

Oh by far it is Van Gough. I love so many others, but his work always strikes me the instant I see it.

Guilty pleasure?

The original Star Trek

One song that you cannot stand?

Pretty much anything by the Beastie Boys.

A song title to describe yourself.

Tough one, hmm, This Is Where It Ends.

Favorite fictional character?


Relative you wish you could’ve spent more time with?

My grandfather who was a WWII vet and master craftsman.

The best trip you’ve ever taken?

Went on a road trip after my senior year of high school, during which I fell in love with New Orleans.

Scariest moment in your life?

I remember spinning out on a wet road on the freeway. That was frightening and oddly calming.

What celebrity do you look like?

I’ve been told that I look like the girl who played Wendy in the live action Peter Pan.

What did you think you’d be doing at this point in your life, 10 years ago?

I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was 14.

A secret obsession?

The Sword of the Truth Series by Terry Goodkind.


What is your favorite color to wear?

How can someone win your heart? Do you have an irrational fear? Name of a book you’ve read more than once? What is your power animal? What is your dream vacation? What do you treat yourself with when you’re having a bad day? What is the worst date you’ve been on? Have you ever done something risky? What do you refuse to eat? Do you have a secret crush?

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Just regarding your ADHD thing, taking generic allergy medications with the "D" that contain pseudo-ephedrine (Claritin-D, etc) is an option as well. You have to show ID to get it, but that's not a big deal. (I used to live on herbal "fen-phen" before it was illegal.)

i dont do well on pseudo-ephedrine but some people work well with it so thanks for the tip