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Aesthetic Inquiries: Do you bleach/tone your eyebrows? Also, as a stay-at-home artist / sickly person with OCD / dysphoria issues, I'm fascinated by how much futzing you (and others with similar lifestyles) do on a daily basis. I miss dressing up often, but I obsess too easily and too long over outfits, & chances are I won't even leave my apt most days, & it'll only contribute to more laundry & just make my clothes & makeup run out sooner - but then, I end up looking like an Abilify ad. You?

I bleach my eyebrows sometimes when I bleach my hair, but not always. I find that the dramatic change in appearance is therapeutic for dysphoria. It takes about a month for them to grow back completely. The in-between stage is a little awkward but can very easily be hidden with makeup.

The majority of glamorous looks you see on tumblr are anything except a daily occurrence. The majority of the photos I post are in a light dusting of mineral powder, concealer, some blush, and maybe a tiny amount of eyeliner/mascara/brow powder. That kind of look takes 5 minutes. I also post a lot of photos without makeup.

Once you get into the habit, makeup happens very quickly, even intricate makeup. Kat von D is asked a lot how long it takes for her to do her trademark contoured looks and her answer has always been “about 20 minutes” and I believe it.

I don’t have the attention span to do something like that every day. Last night i had to because I was submitting interview footage to Patreon for some sort of milestone project they’re putting together, so visibility was a strong consideration (hence the glyphs in the background etc)

If I have to go somewhere or do something where outfit is a consideration, I have to set a series of timers starting 24 hours in advance. I often make outfit sketches because otherwise I will be trapped in indecision for hours. I am still almost always late to everything.

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Just regarding your ADHD thing, taking generic allergy medications with the "D" that contain pseudo-ephedrine (Claritin-D, etc) is an option as well. You have to show ID to get it, but that's not a big deal. (I used to live on herbal "fen-phen" before it was illegal.)

i dont do well on pseudo-ephedrine but some people work well with it so thanks for the tip