e.rnest greeves ( l.ayton’s m.ystery journey )      an easy guide:
SPOILERS for the final case below

- born m.iles richmond to a family in financial ruin, caused by some shady stuff involving his grandfather and his business partners
- very close with his mama but poor lady was sick and died when he was twelve; in her deathbed she told miles to become a strong and successful person despite their struggles, which he interpreted as taking revenge on those who took everything from his family
- that was Not what she meant but smol boy was hurt and angry af so he took everything the wrong way
- changed his name to e.rnest greeves and attempted to live a normal life while orchestrating his revenge in the background
- became an assistant to k.atrielle l.ayton after she cleared his name in theft allegations he was wrongly accused of
- his assisting mostly consists of picking up the phone, cleaning and bringing kat food
- highkey crushing out on her and not at all subtle about it
- LOVES plants, and also animals
- like he legit got himself in trouble in his first day of university bc he ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time bc he wanted to look at some flowers
- pure soft boy despite the hardships he faced
- upon realizing how wrong he was to seek out revenge he was immediately crushed by guilt and shame and tried to right his wrongdoings
- honestly just give him a break dude is trying

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