Japan Relief Sketchbook

100% of the proceeds for this sketchbook with be donated to the American Red Cross for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief.

The cover is made from salvaged foam core and is covered with painted canvas. Representing the flag of Japan, the cover is hand painted with water based, acrylic painted and sealed with modge podge (also water based).

The pages are 80 lb. Strathmore Drawing paper, perfect for drawing or sketching with dry media or ink. The paper is acid free and has been hand torn and folded to size.

The book is hand bound with black waxed thread using the coptic stitching method. The classic exposed spine allows the book to lay open flat.

Cover: 5.75" x 7"
Pages: 5.5" x 6.5"
Signatures: 10
40 sheets, 80 pages

Soft Shell Crafts

Hey hey, if you’re in Rochester and have nothing to do tonight and tomorrow afternoon OR you just wanna come and support some local artists, come to the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team’s Craftmas show!

We’re located at the Hungerford building on E. Main, door 8!

Admission is free and there will be donuts and cider!

Times are today from 5 to 9 and tomorrow from noon to 4.

Come support Rochester artists!!! Handmade goodies make great Christmas gifts. :)

Adresse de l’Internationale situationniste a l’assemblée générale de l’Association internationale des critiques d’art [1958]

Internationale Situationniste. Adresse de l’Internationale situationniste a l’assemblée générale de l’Association internationale des critiques d’art. n.p. [Bruxelles, Belgium]: Internationale Situationniste, n.d. [12 April 1958]. 1 sheet [2 p.]; ill.; 32 x 23 cm. Black text on white stock

This incendiary leaftlet constitutes a violent attack against art critics. Released on April 12, 1958 - only two days prior to an international gathering of art critics at the world’s fair in Brussels, it is signed by A[bdelhafid] Khatib, H[ans] Platschek, W[alter] Korun, G[uy]-E[rnest] Debord, G[iuseppe] Pinot-Gallizio, and A[sger] Jorn on behalf of the Algerian, German, Belgian, French, Italian and Scandinavian sections of the Situationist International. The back of the leaflet states: “La Société sans classe a trouvé ses artistes - Vive l'Internationale Situationniste” (“Classless society has found its artists - Long live the Situationist International!”)

The content of the leaflet is partially reproduced in the first issue of Internationale Situationniste (1958), and further context on the “action in Belgium”, as it is referred to, is provided. We learn that the text of the Situationist proclamation was distributed on various ways: about 30 copies were mailed to art critics, while others were handed in personally. Some critics were reached by telephone and read all or part of the text. Finally, and perhaps most spectacularly, a group forced its way into the Press Club where the critics were being received and threw the leaflets among the audience. Another 1,000 copies of the leaflets were tossed onto sidewalks from a fifth floor window. As a result of this action, SI members were threatened with prosecution. Korun, in particular, faced some legal issues as a result. In spite (or perhaps because) of this, Debord viewed what he referred to as “the battle of Brussells” (Letter to Pinot-Gallizio, 19 April 1958) as a great success

The text of the leaflet, as well as some more detail on its history, can be found at http://debordiana.chez.com/francais/aica.htm and http://debordiana.chez.com/francais/is1.htm#action . For an English translation, see Knabb’s at http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/1.critics.htm

Scarce, with only one copy in the trade and 3 OCLC copies (Yale, the Getty Institute, and the Tate Museum), though we know an additional copy is kept at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, for a total of four known copies.

It’s a pretty chilly, rainy day here in Rochester. But these kinds of days always make for good excuses to say inside and work on some crafting. My schedule is completely clear today (what else is new..) and it’s still pretty early, which means I should be able to get a lot done.

To start off the morning, here’s a treasury featuring RNEST members. Autumn in Rochester.

What else is on the to do list for today:

-animal postcards / book design
-make ‘field journals’
-start designing postcard for Root of Art over Craft
-start blog redesign(s)
-maybe some laundry
-etc, etc…more things always come to my attention once I get working…

TCU autoriza fiscalização específica na gestão da Refinaria Abreu e Lima

TCU autoriza fiscalização específica na gestão da Refinaria Abreu e Lima

O Tribunal de Contas da União – TCU autorizou a Secretaria de Fiscalização de Infraestrutura de Petróleo, Gás Natural e Mineração – SeinfraPetroleo a realizar fiscalização específica relativa à gestão da implantação da Refinaria Abreu e Lima – PE (Rnest). O objetivo é apurar eventuais responsabilidades, relacionadas à gestão temerária do empreendimento e ao processo decisório no transcorrer da…

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What's Your Story? Weekend Edition: Allie Push of Soft Shell Crafts

The Rochester, NY Etsy Street Team (RNEST) blog started a new feature called What’s You Story? Weekend Edition, spearheaded by RNEST member Michele Kurpisz of kurpisz. I was lucky enough to be the first interviewee for the new edition. Please check out the interview and the other wonderful RNEST members.

Fractal Sketchbooks