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🎶 “Oh baby bring it all to me./ But I don’t need no fancy car or diamond rings./ oh baby, bring it all to me. Gimme your time, your love, your space, your energy.” 🎶

Oommaagawdd who remembers Blaque?!! R.I.P queen Natina. 👸🏾 We love and miss you beautiful ❤😔

Blaque Synopsis:

Origin: Atlanta, Georgia 🌞🔥
Genres: R&B, pop 🎶❤😍🔉🎵
Years Active: 1996-2005, 2012
Past Members: Shamari Fears (February 22, 1980 age 36 ♓️) Brandi Williams (October 5, 1982 age 34 ♎️) Natina Reed (October 28, 1980 age 31 ♏️) 💖


🎶 “Close your eyes/ make a wish/ and blow out the candle light./ For tonight is just your night/ we’re gonna celebrate/ all through the night.”

If Boys To Men don’t put you in the mood or make you wanna cry…where is your soul?!!

Synopsis Boyz 2 Men:

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States 🍞🍔
Genres: R&B, Soul, New Jack Swing 🔈🔥🎶
Years Active: 1985-present
Members: Nathan Morris (June 18, 1971 ♊️ age 45), Shawn Stockman (September 26, 1972 ♎️ 44), and Wanya Morris (July 29, 1973 ♌️ age 43). 💓🖤❤️

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Name/Nickname : Carne Asada

Gender: it’s a mystery tbh

Star Sign: Aquarius 

Height/description:  short

Sexual Orientation: not straight

Hogwarts House: i think Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: colors, black, yellow,purple, gold

Favorite Animal: dog, my dog to be exact, sloths are a close second

Current Time: 1:40 PM

Cats or Dogs: prefer the doge

Favorite Fictional Character: damn too many to count (check my blogs for reference).

Number of Blankets you Sleep with: 2

Favorite Singer/Band: Basically any RnB singer/group from the late 90′s and early 2000s, couple of metal bands here and there (mainly Disturbed), Nicki Minaj, Bey, etc.

Dream Trip: the two J’s (Japan and Jamaica)

Dream Job: Successful and game changing artist/animator

When this blog was created: October 2013

When this blog hits its peak: Not there yet

Why did you make this blog: Humor and time-killing

Why Did you Choose your URL: I was really into the the Spiderman villain Carnage around the time I first made this blog

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