The moment those passionately wavering and breathy first bars hit on Rationale’s latest song, Re.Up, I’m already lost to the tune. The London based singer and producer paints a musical tapestry of sensual soul and sultry groove on the flushed song. It’s a Sade meets HAIM and Rhye behemoth of a compelling offering that spans several decades with its sound, from the 60′s to the 80′s and beyond. Rationale is working on a debut EP for later this summer.

I’m going to bet you that you’ve never heard Foo Fighters in quite this way. What way am I talking about? How about a haunting, simmering, and sultry future soul and R&B way? That’s exactly the stunning re-interpretation that rising Los Angeles based artist Gallant has offered up on his magnificent cover of Foo Fighters’ Learn To Fly. Thunderous drums and soaring cinematics turn Learn To Fly into a beautiful, heart felt ballad miles away from the original. Gallant’s falsetto range is absolutely ridiculous on the cover. Gallant will be performing his first live shows this June in both Los Angeles and NYC. I can only hope that a trip to San Francisco will follow soon after.


The Weeknd - The Hills

Directed by Grant Singer.

“The Hills” is out now on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Earlier today, I was fortunate enough to encounter music by a producer from London who goes by the moniker Palmistry. It all sounds rather mystical, so my curiosity was piqued from the get go. Once I listened to his new song Memory Taffeta, I was swept away into an intoxicating world where R&B, electronic pop, and dancehall come together to tease and play. Memory Taffeta is delicate, intricate, and tender despite its bubbly, buoyant pop. The song will be out as a single on June 9th via Mixpak.