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I hate the outdoors. Nothing but sunburn and poison oak.

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My hair decided it wanted to play nice today even though I forgot my hair brush, so I documented this rare phenomenon with some gratuitous pictures of myself, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombshell, AKA Me

Let’s talk some more about Cuban Derek Malik Nurse because this has officially become important for my sanity

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Have you considered updating ctc less frequently and having larger amounts of pages to post? You post about three pages ever update, and it kind of breaks the flow of the comic. Especially when at a point of rising action, it tends to break off then show what happens kinda, then resolves it, and by that point it's been like three months. I feel like it's have a bigger and more enjoyable effect if you put them out in completed sequencra rather than all broken up

Hmmm I’ve considered it before but I think the thing I have going rn is more preferable in my opinion? Because readers that want to read without it being broken up can choose to wait and binge read while the readers that want to read first hand can just go for it! Ya know? 

luke making me feel some type of way

“There’s something so...” | Calum

 617 words | safe for work 

Hi i wrote something, i hope you guys like it! Feedback is always appreciated xx 


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michael would be such a cute dad like say you werent able to be at home to do your daughters hair for school in the morning so he was gonna have to step in and try to tame her thick curls but he barely knew how to braid so he ended up having to look up a couple of tutorials on youtube so she didnt go to school looking like one of her almost-bald american girl dolls that the dog had gotten to but he ended up doing a pretty decent job that made your daughter ecstatic and he did such a good job that when you were there the next morning and you went to go do her hair she said that she wanted daddy to do it bc it made her feel like a pretty princess with which he very maturely replied with by sticking out his annoying tongue in your direction

honestly i hate that ‘who will spencer end up with’ has become everybody’s main priority at this point i just want her to end the series single

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What is your skincare routine?! Your skin is flawless!

wow thats,,,so nice thank u??ksldjf *cut to a beauty guru song* ksldjffksldk but um i wash my face with tea tree oil cleansing gel and then use the face toner twice a day (if im not lazy ,,,which,if i am, ends up with my skin being a mess rip) also i try to touch my face as little as possible

i got a lot of followers from that pic of taako with long hair and i hope yall know i dont draw him like that anymore

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I'm mentally exhausted because of black men. I can't go a day without seeing a hateful post from them about black women. Why do black men hate black women so much? I'm like so hurt to the point where I'm mostly around non-black men, I know that they can also say racist stuff but it'd be easier to cut them off it's more hurtful coming from a BLACK man. I wish they'd praise non-black women without bashing the hell out of us because I'm really numb to their "preferences" rn. What should I do?

Many black men’s hatred for black women goes back thousands of years prior to slavery and colonialism (aka the moors). A lot of it was because of their jealousy of the power that black women had back in the motherland amongsts many other things. I can’t cover  all of this #ancientbetrayal in one post, it’s a lot to cover. I’ve posted, re-blogged, and provided many links discussing the origins of black men’s hatred of black women. You can find some of them in my archives.

However, For your sanity, try to avoid  videos or post in the blogosphere, Youtube, or social media by these hateful black woman bashing black men, do not follow them, do not click on their posts or videos, and if you have to take a break from social media from time to time PLEASE do so, we all need it. Ask your friends or others to not send you any negative posts, videos, retweets, etc  by hateful black men. Follow, subscribe to blogs, social media that are positive and uplifting towards black women and girls.