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hi! can you please write an imagine where you both had a big fight because marco got jealous of (maybe marc bantra?:p) where you then accused him and marina had a thing behind your back?:))

Hello! I hope you like it! (please give me feed back if yo do)

Last two days were one of the weirdest ones in her life. Everything was so quiet and calm. She got out of the bed and walked through the flat that you shared with herr boyfriend, Marco. She walked almost on the tiptoes to the kitchen and put on kettle with water to boil for morning tea.  The girl was just standing, leaning on the counter top, waiting for the water and thinking about the plans for today.

Should she go shopping? Or maybe study for the next exam? She hasn’t decide yet.

But as she was suppose to go to the bathroom, the water was ready. Girl took out two of her favourite mugs and made two teas even if she was sure that it was pointless.

And then she heard sloppy footsteps coming from the living room. He walked to kitchen, rubbing his still asleep eyes to see better. Marco opened the fridge and took few big sips of water, complately ignoring his girlfriend.

‘Can we talk?’,  she asked holding her tea, trying to keep it still warm. He looked at her. From his favourite hair  that he loved to play as they were laying in bed every evening, through beautiful eyes that he was lost in everytime he looked at her, to her amazing body that he was holding every night.

He just shook his head and turned around, meaning to go back.

‘I’ve made your favourtie tea’, she said and smiled a bit. ‘Please, talk to me. We can’t just be quiet all the time.’

‘And what are you wanna to talk about?’, he raised his voice and turned back. ‘You wanna talk about how much fun you had when I was training hard? Or how my friend is amazing? Or how good of a dancer he is? Huh? What are you gonna talk to me about?’

‘I want to calmly talk to. To let you understand that nothing has happened.’

‘Can you hear yourself? I saw how nothing was happening.’, Marco said sarcastically. ‘You were dancing, laughing and having fun. Such a pity that the guy next to you wasn’t me, but Marc.’

‘You can’t be serious aboout this!’, she exclaimed. ‘You can’t give me talk about me having fun with other people when you were the first one to do that! But the difference between us is that me and Marc danced to three songs then he told me few funny stories and then I went home. You on the other hand ended up in bed with you ex-girlfriend!

‘You know very well that I was drunk and she took me to her house.’

‘Well, I wasn’t sober too. So there’s no explanation for this. If you want to be mad at me go ahead. But so you know that I’m not the one that should be feeling guilty.’, she ended, walking past Marco.

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