Proposing With Namjoon
  • Namjoon:Hello beautiful...I want to ask you something
  • Me:Yes?
  • Namjoon:*gets down on one knee*
  • Me:oh my god..
  • Namjoon:you we're always my illest bitch
  • Me:what the fuck you sa-
  • Namjoon:will you always be my expensive girl?
  • Me:oh my god yes :')

I just followed Kenan and I swear I’ve never been more hyped about it because (what I guess are important Tweets):

Animatronics will be real https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626454928383279105

All new story that I guess expands the lore https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626463155179294720

Good chance it’ll have the Bite https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626477258534883328

Wants Scott involved as much as possible (Phone Guy role hopefully??) https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626460042196201473

Possible sequels??? https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626530960675201026

Of course it’s gonna appeal for all ages https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626379863293702144

Also, not too sure about the last one but alright https://twitter.com/gilkenan/status/626458904071794688

So I can’t see why the extreme negativity for it. Seems very promising and with someone as dedicated for directing, I can’t wait to watch the IRL yiffs.

the signs as things i’ve done
  • aries: spilled an entire jar of red ink on my hands
  • taurus: ate 26 mini pancakes in one sitting at 2 in the morning
  • gemini: locked myself in a bathroom because i saw a bug
  • cancer: tried to hide in a cabinet but got stuck in it
  • leo: almost blew up my house when i put a keychain on a toaster plug and plugged it into the wall
  • virgo: accidentally hit myself in the eye with a coat hanger when i was getting clothes
  • libra: stayed up until 2 in the morning trying to beat a child’s computer game and then had to look up cheats online
  • scorpio: accidentally slammed my hand down on a cactus and then wouldn’t let anyone get the spikes out
  • sagittarius: convinced my family i was abducted by aliens when i was 2 because i stood over a stain on the ground and circled around it while repeating the word “man” and didn’t stop for an hour
  • capricorn: watched 15 episodes of parks and rec in one sitting
  • aquarius: built a fort, stayed in it for three days, and told my mom that “time isn’t real” when she asked how long i’d been in it
  • pisces: got my brother to time how fast i could down a cold bottle of water and then tried to beat my own best time right after

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