Dating Namjoon

Hey, I wanted to possibly start a series(?) If you guys wanted it, of course. Starting off with my Ultimate Bias, Namjoonie. -ALRIGHT SO THIS BOY -He’d be so clumsy and y'all know it -Especially at first meetings, he’d be all awkward and adorable and might knock over something -And if you don’t find that adorable what are you doing -And Joonie would be all shy and would do the thing where he smiles and looks down (you know what I’m talking about) and would flash his face craters (aka dimples) -He’d be like, “Would you wanna… Get coffee or something?” (I just accidentally spelled coffee the Korean way oops) -‘Cause this boy would live for cute, aethstetic coffee shop dates -Let’s be real, he’d probably spill coffee all over you on accident and would have two reactions: -Would be super awkward and dorky about it -Or would be the GODDAMN FLIRT THAT HE IS and tell you to take your shirt off and wink at you or some shit (the kinky bitch) -After a while of dating, you would literally spend all day together doing lazy coupley things -Like snuggling on the couch and watching movies and drinking tea -Or going to a library/book store and just reading all day (watching him read is my all-time favorite thing) -All the other members would make fun of you guys -Like, “Get a room.” Or the maknae line just going, “EEEEEWWWW,” anytime you did anything remotely romantic and Jin and Yoongi yelling at them to shut up. -LONG video chats while he’s on tour or busy promoting -LOTS of skinship and PDA from this one -He would gradually get more flirtatious over time -Always listening to his constant philosophical speeches -Actually learning a lot from him -Basically he’s just my God damned ideal boyfriend ok Hope you guys liked it! You can request more members or groups if you like! -Admin Nams ^^

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This might as well be Cypher Pt. 4
Give it a listen. DL it. Set it as your ringtone.