Finally broke 1,000 followers! 

Thank you everyone. You are such great supporters and such an inspiration.  I love you all and appreciate everything you each do for this blog as well as all the beautiful babies out there.  Keep educating, rescuing, volunteering, donating, and being the voice of the millions of pit bulls out there that can’t do it themselves. <3

  • person with mental or physical illnesses:has trouble typing when panicking, upset, in pain, or just in general
  • tumblr ableists:why are you tlaking liek tihs? you're faking it to get attention, you're completely fine.
  • person with mental or physical illnesses:spends extra time typing clearly and corrects all their mistakes in order to be taken seriously and not ridiculed
  • tumblr ableists:you're clearly fine, if you were really in pain or having a panic attack, you wouldn't be able to type or go online. stop lying about your illnesses to get praise