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you were lovely. positively the most stunning woman he’d ever seen. he’d heard of love but never experienced it first hand. he had no idea what it felt like, but in that moment he could guess that that was about to change.

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You closed your eyes in as you felt familiar strong hands pull you flush against a hard, muscled chest. Calloused fingertips stroked your jawline gently, swiftly replaced by soft, sloppy kisses.

You felt happy, loved even.

But Gendry was a bastard from Flea Bottom, and you were born into a noble family. It wasn’t right. You would marry a lord, bear his children and live out the end of your days comfortably, never wanting for anything.

But then you remembered the way Gendry smiled as he leaned in to kiss you and all your worries and fears faded away. There was nothing but affection in the gentle way he held you, passion in the way he kissed you. Promise in the way he loved you.

Your heart pulled you in one direction, but your sense of duty to your family pulled you in the other.

“What’s troublin’ you, love?” Gendry’s voice pulled you from your thoughts. His fingers hand trailed from your jaw and down onto your bare shoulders where they traced invisible patterns onto your skin.

He pressed a kiss to the side of your neck just before you turned to face him.

You offered him a smile, but kept your thoughts to yourself. You’d sort them another day, at that moment you were content to stay wrapped in Gendry’s strong arms.

 “I’m thinking that I’d very much like to kiss you again.”

aaAAAAAAAHHH This frustrated me cuz I at first couldn’t figure out how to get this from Medibang Paint Pro into Microsoft Paint and when I finally was able to it decided to trigger my OCD by making one of the quotation marks face the wrong way. Still not sure if that’s just how the font is but it’s annoying. Anyways….

This is the cover for my new IT Fanfic Papawise. You should be able to tell what this fic is about just by reading the title. I got so excited when I came up with the idea for this because I’m a huge fan of IT and when this thought came to mind, I just had to do it. It just seemed so sweet. I wants to give an enormous thanks to @ask-the-giant-clown for being my inspiration for this; and because they were such a big inspiration, I’ve decided to make this fic a sort of gift for them. Thank you to the mun of that blog and her Pennywise for being awesome and adorable and I hope you all enjoy this wonderful story!!!!