rms oceanic

Let me tell you a story…
A good 3 years ago I decided to do a portrait of the RMS Titanic in time for the centennial of the sinking. It all went well until I hit the brick wall that is painting the #@&%! ocean, so I shelved it. Still, I had a nice chunk of it finished, which I’ve posted on Deviant Art and here (repeatedly), and it even caught the interest of a friend, who happens to be a huge James Cameron fan. My painting methods improved over those 3 years, but even then I couldn’t bring myself to finishing it. That is until I finally figured out how to really use the brushes on Photoshop (some gentle nudging from friends helped too). And so here she is, three years off the mark, but done!

“Thursday 11th April, the tender America rounds Titanic’s elegant counter stern as accompanying passenger Mr Whyte captures this view of 3rd class passengers lining the railing for their last glimpse of land. Ahead of Titanic, in the distance, is the main land of Southern Ireland and Queenstown while to her starboard can be seen the rocky shoreline of Roches Point and the lighthouse. Mr Whyte would then forward the photograph onto Father Browne.” (Photograph © Father Francis Browne/S.J.Collection, captioned by Jonathan Smith)